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The 5th of October. 

I spent as much of today as possible with the tiny fluffball because Shaki texted this morning to say she’d be picking her up at half seven, while I was out. Probably a good thing as I wouldn’t have wanted to let her go. 

I wrote up a blog post, then went to let Olivia run around a bit. We had to set up a barricade of sorts so she couldn’t get anywhere she might get stuck. She runs and jumps like a tiny bunny and it is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I would like to keep her forever but have her remain the same size, and neither of those things can happen. 

This afternoon, Mommy and I wound a skein of wool into a ball which took nearly an hour – much longer than I expected. I think for the other four, I will have to use some kind of apparatus so she doesn’t have to kneel on the floor for that long again. 

She then went to Grandma’s, so I went and played with Olivia for another hour. I occasionally had to stop her from climbing down behind the bed, but for the most part we had a lovely time playing with newspaper. My back started to get pretty bad, so I popped her back in the cage with some food. When Mommy got back, we decided to make some muffins, but then Jonathan wanted to come and see the kitty, so Mommy baked and I sat with him and Olivia. She has had a whale of a time. 

At five, I needed to get ready to go out to The Glee, so he went home and I went upstairs to make myself slightly more presentable. We then had Jamie at the door returning some keys, and he got to see Olivia too. 

I arrived at The Glee to see James Acaster shortly before the doors were due to open, so I got myself a glass of wine and found a place to wait. Looking around, I realised the girl next to me had been in my class at school, and I had not seen her since we left nine years ago! We had a quick catch-up, and Sandhya is a doctor now, although it is unlikely I’ll bump into her because she works at Sandwell Hospital, not the QE. She wasn’t aware of everything that’s happened, but thankfully, being a medic, she understood everything I was saying. 

It was allocated seating, and for once I was actually in a decent place! A few rows back from the front, just to stage left. I had a nice chat with the chap on my left about James and other comedy gigs we’d both been to, then my fish finger sandwich was delivered so I ate that and he went to get a drink. It was really tasty! Excellent home-made lime tartare sauce. Capers, all sorts of business. 

The show was excellent, as I thought it would be. He had to cope with some curveballs, like coming onstage with burgers that the front row had ordered, a lady called Sarah who stood up because her back hurt, unfortunately right in the spotlight, and me and the lady next but one to me getting utterly hysterical at James’ praying mantis impression. Not sure why it tickled us so much, but it was glorious. My face hurt from laughing so much. We had a chat about it in the interval and ended up having a very jolly time along our row. Much more fun than the intervals usually are!

Daddy picked me up at the end, and when I got home, I considered watching Bake Off, but decided to leave it until the morning. Bed. 

The 6th of October. 

Tired today. Too much laughing. First thing I did this morning was watch last night’s Bake Off. Very pleased that Tom went. He was superfluous. I don’t know who will be an acceptable loss now though because I like all the rest!

I wrote about yesterday, which was a lengthier exercise than I originally anticipated. Jen rang to discuss our next cat delivery, which was determined to be this afternoon. Five kittens and their mum. 

After lunch, we waited for Jen to arrive with the clowder. She said between two and three, then I was going to go to the gym afterwards. Well, that was the plan. She arrived just before three, then by the time she’d left (we love a chinwag), there really wasn’t time. Nevermind!

We let them settle in, and I did a bit of crocheting before Becky came round. I introduced her to Amy (mum) and Archie, Alfie, Ava, Angelica and Amira. Obviously they are all still very unsure so we left them and had tea and muffin/hobnob chat in the living room. I haven’t seen her for weeks so she had a great deal to bring us up to speed with, what with her having moved to a new school. Much less stressful, or at least in different ways. We allowed ourselves a tiny bit of Christmas excitement. 

Got to get these kitties to be my friend. 

The 30th of October.  

A rather bland sort of day. I didn’t have a very good night after James Acaster, the cough was just too near the surface for me to sleep properly. 

This morning, I did a blog post and learned that some people who watch daytime tv have already got their Christmas trees/lights up and I think they are mental. I love Christmas more than most but putting one’s tree up now means it’s boring by the time the actual day comes. 

After lunch, having said all this, we went into Birmingham to pick up my advent calendar and a chocolate pumpkin from Hotel Chocolat. The calendar is going up to my bedroom until December. Mommy went to Primark to return some jumpers, and I wove my way through the masses to go to Benefit to buy some Watts Up! highlighter. It was so busy, it was horrific. I will not be returning to the Bullring on a weekend or holiday ever again. 

Having returned, I went and watched Into The Woods with the kittens. I am very sleepy – I should’ve had a coffee after lunch but there wasn’t time, so I’ll have to prop myself up until the end of Have I Got News For You.

The 31st of October. 

Oh I do not love Halloween. It was just the start of a very difficult time seven years ago and I don’t really have many great memories of it. 

I had a better sleep, assisted by a Zopiclone, and then had a very traditional Saturday morning watching James Martin and reading the paper. I had some very brief kitten hugs after lunch, but that’s pretty much all I’ve seen of them until now. Neve keeps climbing up my right side and down my left so she catches my neck with her claw. Speaking of kitty-inflicted wounds, we’ve decided to take the dressing off my arm because it really needed to dry out. It looks less gross now. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I used my free CineWorld tickets to see Spectre. They have the slowest wheelchair lift in the world – if someone could invent a quicker one, I’d be grateful. The film was what one expects of a Bond, lots of gratuitous sex and violence, good wins out in the end. My favourite part was Ben Whishaw in the cable car. I love a man in a good sweater. 

Got back to see youths wandering down the street. Thankfully they haven’t been at our door, just some very cute little girls. I think I’ll be eating Haribo and Maoams for weeks. 

The 28th of October. 

It has not been a great day. I definitely have Mommy’s cough so I just keep drinking which is the only thing that helps. It’s just a stupid tickly one, which is fine, I can cope with that. 

Came downstairs to find one or both of the kittens had thrown up and there was a poo on the chair, and they hadn’t really touched their food from last night. I rang Jen, and she said to starve then until about four o’clock, just give them water. We cleaned everything, and Jen actually came to see them this afternoon. She checked them for dehydration and was satisfied that they were okay. We feed them and they ate it, and I’ll feed them again this evening. 

For the rest of the day, they’ve been behaving completely normally, sitting on my lap and sleeping while I watched Dexter. We were having a lovely time until someone nearby decided it would be a good idea to set off some fireworks which scared the shit out of both sleeping kittens and resulted in Neve’s claw making a deep gouge in my arm which is currently seeping through the dressing. 

Fuck knows what we’ll do if we’ve still got them on Bonfire Night. 

The 29th of October. 

Still coughing, still constantly drinking water. I painted my nails this morning so stayed away from the kittens until after lunch because last time I did it, the smell freaked them out. 

This afternoon, I was watching Harry Potter with the kittens when I had a phone call from Sheila. A couple had been having a home visit this morning in regards to possibly adopting Neve. That had all gone fine, and they wondered if they could come and actually view them both right then, as they might want to have them together. I said that was fine, and an hour or so later, they arrived. They were very nice, younger than I expected but I think that’s just because the last couple were older. They loved Neve, thought she was so pretty, and I think they were also quite enchanted by how soft Nick is. They were certainly not averse to having both, and I’m just now waiting to see if they contact Sheila about wanting to arrange an adoption. They don’t want to take them until next week if they do, so I have a little more time with them. 

Tonight I’m off to see James Acaster, and I’m just hoping I’m able to control the cough enough so I don’t irritate the rest of the audience.