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The 26th of June.

Oh god it is too hot for existing. No gym this week – it’s hard enough to breathe doing normal activity in this heat, really don’t think exerting myself is wise.

This morning, I typed up a blog post, although I have just realised that I didn’t actually post it, so I’ll do that once I’ve finished this.

Daddy took me to The Spire for twelve, for my appointment with the lymphoedema nurse. She measured my arm for my sleeve, and apparently I will be wearing it for quite a bit longer than six to eight weeks. I will see her six weeks after the surgery, which is when all the swelling will have calmed down a bit.

On the way home, we went to Tesco to buy ice lollies. Ended up with Calippos, Mini Milks and Fruit Splits, so we have loads of choice. Calippos give me flashbacks to Ward 8 after my liver transplant, became I could gnaw on them and not throw up, because flavoured ice was one of the only things I could actually digest. Eating them now, in the sunshine, is highly preferable.

This afternoon, I have been making my extra hexagons. Three colours left to do.

The 27th of June.

Pre-op day! Had to be there at ten thirty, and Daddy had to go to work but thankfully Alison was able to take us. It was pretty straightforward – we went through my history, albeit briefly, because they don’t need to know everything, talked through what I’m having done, had some bloods done, blood pressure, urine sample. That was entertaining because they gave me a she-wee-like device to get the pee into the bottle. I’m not sure how helpful it was. I’ll need to pick up a prescription for some pre/post-op antibiotics, and I might have to go back the day before for a group and save if they think I might need blood. Unlikely.

This afternoon, I have finished all of the hexagons, for definite this time, and been vaguely aware of the Germany/South Korea match. I also had a somewhat infuriating chat with the mechanic who’s fixing Mommy’s car. I told him multiple times that I wasn’t her, but he refused to hear it and just kept talking so I had to pretend it was my car and tell him I’d get back to him about picking it up. Thankfully not long after that, Daddy got home so he went down there to deal with it. I now understand Mommy’s reaction to that guy.

The 19th of July. 

It is too hot for anything other than basic respiration. I have been outside a couple of times just to see what it was like. Thirty seconds was enough. I can barely breathe. 

I was up early because I was at Black Sheep at half nine. I started having a worry that I’d got my appointment wrong because I hadn’t had a text message, but there was no point in ringing because I was the first appointment, so we just went and if I was wrong then I’d just come back to the car. However, I was right, and I just hadn’t had a text because their computer system is throwing a wobbly. 

James and I had a chat and we went much more vibrant because I want it to last longer, but we don’t know quite what will happen because my base is so light. We shall see! Mainly purple with pink fringe and pink back. It is not subtle. 

Went to the gym on the way home so I could take in my letter from Andy Toogood so my membership can be paused for free. Vlad tried to be funny about my hair change and asked if I’d had my glasses painted to match. I flatly shut those down. Do not make jokes about my appearance. I will not laugh. 

This afternoon I have stayed inside, drinking water from the fridge and updating my blog. Tomorrow I can have a day off!

The 20th of July. 

I really don’t want to complain about the weather, especially when I am so often freezing, but it is literally difficult to breathe and it appears that nowhere in our house is cool. 

I managed to get to sleep last night without too much trouble, surprisingly. I swear, the last time I was this hot was in Majorca, when I had leukaemia and didn’t know. Not great memories. At least when we were there, we had a pool I could cool off in. 

This morning I got to have a break from writing. I, like the kittens, have flooped. We have all wilted. I have been pouring extra water on their food to make sure they’re not getting dehydrated. 

I got a lovely card in the post today from Anthony Nolan to thank me for last week. Bless them. Tomorrow they deliver the letter about 2nd transplants to the Department of Health, and I so wish I was going too! Then again, if I were to speak to anyone, I would have to work really hard to not get too angry. Probably best I am not there. 

The 30th of June.

Anaemia plus this heat is rough. It reminds me a little bit of when I first had leukaemia in Majorca and we didn’t know. Everything requires so much effort – I barely have the energy to brush my teeth (but I do it). 

Once I’ve had some food I do feel slightly better, so I felt okay going to see Elle and Luna in town. They were a little bit late because Luna needed vests so we met in Next, then went to Pret. I had Luna on my lap and we had a great squidgy time while Elle and I caught up on each others’ lives. Unfortunately, we only had an hour because Mommy and I had tickets to the filming of a new Gareth Malone show at the conservatoire, so we made plans to meet up again very soon. 

