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The 13th of August. 

I love Zopiclone. I had some last night and for once it actually worked; it wasn’t hours before I fell asleep, and I stayed asleep all night long. Curiously, I remember one of my dreams, which I don’t normally when I have drugs – we smeared Grandma’s head in jelly to make her warm. 

So I slept in, which was delightful, and after breakfast, I wrote up a blog post. And now we know we saw the last race Usain Bolt won. Even if it was a heat. And Mommy is extra glad she’s got tickets to see Mo next weekend at the Alexander Stadium. 

This afternoon, I needed to get away from the horrors of life (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re not paying enough attention), so I went upstairs, and I listened to James Acaster being interviewed by Richard Herring at Edinburgh which made me laugh so much, I can’t wait to see him again this autumn. Then I went to watch the final episode of Orphan Black with Betty, which made me do a small cry, but it was for happy reasons, not sad. 

I have felt much less terrible today. Less tired, less pain, less burping. All round improvement. 

The 14th of August. 

Normal sleep service has resumed, it seems. No drugs last night. Suddenly realised this morning that Becky and James’ wedding anniversary is tomorrow and we hadn’t got them cards. So, after Mommy had been to do the food shop that didn’t happen at the weekend, we went into Sutton to get some. While there, I bought some lip balms because mine is about to run out, and some nail varnish remover, then we got cards. 

Back home, we had lunch, then Becky and Jamie appeared with gifts to say thank you for feeding their cats while they’ve been away. Jamie should have been on his way back to Strasbourg, but he missed all his trains. He should be on his plane now, if everything this afternoon went to plan. We can but hope. 

Since then I have been crocheting a tiny teddy with the remaining pretty baby wool. I’ve actually finally had a good idea for what to give Pete and Sophie for their twins, and after talking to her this morning, I have a very up to date idea for when they’re likely to be born, so I don’t need to rush. 

The 21st of March. 

Sleepy again but in a different way to yesterday. I went back to the gym so my body is pooped. 

It took what seemed like my entire morning to write up my blog post today. It was slightly longer than usual but not ridiculously so, but I did also get a little bit distracted when I went to see Monica because she was doing sad mews at the door. I need to take some photos of her for the Cats Protection website – all the ones of her I have are against the carpet and I’ve been told that’s not a good background. 

After lunch, I made my return to the gym. Jess was surprised to see me come up the stairs – I didn’t feel spectacular at the top but it was better than waiting for the lift in the cold. I did all the things fairly well and everything was dandy until the chest press, when who should walk past but No Pants Man? In the exact same trousers as last time and I just can’t be having that. If it were normal, I’d be able to see the penis of every man in the gym and that is not the case. I pointed him out to Jess and she said she’d see if one of the guys could have a word. Pants next time please. 

Tonight I’m on my own because Daddy has a work do so both parents are out at that. Microwave paella for me!

The 22nd of March. 

You know, you wake up in the morning and turn on the tv, expecting to see Lorraine gabbing away with some chap about pretty dresses, but the news is still on because some horrible bastards have blown themselves up and taken innocent people with them. There’s nothing I can say about it that would have any meaning. Social media has been inspiring and disappointing. People trying to use the tragedy for their own agenda. I’m just sad. 

I managed to get some photos of Monica on the blanket so I’ve sent those off to Lisa who does the Cats Protection website and database, and I’ll need to send her an update on Thursday because Shaki snd I are taking Monica for her second set of vaccinations, so we can consult the vet as to whether she still needs to be an indoor cat. 

Jamie came round to get a key for his house because he didn’t have one for the new lock, and he wanted to meet Monica so we went and had a chat in her room. While we were in there, Sadie, one of our neighbours, rang the doorbell and let us know that Joan who used to live next door died last night. In a way it’s better – her dementia had become quite severe and she wasn’t the Joan we knew anymore. More sad. 

Lastly, I’m in huge amounts of pain. All my muscles hurt post-gym and I’m hobbling like an old woman. I hope it’s better tomorrow; I’ve got to walk up the church in front of loads of people! I’d like to not look ridiculous.

The 18th of April.

Writing this on Saturday morning as I wasn’t really in a fit state to do it when I got home at quarter past one this morning.

This morning I had to be awake and dressed ready for Anne-Marie to be here for line-flushing at ten this morning, then after she’d left, there wasn’t a massive amount of time to do anything before Danny came for training at one.

We started off with boxing combinations again, then I did squats while holding the exercise ball out in front of me, then kettlebell swings, bicep curls, shoulder presses, some rowing, and a set of squats straight into swings which was meant to also include a set of shoulder presses but by then I literally couldn’t breathe.

When we were done and I’d stretched, I made myself some lunch and watched Harry Potter 1 while updating my blog. Then I got changed for Jamie’s party (a choice I regretted – bare legs? I came home and got changed again) and we went over the road.

It was a good party! Lots of booze, lots of food. Had a fun time talking to the youths, then at midnight, when it was time to play Pig (a game which gets rather violent in the East household), I decided to just spectate. Once Greg had one, I thought it was time to come home to a hot cross bun and lots of water.

The 19th of April.

There is a cat on my lap and he smells rather bad. It’s Oscar, but it’s not very nice. I think it’s his new flea treatment.

I had a good sleep (a bit of booze always helps), waking at half past nine and was pleased to find that I did not have a hangover. I had a muffin for breakfast and watched last night’s Great British Menu and Masterchef with Mommy and Christine.

This afternoon, I watched Harry Potter 2 and did some arm exercises as they were hurting after yesterday, and Daddy and Christine went to see Locke. I also read today’s Guardian, and for the rest of the time I have watched tv! Today has not been super-productive.

I am worrying about my mouth because I have a few ulcers under the right hand side of my tongue. I’m monitoring them and being very diligent with my mouthwashes and I am just hoping beyond all measure that I don’t end up back on systemic steroids. I’m trying to hold them off until photopheresis on Thursday.