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The 5th of May.

More trips out today. Busy busy.

When I woke up, I was struggling, because the oxygen cylinder upstairs had run out. However, things have improved since then. It is always worst in the mornings and evenings. After breakfast, I watched the new episode of Riverdale, and (no spoilers) SO. MANY. REVELATIONS. Also I am sick to death of Veronica Lodge always bringing it back to her and her dad. Do not care, shut up.

I had an appointment at the GP at quarter past one to discuss pain relief. The buprenorphine is making absolutely zero difference to my pain, and she seemed quite surprised to hear this. The next step is to try pregablin instead, so I’ll start that tonight. Fingers crossed it doesn’t affect my breathing.

We came home for about an hour, then we were back out to the dental hospital, just for a check up. They were running late, so I got a lot of The Burial Hour read while we waited. I got called by a young dentist called Joseph who looked about twelve, but was very competent. He looked at my mouth to see if there were any signs of GvHD while another dentist scribed, then we just had to wait for their senior colleague to check I was fine. He was with another patient, and while we sat, we got onto the subject of Netflix, and the girl who’d been writing watches Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale too, and they both watched 13 Reasons Why, so we were in no rush for him to arrive.

Dr. Khan finally came, and thinks my mouth looks the best he’s ever seen it, so they don’t want me back for four months.

As soon as we left, I reopened my book as I was at a critical point, and now it is finished. Oh, Jeffery. Clever, clever Jeffery.

The 6th of May.

Do not like this new pain drug, pregablin. So far it is not making my back feel any better, it has just made me really sleepy all day. Not exactly tired, but my eyes just want to close. It’s not ideal. I’m going to continue with it for a few days, see if the sleepiness wears off and the pain gets any better. I’m not optimistic but I have to give it a chance.

My day has been a really rather dull one, for the most part – I have been sitting with the laptop, typing up the blog entries that I have got behind on posting. There were six to do I got three done. They’re still not posted because I need to add photos and I do that on my iPad. It is very boring but it must be done.

I had a couple of breaks in which I went to sit with Sam and we were both sleepy. He is such a good boy that if nobody wants to adopt him, I will beg Daddy to let us keep him. He won’t live that long, won’t cost us a huge amount of money.

This evening I went out with Sadie to see Joel Dommett. She is a bit in love with him and asked if I’d go so I agreed – although I’ve already seen his show, I was interested to see how he would make the show work, going from a 90 seat room to an 1800 seat one. When we arrived, I saw JT, and we had a little catch up, then he had a look at our tickets and asked if we wanted to go in the wheelchair space instead. Considering they were better seats and I didn’t have to move, I was only too keen to say yes.

The show has definitely improved since October, and I think it actually works better in the larger space. I’d completely forgotten about Laser Dick, but by the second chorus I was singing along again. And he’s changed the ending, which I won’t spoil, but it’s definitely more suitable for the bigger venues he’s doing. He’s not coasting on the fame he’s got from I’m A Celebrity; he’s worked really hard and it’s paying off.

The 3rd of May.

I have been putting this off because writing it down makes it real.

It’s been a pretty quiet, mildly shitty day. I still have this stupid dry cough which wakes me up throughout the night, although my throat is less scratchy now, which I suppose is a plus.

We went into Birmingham this morning so I could pick up my copy of the new Jeffery Deaver novel, The Burial Hour. I also needed to get a thank you card to give James tomorrow when we have our last ever appointment, and Mommy wanted a blank card to put a cross-stitch in but couldn’t find one.

This afternoon, I phoned Andrew’s secretary, Emelda, again, but he hadn’t got back to her and there were no spaces in his clinics until the beginning or end of June. At this point I got upset and I tried to explain about the wedding. I didn’t do it on purpose, but she then said she’d keep trying for me and I’d hear back as soon as she spoke to him.

Mommy then went to Grandma’s, and I watched the new Pretty Little Liars and started the book. Mid-programme, Emelda called me back, and I’ve got an appointment for 25th May, so I will “go to the ball”, as she put it. I didn’t tell her that really I need to see him much sooner because she’s obviously pulled strings to get me in there, but I’m going to have to attend the wedding in my wheelchair, on oxygen and with a giant, swollen arm. I am so tired of this. My hateful body.

