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The 3rd of December.

I have had many jobs to do today, and have completed most of them. The important ones, anyway.

Once dressed and full of festive coffee, I got two blog posts done (the one I typed yesterday didn’t work), then set about writing some promotional blurb for this event I am planning (I promise details next week) and it is harder than you might think! It took me the whole of the rest of the morning. It needed to be under 200 words and I am very bad at being concise.

After lunch, I did some more of my crochet gifts while we skipped through the X Factor final (let’s not talk about it), then I painted my nails while we caught up with last week’s Howard’s End. Wrote some more emails, and now I am about to plan where Mommy and I go tomorrow in London and in what order. Christmas shopping trip!

The 4th of December .

I am on a train and my back hurts. It has been a long day and my left eye has been excruciating for most of it. I have positively flooded it with drops to try to alleviate some of the pain. Occasionally it hurts less and I am taking the opportunities as they come.

I woke up at twenty past five for no good reason and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I tossed and turned as I listened to podcasts to kill the time.

Coffee, toast, advent calendar biscuit (I decided I probably wouldn’t want to eat it by the time I got back this evening). At New Street for ten o’clock, where I discovered Nationwide were having issues so I couldn’t withdraw any money or use my debit card. Not ideal for a day of Christmas shopping. Still, it got resolved while we were on the train, so I got some cash at Euston and breathed a sigh of relief.

Started at Harrods where we spent half an hour getting lost trying to find the café, having to traverse the hell that is the Toy Kingdom before finally finding the place to sit and drink coffee and eat lunch. I had a braffle, which is a brioche-waffle hybrid filled with Welsh rarebit and it was delicious. We were entertained by the very stressed manager telling all the staff that it was imperative that they smile, and when he got angry he started speaking Italian so we couldn’t understand. The one thing I hate about Harrods is that no matter when you go, it always seems to be full of children. Why are they not at school? I am very much of the Victorian position that children should be seen and not heard except I don’t want to see them either unless I have chosen to spend time with them. All I purchased was a salted caramel brownie. Disappointing this year!

Next stop Fortnum & Mason which was much better. I only bought my festive Buck’s Fizz marmalade but Mommy got several things so it was worth it. We only go to the food floor in there because the lifts are ghastly and I cannot be arsed. So then we went to Liberty via Cinnabon (I cannot pass it without buying one, it would be a disservice to Dean) and there I found joy in a felt sausage dog tree ornament and the haberdashery. The wall of wool is my happy place. However, I discovered the one in John Lewis is even better. I know I should have known this, but we hadn’t been before so didn’t know its true beauty. So much wool. I bought some that I would never normally have purchased but my eye really hurt and I was sad so I made a decision of self-pity.

Last stop Selfridges. I bought an elf gingerbread man. But he was all. I saw some fun wrapping paper but it would be ridiculous to buy that in London and besides, I have not decided on a theme yet and I can’t do that until I have got all my gifts. I have bought one present today, only a couple left to go. I am so uninspired this year.

Now on our way home. I am so looking forward to a comfortable chair and taking off my eye make up.

The 10th of December.

Ugh. I feel like garbage. I think it is 95% because of my eye still being irritated and irritating. It is marginally better than yesterday but nowhere near adequate. 

I got one blog post for before staring at a screen became too sore. Seriously, I have spent a great deal of my day with my eyes closed, wishing I had the ability to nap in the day. I had some brief respite when I made a chocolate orange drinking fudge and ate a Dorotea biscuit (they are the super delicious biscuits that I have only ever found in Harrods, described as “mini pastries” but they are not, they are chocolate biscuits). 

Honestly I would just like today to be over because I want my eye to feel better and I am very grumbly which is no fun for anyone. Also it would be great if my back would not hurt for every single second of the day. 

The 11th of December. 

Vastly improved today. My eye was still slightly dodgy this morning, but has got better as the day’s gone on, and my back has been terrible since I got up. Doing anything that requires me to support my own back has been incredibly painful. I had thought I’d go to the gym if I was feeling less shit, but considering the light at the gym is brighter than at home, and the pain I’ve been in, it was not a good idea. I won’t get another opportunity to go until Thursday, but oh well. 

So this morning I was able to write up the post I should have done yesterday, and I watched Joel on Sunday Brunch. I think what’s so great about how well I’m A Celebrity has gone for him is that when I saw him at The Glee, he was so excited to be doing a gig there, even in just the studio, but now his tour’s selling out and he’s doing bigger venues, I know he won’t be taking any of it for granted. Bless him. 

