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The 27th of April.

Baby news! No, not royal baby news, couldn’t give a monkey’s about Prince Louis. No, John and Maddie (whose wedding we went to last summer) have had their baby! She is called Esmée and she is small and pink and angry-looking but I’m sure she’ll cheer up soon.

I’d just got a blog post written up when Denise arrived with a kitty for me! She (the cat) had been taken to the vet by someone wanting to put her to sleep, purely because she has a wound on her side, we think some kind of allergic reaction to a bite, and they couldn’t cope with it. But Brynn didn’t want to do that when she is so young (we think only about a year old) and otherwise healthy, so he called us. We have to clean the site with hibiscrub every day, but she’s very friendly and amenable so hopefully it shouldn’t be a problem.

I stayed with her for an hour until we had to go to the QE to have my right eye done. Thankfully, because there were only three lashes together, Mr. Kolli wanted to get me done first and quickly which I was only too happy to go along with. It was him doing the procedure today, and he did just the one injection. However, today’s was the most painful I think I’ve had. Still, it worked swiftly, he zapped the rogue lashes and whacked the patch on. I had my custard creams, then was discharged to spend the afternoon trying to ignore the itching and sitting with my new friend, who we can’t decide on a name for.

The 28th of April.

It has been a very good day!

I woke up a little bit early and watched Riverdale in bed (#JusticeForMidge) before getting up and dressed to see Adam this morning.

I got to Yorks just before him, swooping in on a table as two guys left it. Vulture skills. He popped up behind me as I was about to message him so we had a big hug then got coffee and cake. He told me some very exciting news which I will have to keep secret for a while but I look forward to it being shared. I got to give him the little cinnamon bun I crocheted and he is going to put it on his Dean shelf. He told me about how things are going at Oxford and I told him about Porno Live because he is a Belinker too.

Daddy came to pick me up because we had tickets to Infinity War at half two, so we had another massive hug and Adam went back to the station while we got in the car. I can’t say anything about the film but I have a lot of feelings. I nearly did a cry, but I also cheered a lot. It was very stressful.

Back at home, I got the new kitty (still can’t decide on a name) to fall asleep on my lap! Cat Whisperer is me.


The 1st of April. 

I have a kitty! His name is Spike (although we think he looks like a Samuel), he is six months old-ish, and he is a very pretty tabby. Shaki brought him round this afternoon and he’s going to be in the cage for a couple of days until he gets used to us, but he’s been happy for me to stroke him and he has done lots of purrs so I think he will settle in pretty quickly. 

I have not felt too bad after my outing last night, and this morning we went over to Kings Heath to get some cake from the Bake guys. I saw they’d made a chocolate churro bundt cake and I simply had to have some. I also got Brooklyn Blackout Baby Bundt, a cookie dough brownie and a creme egg brownie.

Back home, I ate lunch (including my slice of churro deliciousness), then waited for Shaki to arrive. When Spike was comfy in his bed, I explained a bit more (to Shaki, not Spike) about the pneumonia, and we talked about my current volunteering capacity. When she left, I stayed in the room so Spike didn’t feel abandoned and he was very happy to be petted and have his tummy tickled. Gonna have a new friend!

The 2nd of April. 

Really, ever so tired. Spent my morning in my dressing gown because I hadn’t got the energy to open my drawers and find clothes. When I did finally get dressed, it was hard to muster up the impetus to go back downstairs. Moving is such an effort. However, I did manage to go and see the new kitty a few times. He’s still skittish but as soon as the food comes out, so does he. I was even able to pick him up and we had a hug, but he got distracted by Daddy in the garden so I had to put him back in the cage before he escaped. But I gave him some more strokes so he knew he was a good boy. 

Thank god SyFy are doing Buffy marathons to celebrate twenty years because it has made for such a nostalgic soundtrack to my afternoon. I fondly remember watching it on BBC2 at 6 o’clock every weeknight with Christine, and being so mad when it moved to Sky. 

During the Buffy, there has been crochet. Recovery does not make for interesting reading. 

