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The 11th of January.

It’s been a much less productive day. Since the spinal injection, I wake up with a kind of pressure headache and am fairly useless. Dr. Allan warned me about “post-spinal headaches” and I think I have a very mild form of that. It can be so bad that people can’t get out of bed, and I don’t feel quite that bad. Just start off the day feeling quite shit but it wears off by lunchtime.

So, quiet morning, wrote up a blog post, little bit of crochet. Mommy went to hospital to see Grandma who is doing better, on much less oxygen, but will be in for several days.

She came back for lunch, and we gave my hair a wash before going to pick up the kittens after their spaying and chipping. They were all very quiet on the journey home and fell upon the food like they’d never eaten before. I stayed and sat with them for the rest of the afternoon and watched the last three episodes of Big Little Lies. I can see why it won all the Golden Globes! Really bloody good.

The 12th of January.

The headache was not so bad this morning – hopefully in a few days they will have abated.

This morning, after breakfast and some time for the headache to pass, I started on a blog post I’m writing for Anthony Nolan that will be used to formulate a press release for Still Standing. I’ve found that I cannot write if I am distracted by any noise, even music, now. I can’t compose my thoughts into sentences if there is noise.

This afternoon, I took a break, and did some crochet of another bear while watching some Bones. Then a lady and her daughter were coming to see the kittens with a view to adopting them, and it went really well. To begin with, Amber and Ava hid under my chair, but they eventually emerged and by the time they left, all three had allowed themselves to be petted and did some purring.

It’s a yes, and they’re coming back next Friday to pick them up. I’m glad I have another week with them; I love them so much!

The 9th of August. 

Well, I had a terrible night. It took me hours to fall asleep, then I woke up multiple times, too cold, couldn’t get comfortable. It is ridiculous that in August I am having to use my electric blanket. 

This morning, after a breakfast of porridge (weather appropriate), I wrote up a blog post, then I made the last two squares of the blanket. I think twenty is enough, once it has a border as well. 

I managed to spend almost all of my afternoon looking at the squares, at books and magazines, then back at the squares, trying to figure out how to join them. Tried various ways and eventually chose one, so I’ve joined six of them so far. This part will be tedious. 

Hope I have a better sleep tonight – up early for hospital tomorrow. 

The 10th of August. 

Another weird night – ages to go to sleep, then I woke at six with a horrific headache on the right side of my head, but it seemed to abate when I lay on my left. I had to get up at seven anyway and I was still getting pangs of pain, very reminiscent of the pressure headaches I used to get when I had the arm/face swelling and high blood pressure. I’m taking some co-codamol upstairs tonight in case it strikes again. 

Dr. Thompson was running pretty much to time this morning, so I didn’t have much chance to read my book. I really must try harder, because whenever I do pick it up, I want to advance the story. I really ought to just try reading it when I know I’ll have time. Anyway, I let him know how things had been since the venoplasty (arm the same, breathing slightly better) and he thinks next time I come I should do some tests so I’ll look forward to that. 

Nothing to do but come home, so I got busy assembling the blanket. I have sat in the armchair all afternoon, sewing squares together, then columns, then across the rows, then one border, and finally a second border. Now I just have to close up the gaps between the corners and weave in some ends and it’ll be done!

Oh and I have an appointment at the lymphoedema clinic, a week after I see the liposuction lady. I have to fill in a survey about my “quality of life”. Ha. 

The 4th of June.

Ugh I had a really terrible night – I didn’t take anything, and I was too warm to sleep, even after taking off my pyjama bottoms. I did eventually fall asleep at about half past four and wrote up at half past eight, having a coughing fit.

The only thing I’ve done today is go to the sorting office to pick up a package I missed yesterday, which was one of Daddy’s birthday presents. This morning, I wrote about yesterday, and this afternoon, I have been watching TV and wanting to go to sleep. I watched an episode of Virtually Famous, in which Alex Brooker referred to a tumblr about people’s fantasies about British comedians, so I looked at it, but just found it really weird, now having met a lot of them.

This evening, I’m icing some cakes and having more coughing fits. My voice is dreadful today – I think I talked too much yesterday, then coughed all night. When I answer the phone to people, they must wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

The 5th of June.

Oh I slept last night without drugs and it was glorious. I didn’t even cough too much. The only had bit of the night was a headache, so I had some co-codamol and it went away. This morning was spent trying to get a blogpost up but the app I use was being uncooperative but I did eventually get it uploaded. After lunch, Mommy and I went into Sutton. I was looking for an adult toothpaste that isn’t minty but the only one I found was a Holland and Barrett fennel one, which is awful. I don’t understand why they don’t exist! I can’t be the only person with a problem with mint. I did get some facewipes that were on offer, and Mommy got some sandals from M&S on sale, so it was a successful trip, in a way.

My parents have informed me that a mysterious benefactor has come forth and donated the full amount for my chair! They’ve been approached, won’t tell me anything, but yeah! So I am ending the campaign, refunding all the money that has already been donated, and being super excited about rolling on my own!

The 3rd of May.

