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The 18th of February.

I think I might have to stop wearing jeans for a while – the way they fit or do not fit is messing with my mind and making it veer off onto anorexic-esque paths that I worked so hard to learn to ignore. Some pairs fit my legs but are too large at my waist, some fit my legs but are too small for my waist, some are tight at the calf but not the thigh, and most claim to be the same size. I don’t think I will ever have a completely easy relationship with my body and food.

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then made the head of the poodle. I started it last night, but wasn’t paying enough attention so I fucked it up.

After lunch, Mommy and I went round to the house of my friend Kathryn’s parents, so I could drop off the crocheted Christmas chaps I made for her and they can take them to Iceland, where she lives.

I made the poodle’s ears, then spent the rest of my afternoon watching Altered Carbon with Mac. He was being a monkey and kept going behind the television, but eventually he got tired and fell asleep on my lap. Nice and warm. Too bad there wasn’t another kitten at my feet – my toes are freezing.

The 19th of February.

The photos I deleted are back. How?! I went on to Photos this morning to move some more around, and I found the total was back at 30,000. I am so confused. I think wiping them all and starting again will be the way to go.

Apart from that, this morning I made the tail and arms of the poodle and stuffed her feet.

After lunch, I watched some more of The Blacklist, and started putting the poodle together. However, none of it looked right, so I pulled her apart, and then Becky came round for a catch up. Haven’t seen her for several weeks, so she was here a while. I introduced her to Mac and we had tea, and I heard about recent school antics and familial drama. I told her how last Monday had gone, which she was glad to hear of – she couldn’t come with school being so busy. If only half term here had been a week earlier!

I’ve managed to now get the head, ears and legs on the poodle. Got to do the arms and tail, then curly coat.



The 14th of February.

Oh boy, what a sleep. The hotel was comfortable enough, but the pillows were dreadful (squishy as fuck), so my first night of no stress in my own bed was beautiful.

I was at the chiro this morning which was also lovely/painful after my two days in the wheelchair. My neck and shoulder were awful, so much hard squeezing and crunching. We had to pop into Sutton so I could put some money from Monday night into the Anthony Nolan account, then get some food and litter from Lee’s because Shaki was bringing us a new kitten!

His name is Mac, he’s black and white, and eleven weeks old. He was very chatty when he arrived, but has soon settled down. He’s very friendly and purry. Not going to be a problem at all, just have to wait for somebody looking for a solo kitten.

I finally got round to writing about Monday. Took a while, but I had to do it before the memory fades. Mommy got an email from Mark saying how he felt quite emotional, and what I said reminded him that what he does is worth doing. Of course it is. He is the hero of my life.

The 15th of February.

Today has been so tedious and infuriating, I am almost disinclined to tell you about it because you will not thank me.

This morning, I wrote about yesterday. Very meta – writing about writing about writing. Then I made it my purpose of the day to finally delete these sodding photos from my phone. I don’t understand why it is so difficult; something is definitely not working as it should.

To pass the time this afternoon, I have read a decent chunk of Gnomon – only about 200 pages left. I also started watching Altered Carbon. To begin with, I was very confused. I think I’ll have to watch the next one at least before I really get it.

At one point, I found myself looking out of the window and getting rather deep into my mind, thinking about being a human, such a tiny speck in an enormous universe, then I had to snap out of it because that’s not something that needs delving into on a Thursday afternoon.

The 8th of February.

Got to get used to these new frames. I’ve got so much more lens.

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, had a bit of trouble getting it up because my iPad wouldn’t connect to the blog so I had to go on the laptop. I rang up Piccadilly to see if my glasses had arrived but they weren’t in yet, so I watched the latest How to Get Away with Murder. Poor Asher! Then I just started to crochet when I got a text saying they were in, so we hopped in the car.

Jenny fitted them up, then we went to pick up the train tickets for Monday, but the whole system was broken. Sigh.

Home, lunch, out to Black Sheep for haircut. It was getting too long and needed trimming before Monday. Michaela hadn’t got Lulu with her this time but I got to see a super tiny two week old baby that another customer had with her so I was very happy. Such small feets!

Tomorrow is speech writing. Gah.

The 9th of February.

Ugh well today has been incredibly boring, I am sorry to say.

Actually, this morning was quite exciting, because there were only 75 tickets left for Still Standing, then I got another email from Music Glue saying it had nearly sold out with only 54 seats to go! If we sell out, I think I will probably cry.

Apart from that, very dull. Shower, shaved legs (in case I end up wearing something that shows some ankle), lots of moisturising. That took about an hour, and caused rather a lot of back pain.

