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The 5th of May.

More trips out today. Busy busy.

When I woke up, I was struggling, because the oxygen cylinder upstairs had run out. However, things have improved since then. It is always worst in the mornings and evenings. After breakfast, I watched the new episode of Riverdale, and (no spoilers) SO. MANY. REVELATIONS. Also I am sick to death of Veronica Lodge always bringing it back to her and her dad. Do not care, shut up.

I had an appointment at the GP at quarter past one to discuss pain relief. The buprenorphine is making absolutely zero difference to my pain, and she seemed quite surprised to hear this. The next step is to try pregablin instead, so I’ll start that tonight. Fingers crossed it doesn’t affect my breathing.

We came home for about an hour, then we were back out to the dental hospital, just for a check up. They were running late, so I got a lot of The Burial Hour read while we waited. I got called by a young dentist called Joseph who looked about twelve, but was very competent. He looked at my mouth to see if there were any signs of GvHD while another dentist scribed, then we just had to wait for their senior colleague to check I was fine. He was with another patient, and while we sat, we got onto the subject of Netflix, and the girl who’d been writing watches Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale too, and they both watched 13 Reasons Why, so we were in no rush for him to arrive.

Dr. Khan finally came, and thinks my mouth looks the best he’s ever seen it, so they don’t want me back for four months.

As soon as we left, I reopened my book as I was at a critical point, and now it is finished. Oh, Jeffery. Clever, clever Jeffery.

The 6th of May.

Do not like this new pain drug, pregablin. So far it is not making my back feel any better, it has just made me really sleepy all day. Not exactly tired, but my eyes just want to close. It’s not ideal. I’m going to continue with it for a few days, see if the sleepiness wears off and the pain gets any better. I’m not optimistic but I have to give it a chance.

My day has been a really rather dull one, for the most part – I have been sitting with the laptop, typing up the blog entries that I have got behind on posting. There were six to do I got three done. They’re still not posted because I need to add photos and I do that on my iPad. It is very boring but it must be done.

I had a couple of breaks in which I went to sit with Sam and we were both sleepy. He is such a good boy that if nobody wants to adopt him, I will beg Daddy to let us keep him. He won’t live that long, won’t cost us a huge amount of money.

This evening I went out with Sadie to see Joel Dommett. She is a bit in love with him and asked if I’d go so I agreed – although I’ve already seen his show, I was interested to see how he would make the show work, going from a 90 seat room to an 1800 seat one. When we arrived, I saw JT, and we had a little catch up, then he had a look at our tickets and asked if we wanted to go in the wheelchair space instead. Considering they were better seats and I didn’t have to move, I was only too keen to say yes.

The show has definitely improved since October, and I think it actually works better in the larger space. I’d completely forgotten about Laser Dick, but by the second chorus I was singing along again. And he’s changed the ending, which I won’t spoil, but it’s definitely more suitable for the bigger venues he’s doing. He’s not coasting on the fame he’s got from I’m A Celebrity; he’s worked really hard and it’s paying off.

The 17th of September .

I am not as trembly tonight as I was earlier. It’s weird – it doesn’t seem to follow any sort of pattern. I just wish it would stop.

I had haematology clinic this morning, and Ram was indeed there. My left arm stopped bleeding so they had to go into my right arm too. Plus, they now stab me in the finger to check my blood glucose, so I had many little pieces of gauze. We discussed my steroid tapering, and he suggested 2mg per month which is a fucking joke. This made me immediately stare at the wall and say that this made me very unhappy before becoming mute. He asked me to elaborate, at which point I started crying because I had planned on being off them by the end of October, not in God knows how long. I will not be doing as he suggests.

We had a quick trip into town afterwards, just to pick up some train tickets and get some other bits, like a Vanilla Cappuccino doughnut from Krispy Kreme that was actually too sweet for me to finish. This afternoon, I wrote a bit about photopheresis and steroids and did some crocheting. My scarf is getting really quite long.