I got to impart some good news to a potential adopter who liked a kitten but he had a viewing yesterday. Happily, his brother and sister got reserved instead so I got to tell her he was still available! Oh, she was thrilled. 

This afternoon, I’ve been mainly playing with our kitties. They really like the jumper I’m wearing today and keep trying to eat the penguins on it. Stupid kitties. 

The 8th of December.

Back in London for our annual Christmas shopping trip. Kittens were fine so we didn’t have to worry about them while we were out. We left the house at half past nine for our train at half ten, and had a very uneventful journey down, save for a super fun baby who I got to make faces at.

From Euston, we went straight to Selfridges. I was disappointed to find that they had no rainbow bagels, but that was probably for the best, as we need to make space in the freezer, not take up more. We went up to the Christmas shop, where I bought a very cute mouse ornament, and found exactly the kind of wrapping paper I want to use this year, so now I just need to get it here, as I wasn’t going to carry it round London all day. We made our way over to the Selfridges Kitchen to get a table, and soon enough, Lauren appeared! We swapped presents, then went to get food. I had a smoked salmon, cream cheese and spinach crêpe, and we got to catch up, mainly talking about Christmas and her job.

When we were done, she went home for a nap, and Mommy and I went to Liberty. I cannot be in their scarf hall without thinking of The Apprentice now. Their Christmas shop was not very exciting – there were some cat decorations that I liked but I was not prepared to pay £15 for one. Maybe £5. Also they have a big thing about peacocks this year. Is the traditional Christmas peacock something I’ve missed? Anyway. On the way out, I had a great experience with a guide dog in the lift who moved out of the way of my chair in such a courteous fashion, it was adorable.

Next stop Anthropologie. I just wanted one of their Christmas mugs, and Mommy wanted to buy things that will be Grandma’s Christmas presents to her and Daddy. I couldn’t find the mug, and there was a part of the shop that was inaccessible because of steps, so a very helpful customer service assistant took me through the back of the shop and down in the goods lift. It was really tight and awkward but she was so good, then when I still couldn’t find the mug, she went and got one for me! Then, when we’d paid, instead of me going back the difficult way, the helpful lady got the boys on staff to come and carry the chair up the five steps so I could use the normal lift. I was so impressed with them.

Our next destination required a taxi, who took us to Dominique Ansel Bakery. It was amazingly not busy, so we were able to have a good look at everything before deciding. I had to have a cronut – an actual cronut – and Mommy had a Kouign Amann. My cronut tasted like a Kinder Bueno. I would like to try maybe a chocolate one so I can compare it to a Rinkoffs one, but I would say the Rinkoffs version is just as good. I also bought an extra moist brownie and a chocolate chunk cookie to take home.

Last stop was Harrods. I bought a brownie from there too, plus some coffee and biscuits. In their Christmas shop, I got a little mouse in a Harrods vest to go on the tree, and there was a very tense moment when we heard a smash and everyone went silent and looked around for the culprit. Thankfully, it was someone who worked there, so it was fine. It’ll just come out of her wages. We had a mildly stressful moment in Villeroy and Boch when they couldn’t find a stock version of what we wanted to buy, so we ended up taking the display one, then hurrying out so we could get a cab back to Euston.

It felt like the longest journey in the world, but we finally arrived with just moments to spare.

Home, toasted teacake, bed.

The 9th of December. 

I feel pretty ropey today – super tired, and my left eye has been really sensitive and sore all day which hasn’t helped. 

So it’s been a pretty quiet day. After breakfast, coffee and lots of kitten hugs, I spent a good hour writing about yesterday. I would have written up the post for the 6th and 7th, but looking at screens has been quite painful. That has also meant that I couldn’t really do the Christmas shopping u wanted to do today. Maybe tomorrow if my eye is better. 

After lunch (and half my Dominique Ansel cookie), I went upstairs to lie down and give my eyes a rest from looking at anything for a while. I gave the kittens a good cuddle as well because we had to go back to the vet today. It was just for their general health check so nobody got stabbed in the neck like last time. They certainly remember that because none of them wanted to get in the carrier today – two ran to hide under the chair.  

