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The 1st of March.

I’m almost ashamed to say I haven’t actually opened either of my Easter eggs yet. I just haven’t had the space/time. I only had the Lindt one to begin with (Alison brought a Dairy Milk one round later), but if I’d started it between breakfast and lunch, I wouldn’t have any room in my stomach for the meal. Even now, at six o’clock, I’m still quite full from said lunch, so I really don’t fancy stretching myself. How very adult of me.

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then got back to my jumper sleeve. Lucky for me, lunch was late, so I got to the end of the seam in time for food.

We finished about four, and since then we have been watching the Nadiya series of Bake Off on Netflix which is so pure and lovely. I do miss Mel and Sue ever so much. I’ve sewn up the sides of the jumper, attached the sleeves, and done the edging of the neckline. Just the hem to do now, then we’ll see where we are.

The 2nd of March.

I have eaten some chocolate!

Not this morning, because for some reason, after my coffee, my stomach decided to be super painful. Therefore, I spent the whole morning with one of those microwaveable heat packs on my belly, squishing it in with my knees. I tried to start the all-brown sausage dog, but it was too sore for me to even do that.

By lunchtime, it seemed to have abated enough for me to want to eat something, so I had a slice of toast and that seemed okay.

This afternoon, I had a hairwash, then I put on the new crochet jumper which I finished last night! It looks good, and thank god I made the sleeves longer because they would have been way too short.

However, the wool is quite itchy, so I think I’ll have to wear a long-sleeved thermal underneath.

Back downstairs, Christine and I watched My Neighbour Totoro (which I had forgotten has some really weird bits) and I ate one of my Lindt bunnies. Hooray!


The 26th of March.

I say this with trepidation, but I think the chest wind has gone away, at least for now. I’m trying not to think or talk about it lest it come back with a vengeance.

Today has been most frustrating, because this morning I got to the end of the front panel of this jumper, only to discover that I had done it starting from the wrong place, so I had to unravel all of it and start again.

So, I’ve been having a rather mundane afternoon, repeating everything I did yesterday. I have just now reached the end point, and can begin the section I expected to start much earlier. Bah. My tv watching was very superhero-heavy, because I saw Black Lightning and Guardians of the Galaxy. That had been on BBC1 the other night, so I recorded it and now I have seen both! Quite fortuitously. Now the only film in the lead up to Infinity War I haven’t seen is Spiderman: Homecoming but I’m not going to rectify that because the new Spiderman is a prick.

Right, time to make actual progress!

The 27th of March.

So the weird chest wind seems to have abated. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it stays that way. Maybe the threat of going to have a blood test made my body sort itself out because my veins hate it so much now.

Another crochet day on the jumper. I think I am getting cramp in my fingers so I look forward to giving them a rest when it is done.

This morning, I finished the second side panel, so now the trunk of the jumper is complete. Then, after lunch, I put in some temporary stitches up each side to get the shape in place. I used pink wool, so it’s quite obvious. After I’d done that, I started on the sleeves.

So far, they are shorter than I’d imagined, so the final result will be interesting. I have a horrible feeling I’ll get to a certain point, then have to unravel them and redo them longer. It depends on where the sleeves join the body.

Sorry, this has been very boring!

The 24th of March.

Well, today didn’t go quite as planned but was okay all the same.

I was about to get dressed, when I got a text from Selina asking if we could move our coffee date on a week because she’s not well and neither of us want to get together if that’s the case. So I put those clothes away and got my gym stuff out instead.

I’d typed up my blog post last night before Tiff, so this morning I just had to put it up, then I could get back to work on my next jumper. This one is a bit more tedious, as each stitch is a bit more effort than in the pattern for the previous one.

After lunch, Mommy took me to the gym, where I was able to try out my new headphones. The sound was good, I just have to take my earrings out because they dig into my head.

There were loads of children in today, as in under 16 year olds, and I just wanted to gather up all the girls and tell them they don’t need to be running on the treadmill, they are precious and should sit around eating brownies on Saturday, not be lifting weights.

The 25th of March.

I am very tired. I have not coped well with the clocks going forward. It will be a struggle to keep myself awake until ten.

