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The 30th of May. 

Mommy is definitely poorlier than me, bless her. She’s full of snuffles and sinus pain. I am just coughing and occasionally blowing my nose. I did text Vlad this morning to postpone our first session because although I do not feel wretched, by no means am I up to training, and I don’t think fellow gym-goers would appreciate me spreading my germs all over the place. 

Sarah came back to see the kittens this morning and brought her friend Ruth with her, so we spent an hour with the little fatties running around. I’ve had to start feeding Gracie separately because when the other two are chowing down, she is too polite to muscle in and just gets left the scraps. No wonder she’s the smallest. 

This afternoon, I caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (very stressful), then went back to the kittens so they could roam free and I could structure and finish my talk. I think I’ve got it now; it is all written down on my Moomin notepaper. 

Oh, and Alison brought me a cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery which they visited this weekend while in London. Which reminds me, I need to factor in a cake trip after Anthony Nolan. 

The 31st of May. 

In the last half an hour, I have found out that the kittens are weeing somewhere they shouldn’t (I had to wash my hands a lot), but I also saw a big pug at the vet who was wandering around going “WAGHHH” which was vastly entertaining. 

Quiet day. Mommy is a bit better which is good, and I remain pretty much the same. I do my coughing in the morning and evening, so as long as that continues, I’ll be fine to do my talk at lunchtime tomorrow. 

This morning, I crocheted an orang-utan leg, and tried to decide what I’m going to do after the talk. I was planning on going to the zoo, but the weather is not going to be good for that, so I must find something else to occupy my time. I’ve also booked tickets for my trains in July when I have the parliamentary reception. 

After lunch, I sat with the kittens and let them run around until we had to take them to the vet for their first jabs. They were all very good when it came for the time for them to go in the carrier, and in the car they just looked out of the window, no sad mews at all. 

Gabby and Gabe have both put on a good amount of weight, about 150g each, but Gracie’s only gained 30g. Going to have to feed her more! Too polite! I have to weigh them again at home in a week and see how we’re doing. 

The 15th of April.

Sweet baby Jesus my back has never hurt this much. I spiked yesterday evening and again at 1am, so I’ve had barely any sleep. My back now just hurts constantly at a fairly high level, then I get breakthrough pain when I move and sometimes when I do nothing.

I had clinic today, so we arrived at about ten, waited for three hours and was finally seen by Ram at one. I was almost in tears by this point, and nearly broke down when trying to describe the pain. I’ve got loads of Tramadol, starting on 200mg a day and if that doesn’t work, I can double it. We had to get a massive order from pharmacy, three huge bags, so I gave them my prescription and we went for lunch while we waited for an hour. I was starving.

Oh and no results from any of my tests were back yet, so we have to ring up tomorrow. Ram said depending on what the x-ray shows, I’ll probably need an MRI which I can’t currently imagine as lying flat is incredibly painful.

Getting out of the chair after five hours was no fun at all, I was incredibly stiff, and since getting home, I have just stayed in the armchair. This is just awful.

The 16th of April.

Things are better today. I had two lorazepam last night which did help – I didn’t get up until about ten. I was a bit stiff, but once I’d got the Tramadol on board, it started building up inside my system and I can walk around a bit better now. The constant ache I had its basically gone, which is a huge relief. I also haven’t spiked since 1am yesterday, so I’m hoping that continues.

Today I’ve just watched tv that I don’t need to remember (Lorazepam makes me forget what’s happened in the day after I’ve taken it) and made the last two legs for Anna’s elephant. I’ve put that on pause for the night as I’m going to make a black sheep to give to Michaela tomorrow. I’ve also been through the new Hummingbird Bakery book which arrived in the post today, and there seem to be many tasty things I want to make, like the birthday cake cookies and chocolate doberge cake.

Igor just rang to see how I am (bless him), so I told him, but none of the results are back yet and there’s no record of the urine sample being at the lab, so he wants me to go in tomorrow at half one to have more bloods done and do another urine sample. He knows I need to leave by half two.

Right, back to the black sheep!