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The 18th of May. 

I feel very disappointed in today. I don’t know why – it has hardly been terrible. 

Left the house at half eight to get to clinic as early as possible. It didn’t take long for Andy to call me in, and after a poke and a prod, he requested an x-ray of my lumbar spine for when I was done in clinic. I was supposed to be back next week to see Ram, but Andy asked him if he could see me today and he could, so we waited. It was a good thing I’d taken my book because Ram didn’t call me in until ten to twelve. He requested an x-ray for my elbow, but that’s more to placate me – I don’t think he thinks there’s anything really wrong. Anyway. I got a long list of drugs to take to pharmacy, then toddled off to imagery for my x-rays. We bumped into Janet, the adopter of Monica, because she is an ambulance driver, and she had time to show us a couple of pictures and assure us she was okay which is good to hear. 

A lovely chap called Liam came to get me, and he had the most delightful lilting Irish accent. Scanned both sides of my right elbow, then I signed a form saying I can’t possibly be pregnant, and they did my spine from above and my right side. Lucky for them it’s easy to tell if my bones are in the right place. 

We were supposed to be going into town for some shopping but there wasn’t time – we’d just got home and had lunch before Mommy had to go to Grandma’s to meet her new social worker. I sat with the kittens, trying to decide what I’m going to make for Katherine’s daughter. It’s going to be an elephant – I’m just going to do it at warp speed. 

The 19th of May. 

I have been a crocheting machine of late. Been working very hard on the elephant today and hopefully I’ll finish it tonight. 

This morning I wrote up the blog post that I should have done yesterday, and supervised the kittens playing/fed them and changed their water because they had got food in it. I think they’re all pretty much a-ok now thank God. Please stay fine until Sunday. 

Rosemary came for lunch, so we had a chat for about half an hour held she and Mommy went to eat. I ate mine while catching up on Limitless, then started work on the elephant’s third and fourth legs. 

Rosemary left at two to go back and walk the dog, and Mommy was supposed to go and see Gill in hospital, but she was being moved to a rehab place so it wasn’t a good time. This meant we could have the trip to town we were going to have yesterday. I got a Fruition water bottle, and some more toy stuffing while Mommy took stuff back to M&S. 

Home and back to crocheting! Have to do one more ear and the tail, attach them, then he will be done!

The 20th of April. 

Ugh well it has been rather a pants day. My breathing has been bad, Monica is gone, and Victoria Wood has died.

It started in an acceptable enough fashion; I did a blog post while trying to not bend my neck too much in any one direction, watched a wedding on This Morning, and spent a little time with Monica, having a little play and rubbing her belly.

Shaki arrived just before one, and we started filling in the paperwork for Monica’s new home. When Janet, her new owner, arrived, I took the cat carrier in and put the blanket she sleeps on inside with some of her toys and a couple of Dreamies to try to tempt her in. We finished all the forms, then Shaki and I went back to the kitty but she was having none of it and went straight under the bed. Shaki went back out and after a little while, she emerged, but refused to come anywhere near the carrier. Then Mommy came to have a go, she even made a trail of warmed up chicken, but in the end, she just had to pick her up, get her in, and quickly shut the door behind her. She was not happy and started crying, putting her arms through the gaps, then I basically made them leave because I could no longer bear it. 

Shaki stayed for a little bit so we could talk about some issues I am having with PetPlan, and she noticed my crochet. I’m now making a little version of her cat Charlie and some mice for the Cats Protection shop. People love my skills. 

After she’d gone, I went to the gym, and had a fairly crappy session. I had to do most of it in the wrong order, and my breathing was difficult, then the Victoria Wood news broke, and it was all just very poor. I remember listening to a cassette of her 1997 show as a child all the time. If you don’t know her, search out her work. Hero. 

The 21st of April. 

Oh, for fuck’s sake, now Prince?! This year is the worst. It truly is. 

I woke up super early for a very brief phone interview with Paul Ross that my friend Alex who produces him asked me to do last night. I just had to talk about my experience of cancer (loads of death) and what I do now (Anthony Nolan). 