We did get them all though, and Rory the vet was very happy with them all. They need to eat more before they can be neutered, but I don’t even know what the plan is for them right now. There are things that need to be worked out but I don’t need to worry about that, I just have to keep feeding and petting them. I can do that.


The 19th of November. 

Long, exhausting day, but ultimately worth it because annual Christmas trip to London! Up super-early because we were getting the train in and they have been untrustworthy of late. The Queen was opening Grand Central today so naturally the security was up to the sky. Sniffer dogs, armed police with their giant machine guns and a policeman who asked about a “lift engineer” he understood to be on the premises but it sounded to me like code. Thankfully we left before the Queen arrived, so we got to London with no hassle!

A taxi took us to Harrods which he was delighted about because going East was awful. Always start in the food hall so I got Christmas coffee, a gingerbread elf, a fondant fancy Santa in a bed and a Harrods version of a chocolate cronut which I had to try to protect from being squished all day. We looked around the Christmas shop where I bought a little yeti who has a special little arm and I love him. We had lunch in The Tea Room where I had Welsh Rarebit and it was vast. There was a terrible family at next to us; the children behaved awfully and the parents were too rich to care. I gave them reproachful looks. 

We checked the Christmas shop for anything we’d missed, then got another cab to Liberty. Stationery, scarves, Christmas shop, haberdashery. Actually what I ended up buying was a flat white cup and saucer and a cappuccino cup and saucer from Acme which I was thrilled about because I didn’t think it could be bought for domestic use. I’m going to have the blue one now and I’m having the red one for Christmas. All the wool in the haberdashery was very tempting but I can get that elsewhere and I have enough wool right now. There wasn’t a huge amount for us in Liberty, so then we went up Oxford Street to Selfridges and that was our last stop. Bought a salt beef on rye from The Brass Rail to take home, and spent forever searching for water in a plastic bottle, which is impossible to find. I liked an Alexa Chung nail varnish but couldn’t find it on its own, and I liked a jumper in H&M which they didn’t have in a small! Despite that, it wasn’t an unsuccessful trip – I had a fun Christmas day with my momma. 

I sat opposite a super attractive man on the train home. If I’d been alone I might have spoken to him. 

The 20th of November. 

I am very sleepy today. I woke up a little bit woozy and light-headed from the Zopiclone I had last night, so I took it easy this morning. Nick was very chatty, so I had my breakfast but couldn’t go to him until I had written about yesterday. By the time I was finished, I went to give him a snuggle for about half an hour until I had to go out again. 

Daddy had left his computer glasses at home, so I went with Mommy to take Grandma home from Fellowship, then we took his specs to his work. It was not pissing it down with rain today, so I got a sausage from the German market. I only get them once a year, and they are so good. I always get them from the circular place at the top of the market – it is the original. Only got poffertjes left to eat now! I also got some 0.38 black Muji pens because I think I am running low. Running low on facewipes too and Superdrug had them on offer so I stocked up on those as well. 

When we got back, we caught up on last night’s Masterchef, then I went to see the chatty kitty. He still gets upset when I leave the room but I think it’s improving. He doesn’t mew for quite as long when I close the door now. 

The 19th of March.

Much more successful day. I slept all night, got up at eight and came downstairs to have my breakfast and start the backup of the laptop, before getting Mommy to wash my hair. I was (optimistically, I admit) hoping it might be mostly done by the time I got back downstairs. In actual fact, it didn’t finish until some time mid-afternoon, when I was then able to move on to the next stage! Still not quite finished, but a lot more progress has been made.

I chased the nasty black and white cat out of the garden this morning after I noticed Oscar lying very flat on the bridge and staring at a spot I couldn’t see. I opened the back door, started to walk towards him and I saw the evil cat climbing up and over the fence. Prick. I coaxed Oscar back inside and we had a little hug.

Tomorrow is Mommy’s Harrods birthday treat! Such fun.

The 20th of March.

Mommy birthday trip day! The trains were not fun but the time in Harrods was lovely.

Our train down was delayed so we arrived in London an hour later than planned, but we still got to Harrods in time for our one o’clock reservation. Mommy had the Georgian blend and I had the Assam Gold. Then all the foods came! A lobster and prawn mousse in a brioche bun, and finger sandwiches of beef and onion marmalade, smoked salmon and truffle, egg mayonnaise, and my first ever cucumber sandwich. It was an interesting texture experience. Then we each ate our plain scones (we brought the sultana scones home – they were so massive!), then cakes! We decided to eat the fragile ones and bring the more robust ones home, so we ate the teeny weeny lemon meringue tarts and the millefeuille, and we brought home the chocolate hazelnut delices, the raspberry macarons, and the pieces of fruit cake.