After lunch, I made the sudden discovery that iCloud had essentially put 30,000 photos on my phone and there isn’t space for that. I went upstairs to sort it out, and pretty much lost my afternoon to it. Hours of photo library bollocks. I’ve left it updating to the new iMac software. This is not over.

No writing got done at all.

The 16th of July.

Today has just been one of mundane, trivial shit that is frustrating and takes forever. Having updated my blog, I went to the iMac and set about updating the music on my iPod and backing up my phone. 

However, first I had to do a load of updates to the iMac itself, including a new version of iTunes. For some reason, this deleted the iTunes library, so I had to find it instead of redownloading everything from the cloud. 

Eventually I was able to start trying to back up my phone, but got the error message saying the phone had been disconnected (which was a lie). I restarted everything, did every job very slowly and finally, at about quarter past five, it was finished. Sorting my iPod was a breeze, thank God. 

Car isn’t back yet. Tomorrow they’re going to drive it up a hill and we’ll see what happens then. 

I just had a phone call from hospital saying as there was no clot in my scan, there was no need for more tests because the swelling was improving. Except it ISN’T, it hasn’t improved for THREE FUCKING WEEKS. I am back in clinic when we get back and I’m getting this fucking sorted because I don’t want to be dealing with this at Becky’s wedding.  

The 17th of July.

Well, I spent my morning waiting for the nurses to come and flush my line, and they finally turned up at quarter to twelve. They were here for quite a while, as one was being trained by the other, so it was all a bit slow. When they were finished, Mommy and I had lunch, then sorted out my clothes for Falmouth. The weather looks like it’ll be really mixed, but I can’t take jeans or boots because my right leg doesn’t really fit into them. 

Having done that, Mommy took me to the gym, where I didn’t do everything I usually do because one machine was out of order and another was just forever occupied so I gave up waiting for it. A man spat on the floor near me which was upsetting. Why do that? Can he not cope with the amount of spit in his mouth? I left shortly after that. 

I’ve not got much left to do for tomorrow. Last minute morning stuff which is just as well as we’re leaving at eight. 

The 25th of April.

I don’t know how to start today. It’s been good, I just don’t have a good opening. I woke up just before nine, to see Stanley Tucci on Saturday Kitchen and I love him so that was great. I did a blog post, then finished crocheting a little surprise to go with the pig, although I was too late for the post so it’ll have to go on Monday now. I also read the majority of the paper and had my lunch, until it was time for Daddy and I to go and see Avengers: Age of Ultron PA-POW!

I love a good superhero movie, but I’m always left wondering who pays for all the mess they leave behind when they smash up cities (the Stark Foundation, I have since been reminded). I won’t say anything else because spoilers but it’s safe to say I loved it. Super super good, makes me want to go and save the world.

The 26th of April.

Accidentally had a big sleep until ten o’clock – I remember being awake at eight something, rolling over and suddenly Mommy was opening my door to check on me.

Spent my morning watching Sunday Brunch, then after lunch, we washed my hair for the first time since I had it cut. That’s always tricky, getting into new blow-drying habits. Once back downstairs, I spent the remainder of the day in the back room, watching films on Channels 4 and 5 and backing up/syncing my iPhone, which I haven’t done since before Christmas. Holy cow it takes so long. It’s been plugged in for hours and it just saps one of the will to bother. After such a long time, I have given up and unplugged it, decided to delete the music/apps causing memory problems manually. Also, my eyes are starting to hurt.

The 21st of March.

I do not think my day could have been more mundane. I got up at nine and came downstairs to find Mommy trying to register the washing machine online, but it was all proving rather more stressful that imagined, then Grandma rang and was stressed, and when they hung up, Mommy cried FUCKING HELL and burst into tears and it was so horrible. I jumped onto her lap (not literally, but I sat on her knee) and just held her and gave her tissues. She doesn’t ask for help and I can’t stand that she lets these things build up. She is too special to be sad.

When everything was better, I thought it might be fun (read: necessary) to organise all the music I have across all platforms. So I’ve spent my day with my good friends, the Duplicate Detective and Captain iTunes. What a joy.

To break up the day, we had a visit from a district nurse to flush my line, and I had a chat on the phone with a chap called Danny who may become my new personal trainer if our meeting on Monday goes well!

Tomorrow is photos. Sigh!

The 22nd of March.

Ugh, another day of staring at a screen. But now iPhoto is basically sorted which is rather pleasing. Now I think just have to organise my backup drives and I’ll be done. I think. I hope.

I did read the weekend paper too, but really that has been the extent of my activity today.

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