Again, the wheelchair was handy because we basically skipped the queue (most of which was out in the baking heat) and got to hang out with a fun assistance dog which was excellent. It was an a capella group contest, five groups competing to get into the semi-fina. One got sent home. There was a group from Birmingham and they were my favourites. Not biased. 

The 1st of July. 

This level of heat is unacceptable. I didn’t sleep brilliantly, but it wasn’t too dreadful. Getting up was tough. I managed to get dressed, but that was about it. Anybody capable of putting on make up today is formidable. 

I went outside to go round the corner to buy an ice cream, and that was enough. Going inside the coolness of Tesco was divine. Becky came for a little bit and we mainly complained about how hot it is and talked about the wedding. She has spin tonight! Brave lady. 

Tomorrow will be a joy, having blood before ECP. I’m going to be so warm. 


The 16th & 17th; heat day!

November 19, 2014 — 1 Comment

The 16th of November. 

In London! This morning I was just excited about this afternoon and tomorrow, so I really was just killing time until we left. 

The assistance office at the station was more entertaining than usual as there were some very angry people who had missed their trains for various reasons. We got on ours and it was all fine. There were some delightfully lairy women who started drinking vodka and being very loud, so I was grateful to have my earphones to drown them out. 

Upon our arrival in London, neither of us wanted a heavy meal, and that was all we were going to get at Euston or the hotel, so we went down the road to St. Pancras where we went to Le Pain Quotidien. I had a butternut squash and feta frittata and it was as lovely as the French waiters accommodating us. Plus we saw the pretty Christmas tree but there are no F&M hampers on it this year. 

We got a cab to the hotel which was nice and functional. It was comfortable and had what we needed so we were quite happy. 

We watched Strictly and were pleased that Judy is finally gone, then X Factor and were indifferent about Jaz’s elimination, then I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Gemma is not going to cope. I feel very prepared for heat tomorrow!

The 17th of November. 

Heat day! It has just been incredibly surreal. Plus I woke up at four but never mind. Duck & Waffle breakfast didn’t happen because they didn’t get back to Jo, so instead we went to Curators Coffee, where I bought a bag of ground coffee because the flat white I had really delicious and I actually correctly identified country of origin which I felt a bit smug about. Then we went to Association Coffee and I had a pain au chocolat for my breakfast and Mommy had a ham and cheese croissant. We watched people’s rain faces from the window. The rain did abate eventually, and we went to Rinkoff’s and I got a cronut and some mini fruity biscuits. Paul A. Young has done some toast and marmalade chocolates to celebrate the Paddington movie so we wanted to get some of those. 

I wanted to get some treats for the team at heat, so we got a cab to Covent Garden where we had more coffee at Timberyard and I bought twelve cakes and cookies – just one of everything really! Then Mommy left me at Bauer Media and I was greeted by Gwen and we went up to heat which was exactly as I imagined, and everyone was very apologetic about the mess. We put the cakes on the crap table and I was introduced to everyone and they were all so sweet and lovely. I want to work there and be best friends with them all. I left at one and Mommy and I went to have lunch at Nordic Bakery (ham, cheese and mustard in rye) in Golden Square, then at two I met Lucie Cave in the radio building for Jason Manford and Olly Murs interviews! Jason was there very promptly so we went to find the appropriate studio and while Lucie and Rachel set up, I had a little chat with Jason about TCT and life etc and he is very nice and funny in real life. I had to suppress my laughter during the interview because random chuckling would be weird on air. Then it was over and we had a selfie, and we went to wait for Olly Murs! He wasn’t until half three, so I spent some time eavesdropping on his team’s conversations about his schedule and Lucie and Dan the photographer did some test shots for an interactive Christmas card pulling a cracker, which Olly then wanted to actually pull so we did! I won a tiny photo frame. Then he wanted to read me the joke, make me name the four US states that begin with I (which I did – Iowa, Illinois, Idaho and Indiana) then he did the charade of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which I did get after a wee while! A lion is the opposite of a tiger, apparently. He’s great fun, very down to earth – the interview was vastly entertaining; porn star names and sex faces were discussed. Listen to heat radio on Saturday to hear it! Another selfie and many hugs, then Lucie and I returned to heat for Samaritans Club 7! I got to meet them all and it was like I was nine again. I was complimented on my hair and glasses, and I talked with them about how Bring It All Back was my first ever single that I bought. I talked to Paul, Rachel and Jo, then they had to do some filming so I went back to the office where I was presented with a bag of many goodies! I was leaving at five, so had lots of hugs and got a selfie with three of S Club as they were rushed out to go to Manchester, then I met Mommy back in reception and we left! I wanted to stay forever. 