This morning I was coughing probably a normal amount, but being so tired, I struggled. Plus my muscles hurt from yesterday, so getting dressed was more effort than it was worth, at least straight away.

I put off having my coffee until the chest wind’s arrival, to see if eliminating it stopped it from coming. That didn’t work – it began about half ten, so coffee came shortly after. When I had finished that, I thought I would climb the stairs to stretch a bit and get dressed. Fun fact: my arms physically cannot straighten today.

This afternoon, I have been doing the tedious jumper. I do hope it is worth it in the end. While working, I’ve watched Astro Boy and Despicable Me 3, because Sunday afternoon family films are very wholesome. Now I’m watching the Bake Off from the other day and I really want to try to make Viennese biscuits.

The 22nd of March.

Fuuuuck my back hurts so much tonight. Only a month until the injections. I can keep going until then.

The rest of me isn’t too sore after my gym session yesterday. My shoulders are feeling it, but I’ve coped. I’m not waddling like Saturday which is most important.

Most of my day has been spent working on the jumper which is now finished! I was doing it with an eye on the window, hoping against hope that the FedEx man would arrive before we had to go out for the dental hospital at two. Thankfully, he appeared with about ten minutes to spare! I was very happy – it was my wireless headphones so now I don’t have to worry about cables at the gym.

At the dental hospital, I saw lovely John, who it was nice to catch up with. Most of the appointment was spent updating him on what’s happened since I last saw him in 2016, I think. When he got round to looking in my mouth, he was very happy with its condition, doesn’t want to see me for six months!

Got back, straight to work on the jumper. I didn’t quite understand the last bit of the pattern (“work without shaping”?!) so I made it up and I’m happy. It looks like a proper jumper!

The 23rd of March.

Good day. I am wearing my jumper! So pleased with it. I have made a start on the next one but really only the very start – literally two rows.

This morning was fairly quiet – Amanda came round to pick up some Cats Protection money and stayed for a bit of chat and to invite us to her birthday shindig which was very kind of her.

After lunch, Daddy and I went to Resorts World to see A Wrinkle in Time, because for some reason Vue aren’t showing it, or at least not yet. I have been so excited for this film since the moment I heard of it – it was one of my favourite childhood books. I got it out today and it is battered in the way that a book that has been loved and re-read multiple times is. The pages are yellow and delicate, ready to fall out if encouraged in the slightest.

The film is stunning. Visually beautiful, the story brought to life in ways that could have been plucked from my imagination. Uriel is exceptional. Aunt Beast has been sacrificed but paid tribute to. I love that Meg doesn’t have to change to become the hero of her story, she just has to accept and believe that she is enough.

The 20th of March.

It’s probably going to be another short one, as there’s not much to report.

Mommy is fine today, as are all my muscles, so a gym visit would have been possible, but as I’m seeing Karen there tomorrow, I don’t want to be in pain. Still feeling a bizarre amount of chest pain/heartburn, so I’m going through Rennies like it’s my sole responsibility to keep them in business. Very frustrating.

This morning I typed up a blog post, which I’ve just realised is still in draft form. Never mind. Since then, I’ve been working on the jumper. I have to make sure I pay close attention because I fucked up the stitch count once already and it’s been a struggle to get it back on track. I really want this to be wearable when I finish. I’ve never made a proper item of clothing before!

The 21st of March.

I don’t know how things are with the chest wind today. I had porridge for breakfast in the hopes that maybe it would keep me full and stop it from setting in, but that didn’t really work because I started having the pain about eleven anyway. I did some googling and it could be bile related? I think I will see if it persists for a few more days and if it keeps going for a week I’ll get in touch with the liver team.

Back at the gym today! Karen showed me some stuff on the Synergy station, which was cool. I did some battle rope – as in, one rope, two arms. I’m not quite up to both simultaneously. Then I did this thing where I pull down on a rope that goes round on a loop which was good but also hard! Medicine ball next – hold it at the chest, push out, bring back in, above my head, back down, out in front again and twist from side to side. All slowly. And I did all of these in my chair so I can work these parts of my body without totally exhausting myself and causing myself pain. I also did some medicine ball deadlifts and yoga ball sit ups. Lastly (with Karen, anyway), I did some TRX squats and pull ups. It’s good to have stuff to do that isn’t just sitting on a machine.