At the QE for lung function tests at half past ten, then Dr. Thompson. They’ve replaced all the machines, so the tests have changed, and they’ve got rid of the one I hate. We certainly got done more quickly than before, then I was back out where I found Mommy having a chat with a chap who had recognised me from haematology clinic. He’s had a lot of the same GvHD as me, and his son and nephew have both had leukaemia as well which is very unusual. He told us about a drug that might be able to alleviate some of my symptoms but I need to talk to haematology about that. Dot, who is the sweetest nurse in the world, called me in, and told me how much she liked my hair before leaving us with Dr. Thompson. He asked how I’d been feeling, and I said I was generally okay, which surprised him because I had the worst results he’d ever seen. Kind of a kick in the face. He’s prescribed me an inhaler I have to do twice a day and we hope that might make a difference. 

Got home, had lunch, then went back out to Sutton. I needed to return an Ivy Park crop top that was too small, pick up some boring bits from Boots, and to see if Waterstones had Sara Pascoe’s book but they didn’t yet. They’ll text me when they do. Then off to Tamworth to Hobbycraft so I could get some safety eyes for the mice but they had none, so I bought some wool instead. We also went to John Lewis to look at some garden furniture, but I ended up buying a blanket which had been reduced from £65 to £19.50, and I now might hide under it until this year is over. 

The 18th of April. 

Oh God, I am so bored already by all the Brexit/Bremain talk. I’m still not sure which way I’ll vote but nobody is swaying me either way. I’m going to have to try to find unbiased information and go from that. Tricky. 

I went outside today, decided to break the monotony. This morning, while doing my blog post, I had a minor revelation. I suspect the reason my neck always hurts on one side is because of the way I sit when blogging, so I’ll have to adjust that and see what happens. (Calm down.)

Gym this afternoon. I was working my way through my routine, nearing the end, when I saw Hoarder Lady from across the room on the bikes. I could see that the mats were free, so I decided to bin off my last two machines and go straight to the floor. Yes, I am that petty. Then I left at a good time because Happy Clappy Chap turned up as I was going out of the door. 

Monica seems to be my friend again. I have given her lots of belly rubs. 

The 19th of April. 

It has been a good day because I got to squidge a baby. This morning, Mommy was out at Joan’s funeral, and after I finished my breakfast, I went to sit with Monica. However, I ended up not staying very long, because after running up and down the room like she’d been at the cat mint, she did a horrifically smelly poo and I had to leave. 

Ellie came round with Esmé after lunch, and we had a delightful afternoon of Disney films, smiles and squidges. She is teething, so very drooly, and had a bit of a grumble when she was needing some food, but otherwise we still had a lot of fun. She’s grown so much in the 9 nine weeks since I last saw her, we can’t leave it that long again. I just love to look at her; she stares back at me, so wide-eyed, mouth open, and I wonder what she sees. Everything is new and exciting for her. Ellie and I managed to have a bit of chat but it was mainly in baby voices to Es. Can’t help it. If I could have my own children, no one would ever hear my normal voice ever again. 

The 16th of April. 

I have just done my nails with a very gloopy base and top coat and it looks most unsatisfactory. Will have to redo those in the morning. 

I’ll warn you now, this is going to be a pretty dull post. A very standard Saturday, except for the fact that it started with snow. As you do, in April. Yet for the rest of the day, it has looked lovely apart from an apparent hailstorm which I missed. My morning consisted of writing up a blog post, then reading the Weekend Guardian. Such excitement. 

This afternoon I was getting Monica to be my friend again. I essentially had to sit in the room with her and give her a lap to sit on when she wanted it  I also may have bribed her with a Dreamie or two. I think we’re pals again now. She let me look at the bits she’d been licking excessively and they look alright now. I have someone coming to view her tomorrow, fingers crossed that goes well. 

Last night I had a dream that her room was full of other cats, two dogs and a fox, and I had to get rid of them all by putting them through different windows. It was very stressful. 

The 17th of April. 

Nails are fixed. Although without base or top coat so don’t look particularly great. I’m sure this is just fascinating. 