The 4th of May.

Nothing like bad news from a friend to prompt a reality check. Dean had his operation on Wednesday to remove the tumour on his rib. That part went as predicted, but what the had not expected was to find new tumours elsewhere that weren’t visible on his scan four weeks ago. Obviously this has been a shock to everyone, so they don’t know what the plan will be. I am just devastated for him, for Adam, and his family. I know how it feels to relapse but he hasn’t even been in remission yet. He knows I am here, for whatever he needs, This is the worst of days.

Up until hearing this news, I was having a pretty good day. I don’t think I have coughed so much today, but I won’t get my hopes up about improvement just yet. I had an appointment at Black Sheep to see James to re-tone my hair, my last session with him! I gave him his crocheted monkey and a card with a rainbow sheep on – I thought it was the most appropriate. I was not there for so long today, he was just going over the colour again, so now I’m a bit more vibrant. It has been our best work.

Home briefly, then back out, to the QE for my physio assessment. They were very on time, so I had barely started reading my book before I was called through. I filled in a questionnaire about my pain, then a chap came to see me. We talked a little bit about medical stuff and my current limitations re: oxygen, then he wanted to see what I could do. He had me stand up and bend forwards and backwards, then sit on the bed and twist left and right. Apparently I am quite stiff when going backwards and left. I then had to lie back and do some stuff with my pelvis and legs. Basically, he can give me some exercises/stretches to try out for a few weeks, then I’ll go back and we’ll see what progress has been made. He was very impressed with my enthusiasm and determination, which made me laugh because I used to be so terrible with physios, always pretending to be asleep when they came. I learned the hard way that that is not helpful.

The 23rd of March. 

Most of me aches less than yesterday, but my arms are much worse after my jabs this morning. The GP’s was nice and quiet, no one coughing at me, and I was called through quickly (as I expected, it was only twenty past nine, not much time for them to be running late). We did then however have to sit there for ages while the nurse rang people at the QE because she had a query about the order of the vaccines. She was eventually told to just do it the way it said on the protocol. Pah. Three injections today; one in my left arm, two in my right. Both hurt a lot. I’m not sure how easy sleeping is going to be. 

This afternoon was Hallfield’s Easter service, where I was reading The Resurrection. I got there half an hour before it was due to start and panicked because I couldn’t find Roger who had my reading, but a teacher I grabbed was able to help me and it was all fine. I sat near the front with the parents of the children in the choir (who were SO GOOD, I was so impressed with their harmonies) and when it was my turn, I climbed up to the lectern and read my passage, trying not to go too fast, and to enunciate. I realised afterwards that I hadn’t looked at the audience really at all, so I need to work on that for AN talks. 

It’s 14 years since I was last in that church. That doesn’t seem possible. 

The 24th of March. 

Another early morning, although I had half an hour more sleep than yesterday. Shaki came to pick me and Monica up at half nine, although it took us a little while to get her into the carrier. She did sad mews all the way to the vet. Once there, she was very good; she let the vet weigh and jab her, then she slinked around on the floor, looking very suspicious. We talked about the kind of home she needs, and came to the conclusion that she needs to be an indoor cat. This was reinforced by that kitty we saw on the way out with an RSPCA lady – he’d been hit by a car and was frozen in shock. I have never seen anything like it. 

I left Monica alone when we got back, because she was sulking and I had a blog post to do. I went to see her when I had finished and she forgave me. 

Christine came home today for Easter, and when she arrived, I took her to meet Monica, who immediately became her friend. Such a friendly kitty. We only had an hour at home before going out again, so it was a brief hug. We went to eat at Ed’s Diner before Jeffery Deaver, which meant burgers all round. I became friends with a baby in the next table, who looked just like Herbie and liked to wave. I am the baby whisperer. 

Jeffery was great, as always. This time, he talked about how to write, why he writes, famous rejection. He made me want to write the book everyone keeps telling me to put together. I still don’t know. In the signing, he didn’t recognise me because I was standing and had cheekbones, but when I reminded him, he seemed delighted by how well I look. The difference steroids can make!

The 19th of March. 