The 13th of June. 

These kittens are such rascals! Well in fairness, it is just Gabe. I was doing their breakfast this morning and he would not stop climbing my leg, so I had to put him in the cage until I’d got it in the bowl. The other two just wait and play, but he is a monster. That was a new plaster before I’d even had my coffee! Still, won’t be with us much longer – adoptions are all arranged for Saturday morning. 

I let them run around until lunchtime because it was obvious Gabe needed to let off some steam and be mental. Today’s new favorite game was carrying around a bit of masking tape in the mouth. They got very possessive over it! Don’t want actual toys, no, bits of tape please. I despair. 

This afternoon, we went into town so I could get some chocolates that I’d seen and wanted to give Daddy for Father’s Day. While in town, we also went into Boots for necessities such as lip balm, mascara and MORE PLASTERS. It’s been a long time since we needed so many. 

When we got back, I got to start some real fun. The PetPlan training details have finally been tracked down, so I spent a thrilling chunk of my day learning about pet insurance. It is a fascinating world, let me tell you. But it does now mean that when we do this adoption on Saturday, Shaki can sign me off and I can stop having to coordinate quite so many diaries!

The 14th of June. 

I was all set to go to the gym today, but some rather apocalyptic weather put me off. Never mind. 

It didn’t begin with a downpour – this morning was fairly pleasant, even sunny at points. So I put my leggings and hoodie on, ready to try my first workout in weeks this afternoon. I wrote up a blog post and finished off the tail of the dumpling kitty. 

We had lunch, then Mommy went to take Grandma to Fellowship and I went to let the kittens run around until I needed to go out. However, while they were chasing each other, the rain started, then the thunder and lightning. It got very dark, and the kittens were fascinated. Couldn’t tear them away from the window. 

I watched the rain and thought “Do I want to go to the gym more than I want to not get drenched?” No, I did not. I texted Mommy to let her know, and she and Grandma had binned off Fellowship too, so she was just waiting for a safe time to leave. 

I got changed into warmer clothing, and went to let the kittens run around some more, so they were thrilled. After two iZombies and a Fringe, I left them and decided to put the dumpling kitty together while we watched the programme about the Children’s Hospital. We saw Prof. Kelly, my liver consultant, Paolo who is my surgeon, and Monica, who is a liver transition nurse. I think that was it from my team? More to come, I am sure. 

The 12th of April. 

A super busy day. Monica is going to be very annoyed because she has had no company. 

I had to go out with Mommy for her to give blood at ten past ten as I had renal clinic at twelve, and there wouldn’t be time for her to come back home and pick me up. While she donated, I drove around town in order to kill time. I went on the hunt for some lunch because I thought we’d get home mid-afternoon and we were going to be eating dinner early, and eventually settled on a very dull chicken sandwich, bought a coffee, then “browsed” in Foyles (I bought three books – The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley, A Book For Her by Bridget Christie, and The Girl In The Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz). By then, Mommy was finished so I met her back at the car and we toddled off to hospital.

I ate my sandwich in the car, and thought I was right to when we saw that Dr. Hewins was running an hour late. However, I didn’t have long to sit and read (The Sandman by Lars Kepler) because he called me in at 12.15! He’s very happy with my blood pressure and we’ve left it without a return appointment! He’s there if I need him, but while I’m stable, I don’t need to go back. Grand!

After getting home, we watched last night’s Criminal Minds, then Mommy went to see Grandma and it wrote up a blog post. We then had to go out again at quarter past five to meet Daddy for dinner at Cau at six before we went to Hans Zimmer (Daddy got a last minute offer through work for £2 yes please).

We had a very helpful waitress who talked to us about the menu, and Mommy and Daddy shared four small plates, while I had a delicious pea and shallot ravioli. We still had plenty of time, so decided to go for puddings, and I had some tasty tasty churros with dulce de leche dip. They were so good. Next time, I’m having meat because I smelled it when walking past the kitchen to the toilet and it smelled divine. 