We were fairly exhausted so just went back to Euston and had dinner at Ed’s Diner, then I ate my cronut and read my advance copy of heat on the train. Daddy picked us up, I crawled up the stairs and it was oxygen and sleep time. But so happy.  


The 29th of October. 

Man, I should be on only 3mg of pred by now, but I’m still on 10 which is shit. 

I had a reasonable sleep and didn’t really wake up until half nine! I was really slow getting up though – it took me over an hour to get downstairs. 

Mommy and I went into Sutton to buy soup and poppy seeds, and in Waitrose (on a random hunt for buckwheat and spelt  which was unsuccessful) I found not only salted pretzels, but also cronuts! I got a lemon one and it was yummy. 

This afternoon Mommy went to Grandma’s and I crocheted and watched tv. I’ve also been communicating with Lucie Cave and it looks like we have a date for me to visit heat! Which also means we can do Duck and Waffle breakfast so that’s excellent. 

We were going to make bialys today from the New York book but there wasn’t time so we’ll do them tomorrow, which is probably just as well as I’ve eaten enough already today to cause me breathing difficulties. 

The 30th of October. 

I feel okay today. I’m having less coughing fits that leave me feeling like I’m going to die, so that’s always good. 

Mommy and I made poppy-seed bialys today, but they did not really come out like the picture. They tasted good though! Especially warm from the oven. 

Becky and James came round for a bit and we watched some of Catching Fire on Netflix. They’d just been to sort out their marriage license, then either Becky was going to make fudge with Jonathan or James was going to take him for a haircut. I don’t know which happened. 

I was getting nostalgic about the premiere and now I really want to go to the Mockingjay one! It was so much fun, one of the best nights of my life, and I’d love to repeat it (but with maybe less rain). It would be really nice to see Nat Dormer again and thank her for looking out for me last time. I did tweet Lionsgate but the premiere is on the 10th so there’s probably not time to squeeze me in. Sigh. 





The 26th of August.

Oh tonight I am so trembly STOP IT. At least I had an automated phone call from the Women’s Hospital, asking me to press buttons to confirm that I would go on the 2nd of September. I most definitely will.

Today has been kind of excellent. Apart from being back to my normal waking up routine, but I’m just used to that now. The first nice thing that happened is that I was checking my Twitter, and on my Timeline, there was one from Chris Riddell, whose illustrations I have loved since I read The Edge Chronicles when I was about eight. He posts multiple pictures of his sketches daily, and one of the ones from today said “For Kathryn.”

One of my followers emailed him about me yesterday after seeing my wish to be drawn by him on my bucket list, and he’d done it! I made a loud squeak and Mommy asked what the matter was, and I explained and started crying tears of joy. It is beautiful and I love it. 

Then later, Nat Morris who I know from way back in the day, rang me and she used to work at heat tv, and has emailed Lucie Cave so I’m probably going there in October? I have emailed her and her assistant so I hope to hear something back soon, considering Lucie emailed Nat this morning. So I am a very happy girl.

I still can’t wear my Pandora bracelets – they squish any fluid up my arms. I might have to get bigger sizes. Which will be expensive and annoying..

The 27th of August.

For once, I was sleeping at 6am when my alarm went off because I had to get up to be at the QE for Photopheresis at 9. My hands were visibly shaking.

That all went very easily, started reading The Miniaturist which feels like it will be good  on the way home, we went to Pets at Home to get a tube for the hamster cage (it looks unstable so it’s gone back in the box) and some treats. I have renamed him Hamilton because I don’t like Harlequin and I can shorten it to variations of Ham which is way more fun. It’s the same amount of syllables; he won’t notice. 

Most of the afternoon was spent getting him out of the cage (lifting the entire thing into a playpen, coaxing him out, then taking the cage out again) because we needed to rearrange all the sawdust etc – making him a toilet area, making the shelf bit level (it still isn’t) and taking out the wheel because it’s too small for him. He keeps gnawing on the bars though which is a) bad for his teeth and b) annoying. 

Becky came over and we basically just talked wedding and engagement party. By the time she left, I was weary, and tonight I’m absolutely exhausted. Cream-crackered. 

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