It’s been a very long day. Left New Street at ten to eight, got back twelve hours and twenty minutes later. Awake at twenty past five. Zopiclone required for sleep; my brain is so whizzy. 

My train journey down was uneventful, just was left waiting for the assistance man at Euston to meet me when the train arrived. He was nowhere to be seen, so some very kind people asked the train manager for help and he got the ramp for me. 

Cab to Anthony Nolan was easy. He knew where I wanted to go, so left me at some large gates where I was pressing buttons in the hopes of being let in. I was about to call someone, when Billie from AN saw me and buzzed the gates open so I could come inside. I was the first one there, and Billie, Liz and I were joined by Craig (AN fundraising) and the other Young Ambassadors – Will, Amanda, Emma and Megan. 

There was a welcome and generic ice-breaking stuff, and the morning was spent learning about the different areas of AN – first the history, how donating works, and what each department does (fundraising, volunteering, public relations ie talking to MP’s, and media/press). Obviously all of this was interrupted by us all asking questions and adding our own stories. 

There were M&S sandwiches for lunch so we shared those out, and a photographer had arrived so we all took turns having our portraits done (she was very sweet, telling me how photogenic I am and how great I look on camera 💁🏼), then we had a group photo outside where we snuggled together like penguins in a huddle. 

The afternoon session began with a session on register development (how we get more donors), then we talked about how to take care of ourselves when in our role, to make sure we don’t have a breakdown, essentially. Then the most fun part, presentation skills! Things to be aware of when we talk. We had to prepare a 2-3 minute talk about a moment in which we were proud of ourselves. I talked about GCSE results and it was excruciating because I hate being put on the spot. We all had issues. 

And we were done! Finished an hour early so I got a taxi to St. Pancras where I had some tasty dinner before returning to Euston for my busy train. I hid behind my book. Just 100 pages left!

The 20th of March. 

Zopiclone means I am sleepy. I set my alarm for 9.45 but I snoozed until ten past ten. Thankfully Sunday Brunch started late so I didn’t miss any of it. The house was quiet because Mommy was out at the NEC and Daddy was down the garden, so I pottered about, said hi to Monica, made sure she had enough food and water, then got the same for myself. 

Most of my morning was spent writing. Writing about yesterday, which took a while, then writing the blog post that I would’ve done yesterday. So yeah, lots of writing. 

Once finished, I had my lunch, and Mommy had brought me a bonus brownie from the craft show (?) so I had my second one in two days. Oh well. 

My afternoon was dedicated to finishing The Steel Kiss. Even on high alert, I didn’t expect the twists. I was right about one aspect I thought seemed dodgy but that was the only thing. Also, I plan to question Jeffery about the epilogue. Will have to be careful in how I phrase it though, I don’t want to do any spoilers, especially for the die-hard Lincoln Rhyme fans. 

Since then, I’ve been having a very restful faux-nap. Eyes shut but brain awake. Cosy. 

The 17th of March. 

Well, today has not been massively interesting. I had considered going back to the gym, but I don’t want that to result in me being crippled on Saturday. I don’t want to meet new people and be making noises of pain every time I move. 

So I hung out with the kitty a little bit this morning, and after lunch I’ve been catching up on some recorded tv and new Pretty Little Liars. I saw Limitless and recognised one of the actors, so looked him up on idmb and realised he was Quinn in Dexter, and now he’s in this, dating Deb from Dexter! This makes me very happy. 

On Pretty Little Liars, I’m now on the second part of the sixth season yet they still haven’t gained any common sense, and some of them no fashion sense either. They all need a good shaking. 

That’s it really! I have a Skype date tonight with a friend who watches PLL so I’m going to watch it with her (although she’s only on season 2) and try not to do any spoilers. I only hope Mommy is able to cope with all the recordings on the box tonight. 

The 18th of March. 

I’ve taken a pause from Jeffery Deaver to write this, so as soon I’m finished, it’s right back to The Steel Kiss. 

I usually wash my hair on a Sunday, but I wanted to do it before my trip to London tomorrow. I stayed in my pyjamas afterwards because my tummy was rumbling and so I prioritised food over getting dressed. I had my breakfast, did a blog post and went to top up Monica’s food. I’ve started a bag of a different brand of dried food but she doesn’t seem to have noticed; she started wolfing it down straight away. 