Had a slight issue getting into the NIA, but Daddy knows all the secret entrances so we didn’t have to join the enormous queue like everyone else. We were sandwiched between people from his office, sat fairly high up but that doesn’t really matter in that kind of concert. 

It was a phenomenal night. Two and a half hours of pure joy. We heard pieces from films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Rain Man, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and The Dark Knight. We saw the man who sings the opening of The Lion King do it live, an insane drum solo from Crimson Tide, and I was transported to space during Interstellar. For the encore, he played Time from Inception and it was just gorgeous. To be able to dream up an orchestral piece of music and bring it to life is so special and not something I think everybody appreciates. I do miss being a musician. The cellist was an amazing woman, on stage in a crop top, short skirt and knee high boots, straddling her instrument and just playing it like a badass. Tina Guo, making cellos sexy. 

The 13th of April. 

Just the one trip out today. Time to lift out the red in my hair so I can be pastel shades for spring/summer. 

My appointment was at 11.15, and I was there for just under three hours. Starving by the time I came out! I congratulated James and June on their win at last night’s L’Oréal Colour Trophy, and that means they get to go to compete in the national finals! Very proud. James was able to take my hair lighter than even he expected, so I can go straight to lavender next time (in two weeks). I got a large chunk of my book read and am nearly halfway through. I am greatly concerned about the family of one of the characters. 

Michaela just gave me a trim, so I wasn’t with her very long. I was getting a bit tufty round the back and in my fringe. Nice and tidy now. She showed me a hilarious video of Blossom just sitting atop a pile of toys, cackling at her dad dancing. She’s such a squidge. 

After getting home and finally having lunch, I had to go and sit with.Monica. I was filling up her for bowl when I looked at the RDA on the box and realised that she has probably been being overfed! We weighed out what she should have, and we’re going to have to be careful from now on. Can’t have a big fat cat. 

The 10th of April. 

I am exhausted today. I woke up at half past eight, which is admittedly earlier than usual but not ridiculously so, I have done very little (although that was not the plan), and yet I just want my bed. 

My morning was upstairs and downstairs (more so than normal, I mean). After my shower, I put my pyjamas back on so the moisturiser could sink in, and had my breakfast and coffee before writing up my 500th blog post. What a milestone. Congratulations if you’ve read them all. Then I returned to my bedroom to get dressed for going out to meet a friend this afternoon. However, she texted me to essentially ditch me for her boyfriend, and I am not cool with this. You make plans with me, you keep them unless you are literally in mortal peril. Being blown off makes me feel like absolute shit, and that may be contributing to my tiredness. 

So instead of going out to have a fun afternoon, I have been stretched out in a chair with a blanket over my legs and a napping kitty on my lap while I idly absorbed three more episodes of Fringe and tried not to fall asleep. 

I would like it to be bedtime now. 

The 11th of April. 

So yawny. But I feel better than yesterday, having had a decent sleep and a productive gym session. 

I woke up from a dream that I was about to have another stem cell transplant, which has reminded me that I need to get started on my talk for Anthony Nolan. Twenty minutes is the longest I will ever have spoken for and I need to plan what I’m going to say. 

This morning mainly involved kitty cuddles, seeing as I was going to the gym this afternoon. She’s so sleepy all the time, I think she must run around all night long. 

Went to the gym immediately after lunch because Mommy had to get to Grandma’s to take her to the optician. I wore another of my new sassy gym vests, although today’s was a bit wordy for anyone to read unless they stared at me. I stared a bit at a girl with an exceptional stomach but I will never look like that because a) my skeleton isn’t as narrow as hers and b) the only time I’ve ever had a flat stomach was when I was anorexic. Not doing that again. 

Hoarder Lady got a taste of her own medicine today because I had the dumbells and someone else was on the machine she uses in conjuction with the mat and box, but OH WELL boo hoo how sad what a shame. That is also how I feel about David Cameron feeling upset about people speaking about his dad. Well now he knows how Ed Miliband felt and he gave no fucks about that. 