We didn’t get Mommy’s present because we decided there wasn’t time, so we looked at the ridiculously expensive toys, then we went to the food halls. I bought some of Mommy’s tea, some chocolate Dorotea biscuits, and some William Curley chocolates. Then there wasn’t much time before we had to go back to Euston!

We were on a London Midland service back (never doing that again), and Daddy picked us up and it is warm sleepy bed time.

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The 9th of December.

Today was a really perfect day. It was just lovely, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Darren, the driver, arrived in a very nice Jaguar to pick us up early, so we set off at half past eight, and I listened to Christmas songs all the way to London. He dropped us off right outside the door of Harrods, and told us to call him when we were ready.

We started with the food halls, where I bought biscuits, brownies and a fondant fancy that looked like Santa in bed. Then we got in a lift that went only to the fourth floor, so we looked at the Pet Kingdom and Pet Spa where some puffy dogs were going to be pampered. Then we moved on to the Ladies’ Fashion Lab, where I fell in love with some Ted Baker dresses but at £400 I had to leave them where they were. Then we had lunch at The Salad Kitchen, where I had salmon on little gem with Caesar dressing, Parmesan and a poached egg.

On the third floor, we went to the Toy Kingdom where I got the Harrods 2013 Christmas bear who is called Sebastian, and we bought some mini crackers and decorations in the Christmas shop. Time was getting on, so we went to the second floor for the gift shop (I bought a mug; I always have to buy a mug) and all the kitchenware! Oh my god, so many kitchen gadgets we could have bought. And expensive knives. But we restrained ourselves. We went to the Villeroy & Boch bit, and it was 25% off so I bought a musical Christmas tree candle holder. It’s beautiful. My little glass figures that usually go underneath the tree in my room won’t know what’s hit them!

Then we had to go! We saw everything we wanted to, including some beautiful bags (might go back in January for my birthday). Darren was waiting, so we loaded up the car and went to The Four Seasons! It was beautiful in there, and we had a table where I look at the tree. They brought us menus and a glass of Bollinger each, and we chose our teas. We’d both decided, then changed our minds when the waiter came. Mommy had his recommendation, which had rose and gold in it, and I had one that was done for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Both were very delicate and looked resplendent in the china. Golden. We had an apricot amuse bouche, then the whole thing arrived, so we started on the finger sandwiches (the best kind of sandwiches) – pork and marmalade was my favourite. Then scones! Oh they were minute, and so light – the best scones I’ve ever had, and I wanted to bring them all home with me. Slices of chicken sausage roll were brought out, and we had one each. Then cakes! I only had two – black forest gateaux, and carrot and cinnamon. Mommy investigated the Dandy cake and the cheesecake, then I had a white hot chocolate which was just divine. Once I finished that, we got given little gift bags with jars of tea leaves and jam in! After using the facilities, we went back to Darren who drove us home, and we got back about quarter to eight! In time for Masterchef.

Very tired now. Bed.

The 10th of December.

Ugh oh God I am so tired tonight.

I woke up at five am (steroids) and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up at seven something because I thought we could wash my hair, then go into town early to look at wrapping paper. We didn’t get any, because I didn’t like any of them enough, but I had a flash of inspiration and I know what I’m doing now. But we did get one present.

So we came home and I set about search the internet for plain navy blue paper at a reasonable price, which is not easy! I found some, I’m just hoping that it looks okay in real life. Tomorrow I’ll get some ribbon and labels.

This afternoon, I rummage in my craft box to find a card and some paper to make Taid a 90th birthday card, so I spent a lot of time cutting out paper stencils so we finally have a card for him!

I emailed Dr. Taylor about how to taper down the steroids – my mouth and skin are under control and the moon face is beginning to rear its ugly head so we’re at 25mg today, then for four more days and we’ll see where we’re at. Tomorrow we can discuss it with Ram.

Tonight I am scared and stressed because I’ve had pain twice in two days, and today I’ve been really, really burpy which is usually a sign that something is going on in my gut.

Becky came round and I told her all about Harrods, and she had more amusing school stories. We’re very excited for Harry Potter on Friday!

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