Oh fucking hell can’t I have a non-drugs-induced sleep without seriously messed up dreams? Last night, Bart Simpson was my brother who went on holiday to Spain and became obsessed with ham and somehow this resulted in me having my eyes pulled out. Then I dreamed I was covered in scabs and couldn’t stop bleeding. So neither of those were fun.

This morning I started Sir Nigel’s marmalade, watched Sunday Brunch and made Seamus’ had. After lunch, my hair got washed and Mommy’s got dyed, then I spent a good hour on my bedroom floor, tidying piles of paper and sorting stuff for charity. It resulted in a sore back but a slightly less messy bedroom. I did say I’d start sorting it once I was feeling up to it.

Since then, I’ve caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and read the weekend Guardian magazine with Rebel Wilson and I love her so much. I’ve also been told “fuck you” by Jamelia which is amusing – I must have struck a nerve. I saw she is some sort of ambassador for a selfie/self-esteem campaign and was flabbergasted by her sheer level of hypocrisy. She didn’t like that.

The 4th of May.

Resorted to Zopiclone again last night. I’ll try without tonight and just keep my fingers crossed. I would really not like any more disturbing dreams.

I got up at half past nine and spent an hour of the morning making a leg for Seamus, then I developed a really dreadful headache, like the blood pressure headaches I’ve had before. It took two co-codamol and a good few hours to go away. It’s pretty bad when a headache causes me to physically grimace.

Once it was gone, Daddy took me to the gym, where The Boy Who Smiles At Himself turned up. He was very frustrating today, spending at least an hour on a mat while basically just reading newspapers and magazines, and very occasionally doing a few bicep curls. He also did some sit-ups in a very bizarre way, holding onto his ears, almost using them to haul himself up. Had the other mat not been free, I would have had no problem asking him to move. There was also a woman using the leg press in a very weird way, barely moving six inches back and forth and bouncing up and down. I really couldn’t see how she was gaining any benefit from it.

Oh, and guess who deleted their tweet last night? Methinks get manager realised she did not come off particularly well in our exchange.

The 2nd of December.

Oh I had the most tedious morning. We arrived at the Women’s Hospital on time for my menopause clinic appointment at 10:15. We then sat for an hour and forty five minutes with no one saying what was going on, or apologising for the lateness of the clinic. By the time I finally saw Dr. Robinson, I was really very angry, and we politely let her know, but it wasn’t her fault, and we moved on. I can’t have the coil while I’m still on blood thinners, but my bleeding is much more regular and stable now, so I’ll cope for another six months. 

When we left just after twelve, we had to go and get hamster food because we don’t have enough for tomorrow. I was then able to have lunch, nut Mommy had to go straight back out to Grandma’s! When I’d finished, I let Becky know I was back and she came over to show me what will be her wedding make up. It was subtle, but enough to be special. We approve. The M&S dresses are going back but we’ve got plenty of time so there’s no worry. 

Back to hospital again tomorrow!

The 3rd of December. 

I decided to knock myself out early last night with a Zopiclone at nine because I wanted to get to haematology clinic for nine, considering I wanted to go into town afterwards and you can be waiting for hours if you don’t get in early. So I saw Igor, and apparently my echocardiogram didn’t show the thing that would mean I’ve definitely got/had a PE, but it did show the valve between my right atrium and ventricle isn’t closing all the way so I have some backflow which is indicative of there having been a clot. So I need the CT! So that is getting booked and I’ll get a letter. I have also been having these horrendous, debilitating headaches that we think are related to my high blood pressure, and I’d been having one since ten to eight and paracetamol hadn’t worked, so I thought it a good opportunity to bring them up. He’s now changed my lisinopril to amlodapine, and has prescribed me some co-codamol which I had two of at ten to twelve and within half an hour, there was some relief from the constant pounding. 

We went to The White Company and I have got my wrapping! Hopefully I’ve bought enough but I’ll get started soon so if need more, I’ve got time to get it. Got home and had lunch, spent the afternoon watching TOWIE and Intruders, and this evening I met up with Sadie for an Old Hallfieldian reunion at The Highfield. We had fun, drinking and commandeering a corner of the food table, and she showed me her photos from America. 

Back to school tomorrow! It’s going to be very weird. 


The 12th of April.

The worst thing about being on HRT is that every three months I am forced to have a period and be reminded that I will never have  a child, my body is falling to bits, I have a migraine, my death is imminent, and Britain’s Got Talent is on which just reminds me of Richard.

So I haven’t had the greatest of days. I have read the paper and watched a lot of tv. No exercising because I’ve done something dodgy to my back.

Oh God my head is throbbing I’m going to bed.

The 13th of April.

Today has been better, although I had another crappy night – I didn’t fall asleep until about half past three. I thought about getting a Zopiclone but I wasn’t sure it was necessary and I didn’t want to do it twice in one week if I don’t have to. Tonight I’ll take one upstairs so if I do need it, it’s there.

This morning I watched Sunday Brunch, and this afternoon I exercised while watching Hostages to try and stave off tiredness. I also was giving Oscar a good brush, when he suddenly decided he didn’t like it anymore so he stuck his claw into my middle finger on my left hand and bit my right hand and made me bleed. I have not been his friend for the rest of the day.

I feel like everything I write at the moment is really unfinished. I just seem incapable of completing pieces right now and I don’t know what I’m doing.