The 2nd of April. 

Nobody died today. Well, that’s not strictly true, but seemingly no one famous enough for the news to tell us about. 

It was throwing it down with rain when I woke up, but now it’s so sunny, I’ve had to close the curtains to be able to see. My first quite normal Saturday in a while, not on a train or having to write excessive amounts, and I even had a paper, so I spent my morning writing, reading, then sudoku-ing. I’m out of practise. We watched The Last Leg/Your Mum from last night and they read one of my #isitok tweets! Never loses its novelty. I really should apply for tickets for the next series. 

This afternoon was me, Monica and Netflix. I started watching the second episode of Between and realised it is really fucking depressing, so I stopped that and switched to a show called Fringe. It’s also mildly horrific, but somehow less bleak, even though some of the things happening to people are utterly petrifying. I suppose I’m more focused on the mystery behind it than all the deaths. 

Three episodes of that seemed like enough, so I removed Monica from my lap and went to ice some cupcakes which involve choc-chip Hobnobs. I think we can all agree, a productive day. 

The 3rd of April. 

It’s just got to be a Sunday when I’m doing my writing with a soundtrack of a nature programme on the BBC. It’s about animals which jump and fly, and is very educational. Currently a very dramatic bit about baby birds who need to not get eaten by a snake. It’s quite stressful. 

This morning I had to get my breakfast in between going into Monica’s room to calm her because she was doing meows that sounded like tiny screams which I couldn’t cope with. As soon as I had eaten the last morsel of toast, I went in to let her sit on my lap and she soon quietened down. She’s going to need a home where the people are around most of the time; she’d be very sad if she was always on her own. 

After lunch, I went upstairs to wash my hair and got dressed (my Sundays are very lazy), then I stayed up there and watched Pretty Little Liars with Emma over Skype (because we are cool). She’s only on season 2 so that’s what we’re watching and I’ve forgotten loads of it already. Shows how much my brain retains when it doesn’t think it needs to. The key stuff is still there but I am having to go back to Wikipedia to check things. I’m also thrown off by texts from Christine because she’s just finished season 6, so I have to remember who I’m talking to. 

The 27th of March. 

I need a lie down. So full of chocolate. 

Usually I hate the clocks going forward, losing an hour of sleep, despite it meaning we’re just reverting to the way things were before. However, I was quite happy to wake up early because I had been having a very distressing dream that I won’t go into the details of but I’ll just say that I was being held captive by an extremely unpleasant man. 

This morning, I watched Sunday Brunch while I blogged, and successfully resisted the call of the two Cadbury eggs with my name on. Well, there’s one now. 

Grandma came for lunch, which was lamb. It was supposed to be venison but tradition won. Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed. Then everyone had lemon meringue pie except me because I am not a fan – I had lemon drizzle cake. So at least I stuck with the theme.

After food, I went to sit with Monica and we watched Olympus Has Fallen. That is one bloody film. I mean a serious amount of death. Even more than Deadpool. I also found it concerning that no one in the White House changed security codes in 18 months. 

Now, back to reading The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair, and stretching out my excessively full-of-chocolate stomach. 

The 28th of March. 

Finally, I got a decent sleep. No scary dreams, no waking up super early, just a lovely lie-in (well, until half past nine).

Instead of all the stuff I usually watch, we relied on recorded shows on the TiVo box. Thank the Lord for Marvel Mondays. Nothing particularly dramatic in today’s episodes though.

I have nothing of much interest or excitement to say. I decided to do some more crocheting, so I finished the schoolgirl dress, and I made two socks. They’re so small and fiddly, I couldn’t do the shoes too. My eyes can only work so hard for so long. 

When I’d completed the second sock, I went to see Monica and ended up getting to the end of Pretty Little Liars and I don’t know if I am done with it or even more intrigued. Monica tried to play with my necklace, and when I took it off her, she sunk one of her claws into my finger. Now sporting a plaster. We need to clip her claws but I think it might be a team effort. Those little daggers are dangerous.