That is what I did next – climbed the stairs and followed my circuit round. I was there for about two hours in total so I imagine I’ll feel it in all sorts of places tomorrow. I’m at the dental hospital in the afternoon so I hope I’m able to transfer between chairs without yelping.

Had lunch, then went upstairs to get changed because tonight I’m out at The Glee to see John Robins. Between food and more food, I managed to get a few more rounds of the jumper done. I’ve got about fifteen left and then I think I’m done so could be finishing it this weekend! Let’s hope it’s not a disaster.


The 18th of March.

I have felt really weirdly full since lunchtime, when I had a slice of Bruce Bogtrotter cake. It wasn’t big, but I still feel like I couldn’t eat another bite even though it was hours ago.

It hasn’t snowed at all today, but it’s been so cold that the snow from last night has yet to melt. I’ve been in the cat twosie all day, so not felt it at all.

Still in a lot of pain. Still waddling. Arms are not quite as bad as yesterday, but my bum muscles are really very unhappy. I’d thought I might be going back tomorrow but that doesn’t seem likely now, unless I make a miraculous recovery overnight.

Today I have finished the body of the jumper! I’m now doing the first sleeve, although it took a bit of head-scratching to decode the pattern because they don’t explain what you’re supposed to do very well. But I worked it out and hopefully they won’t take as long as the body. I’ll have to try my arms in them before they get attached because my arms are too long for a lot of jumpers.

I feel like I need to stretch by bending backwards but I don’t think I physically can.

The 19th of March.

Feeling better today, on all accounts. My stomach settled down about bedtime, and I can walk pretty normally again. Not everything is 100% fine, but much improved. I probably would have gone back to the gym, but Mommy has felt weird, as if she was feeling the after-effects of a sleeping tablet, all day, and didn’t trust her reactions to drive, which I understood. Plus it’s still pretty cold so I don’t mind staying inside.

I’ve been doing the sleeves of my jumper, since I wasn’t going anywhere. Bones, Riverdale (honestly so ridiculous – it’s like the writers never talk to each other at all), a bit of Hemlock Grove. One and a half sleeves done, half to go.

I think that’s all today! Just crochet and TV.

The 16th of March.

I have had a very productive day!

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then got back to my jumper until the post came. That’s because he brought my extra wool to finish the socks with (which Simply Crochet magazine have agreed to reimburse me for because of their misprint, hooray!) so then I got back to them.

After lunch, I went back to the gym got a rather longer session than Wednesday, and I’m sure I’m going to feel it tomorrow. I did tbf circuit Karen came up with, three sets of 12 reps on each machine, plus some floor work. I’ve discovered my lungs don’t like dumbbell crunches anymore.

I left just as the youths started to arrive after school, so I timed it well. Can’t be going in any later than I did today. And back at home, I have finished the socks! I am hoping this pattern will work in the future with other wools too. I’ve tried many in the past and none have worked, but finally I have had success.

The 17th of March.

I am in much pain. All of my muscles are sad. I am waddling like a penguin when I try to walk and that’s after overcoming the discomfort that comes from getting out of a chair.

It has snowed off and on all day, so Sadie and I made the call early doors to postpone our cake date this afternoon. That meant I could stay in my pyjamas until after breakfast, then I put on my knitted trousers and giant snuggly Zara jumper that sheds but is ever so cosy.

Once dressed, I spent the rest of my day crocheting the jumper. It is very tedious, but progress is being made. I think I could get to the end of the body by tonight, depending on how tired I get. I am really rather sleepy but it’s too late for caffeine now.

I watched some of the Scotland/Italy rugby, then when it was our turn, I decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 because I thought it would be more fun than watching Ireland thrash us. I was correct. I nearly cried when Yondu died, but was able to hold it together. I’m glad I’ve seen it, or I think I might have been very confused about some bits of Infinity War. I am Groot.