After I’d got dressed and we’d had lunch, Mommy and I went into town to pick up my book, take back the pair of pyjama bottoms I didn’t need, and buy spare lip balm and a Creme Egg. 

I started reading in the car, took a break when I got home to repaint my nails because I didn’t want chipped ones tomorrow, then back to the book. I think I’ll be finished by the end of the weekend. 

The 9th of May.

I woke up this morning and for a brief moment, the election hadn’t happened and everything was good. Then I came back down to earth. Also, it was 5am and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I was not thrilled. Mommy and Christine were both up early too, but not to quite the same extent.

Daddy went to buy papers and report on whether the café round the corner was open, which it was, so I went for coffee and breakfast while I read my Guardian. I had American pancakes with maple syrup (very fluffy and tasty) and two flat whites (better than Costa but not excellent). As I was leaving, I ran into Mommy and Christine who were going in search of a scone. I explained that my lungs were being totally shit, and I was going to need the wheelchair to go anywhere. Mommy went to the house to get it and Daddy, and we trundled down to The Town Mill Bakery where they shared a brownie and a giant Eccles cake, and I watched the people assemble various lunch dishes. Mommy and I then went to Amid Giants and Idols where I had another fiat white (good), but they didn’t appear to have any lunch, so we went all the way back down the hill (I walked – rolling would have been terrifying) to The Courtyard Café where I had a dressed can sandwich (super tasty) and Mommy had Welsh Rarebit.

We made our way back to the house, where I have watched Cats and Dogs (insane) and finished Them by Jon Ronson. Tonight we’re having fresh scallops, prawns and sole. I need this.

The 10th of May.

I managed a better sleep – I wasn’t awake at four am for which I was grateful. I didn’t go out for breakfast, but Christine did, so I got her to bring me back some coffee. I spent the morning half-watching Sunday Brunch, starting to crochet the body of Rufus the Lion and reading the new Jeffery Deaver.

We’d booked a table at The Millside Restaurant for lunch, where I had asparagus and pea risotto and vanilla crème brûlée with lemon shortbread. There was a very loud family on the table next to us, but they had a fun baby who I made faces at so I didn’t mind too much. 

After returning to the house, I have finished both Solitude Creek and the body of Rufus, so I am very pleased with my productivity. Daddy and Christine watched the Grand Prix (not particularly eventful) and now we have Murray vs Nadal on. My line needs flushing tonight – blood is leaking down. It’ll probably get done during the Baftas.


The 5th of May.

Well my dreams last night weren’t horrifying so that was pleasing. I did wake up to some GvH on my back so I’ve gone back to 5mg of pred and the cream to get on top of it before it becomes anything.

This morning we went into town to get the new Jeffery Deaver book and some flip-up sunglasses for Daddy, and we picked up our train tickets for the 15th and 16th – at the end of the holiday, Mommy and I will get the train to London, and on Friday night, Christine, Kim and I are going to the Channel 4 Comedy Gala, then on Saturday, Mommy and I are going to the forensics exhibition at the Wellcome Collection.

This afternoon, I’ve been on my own, so rattling through things on the TiVo box and I made the other three legs for Seamus. I’ve got Rufus the lion next, then a duck.

I am so looking forward to going to Lyme. The election will be over and I can breathe the sea air and do nothing (even more nothing than I already do).

The 6th of May.

Last night I had a very long, complex dream which at some point involved catching fish on a beach and lots of travel. I must stop writing about dreams because people hate that.

This morning was nothing of note, then at half past twelve I was back at the chiro, and everything is pretty much fixed in my back now. There was no kneading of my bum muscles today. Back after holiday, then hopefully we can start stretching out my visits again.

This afternoon, I’ve been trying to back up my iPhone again, but to no avail. I did manage to get my music sorted but it still failed to do a proper backup. Bah. I will do it eventually!

I’m so glad the election is tomorrow and the campaigning will be over (if there is no need for another one in six months, please God). On Friday I will just be plugged into my iPod so as not to hear all the speculation about the (hopefully) new government.