Bake Off tonight! Wednesday is the best.

The 18th of September.

Well I have just sat and crocheted all day. I had a brief break in which I finished writing the piece about photopheresis and steroids, but apart from that, it has been crochet and tv. Totally mindless.

This evening, we went to see Cats. I used to watch the video all the time when I was about seven, but I’ve never seen the live show. We were actually supposed to go last time it toured, which was seven years ago. It was the day I ended up in BCH having lots of blood transfusions because I was anaemic and the next day I was diagnosed with leukaemia.

So now it’s back and we went! The Rumtumtugger is my all-time favourite, and Magical Mister Mistofolees is the best song. It just makes me so happy.

It’s funny, I was just watching the dancers and our bodies are such polar opposites – theirs are so strong, whereas mine is as weak as a kitten.

FullSizeRender IMG_3256 FullSizeRender

The 30th of December.

Today was delightful, although my breathing wasn’t brilliant. Don’t know why – it usually happens when I haven’t slept but if anything, I’ve been sleeping better.

This morning Mommy washed my hair, Daddy went to work and Mommy and Christine went to town to look for boots. I watched Bridge to Terabithia and repeats of The Great British Bake Off until the DPD man arrived with my new bag. It’s very pretty. And Dan and Elle came! Their simultaneous arrival was a happy accident, and we watched the ends of The Railway Children, Space Chimps, and the beginning of Coraline. Elle and I swapped presents, and at first, I was very confused, as she’d put my present in an iron box! (A box that used to contain an iron, not a box made of iron.) I said, “Elle, why have you bought me an iron?” and she burst out laughing and explained that she just refuses to wrap things that aren’t box-shaped, and then I opened it and found a snuggly hat and scarf.

So we had a fun afternoon together, and when they had to leave (also coincidentally simultaneously), I finished watching Coraline and read some more of The End of Men and the Rise of Women.

Becky, James and her friend Rachel came to admire the bag before going out, and tonight Oscar has decided to wee in the bathroom. Wonderful.

photo 1

The 31st of December.

Today was fun. An exceptional end to an abominable year.

I woke up early which was annoying, but I made coffee and made the best of it by painting my nails and writing up a blog post. Then I got dressed and ready for the panto, before making another coffee. We went out at twelve, to allow for traffic and it was a good thing we did, because we got stuck in a queue of people wanting to park in the Arcadian.

Daddy dropped me, Christine and Mommy off outside the Hippodrome and went to park. We went in and found Mark and JT, who gave us programmes and air kisses, then we went and sat in the Qdos lounge because we could. We had some free beverages and hung up our coats, then we went to find our seats. Row Q in the stalls; fairly decent, and no tall people or irritating children in the immediate vicinity which is always a bonus. John Partridge rivals John Barrowman for campest leading man ever, and a couple of the song choices seemed a little odd (for example, using The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera as the big love ballad where Snow White and the Prince fall in love?) but the the good points far outweighed the bad. The slapstick routine was excellent, the dwarves are brilliant, the costumes are fabulous, Stephanie Beacham is fierce, Paul Zerdin and his puppet are great, and the audience members forced to participate really committed.

After the show, JT hurried us out and took me and Mommy backstage where I got to meet Gok Wan! He was already in pyjamas and dressing gown, bless him. We talked about the show and the documentary last night, and we reassured him that the show is completely up to standard. Then we had a photo and a big hug, and we went back to Daddy and Christine.

We had a gossip with Mark while he delighted children with fake snow outside the front door, and eventually we left and he turned it off, resulting in howls of sadness from those who’d been playing in it. When we got home, I had more coffee and a biscuit to keep me going until dinner, which was pheasant; yum!

After dinner, I started on the wine. The Easts all came over around nine in dribs and drabs, the wine and Disaronno flowed (Becky’s favourite; she brought her own bottle), and I got happily drunk. We brought in the new year with champagne and Christmas cake, then we all went home and we went to bed.

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