Monica decided to be really unhelpful for most of the day. Something obviously stressed her out in the night so she’d had a huge go at a patch of skin and it didn’t look happy. However, she clearly didn’t want me to do anything about it, as every time I went near her, she would run off under the bed. This wasn’t great for when the couple who wanted to adopt her came round. 

She made a few appearances, but refused to be sociable. They could see her, but not touch. I had to show them pictures of her on my lap and things to prove that she is actually friendly. They have another cat so hopefully they will become chums, then if both humans are out, she won’t get too upset. They decided there and then that they want her, so they’re coming back for her on Wednesday. 

This afternoon, she’s been herself again, sitting in my lap, not over-grooming, behaving in a way that would have been ideal earlier. She’s so perverse.  

The 14th of April. 

I have had to force myself to stop reading The Sandman so I can write this. It’s so good, I am desperate to find out what happens next. 

Still very tired after Tuesday’s late night. I have nothing to get up early for tomorrow so I hopefully will get a decent sleep tonight. Most of my morning was taken up writing up my blog (so much to write about Hans), so I only had half an hour to sit with Monica before lunch. She is not my best friend right now because I haven’t spent enough time with her. 

This afternoon, I was back in the gym. I had a pretty good session, only had to rework one bit of my routine. Hoarder Lady must have come in early today, as she was finished by the time I was about half way through. I do hope she decides to adopt this new time as a regular thing. 

Now, back to my book. I am absolutely devouring it. 

The 15th of April. 

Finished the book. That was my morning. After breakfast and coffee, I went to sit with Monica because she’s been over-grooming and I wanted to watch her to check she wasn’t still doing it, and I took The Sandman with me. I now really want to read the next one in the Joona Linna series, but that isn’t out until the 5th of May so I’ll have to wait a few weeks. I already have an Amazon voucher earmarked for it. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see The Jungle Book. I had not been particularly keen because I never liked it as a child; I found it all a bit scary and stressful, especially the bit with the monkeys. That has not changed. I remained in a state of concern throughout the film, worrying about what peril was to come. I also had questions, such as why do only some of the animals speak English? Basically all of them except the elephants. And how do Mowgli’s trousers from when he was a baby still fit him? Annoying. The CGI was insanely great though – at the beginning, I was thinking “How have they done this?” but I had to let that go, and I forgot it was CGI at all. As in, it just looks real. Amazing. 

The 12th of April. 

A super busy day. Monica is going to be very annoyed because she has had no company. 

I had to go out with Mommy for her to give blood at ten past ten as I had renal clinic at twelve, and there wouldn’t be time for her to come back home and pick me up. While she donated, I drove around town in order to kill time. I went on the hunt for some lunch because I thought we’d get home mid-afternoon and we were going to be eating dinner early, and eventually settled on a very dull chicken sandwich, bought a coffee, then “browsed” in Foyles (I bought three books – The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley, A Book For Her by Bridget Christie, and The Girl In The Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz). By then, Mommy was finished so I met her back at the car and we toddled off to hospital.

I ate my sandwich in the car, and thought I was right to when we saw that Dr. Hewins was running an hour late. However, I didn’t have long to sit and read (The Sandman by Lars Kepler) because he called me in at 12.15! He’s very happy with my blood pressure and we’ve left it without a return appointment! He’s there if I need him, but while I’m stable, I don’t need to go back. Grand!

After getting home, we watched last night’s Criminal Minds, then Mommy went to see Grandma and it wrote up a blog post. We then had to go out again at quarter past five to meet Daddy for dinner at Cau at six before we went to Hans Zimmer (Daddy got a last minute offer through work for £2 yes please).

We had a very helpful waitress who talked to us about the menu, and Mommy and Daddy shared four small plates, while I had a delicious pea and shallot ravioli. We still had plenty of time, so decided to go for puddings, and I had some tasty tasty churros with dulce de leche dip. They were so good. Next time, I’m having meat because I smelled it when walking past the kitchen to the toilet and it smelled divine. 

Had a slight issue getting into the NIA, but Daddy knows all the secret entrances so we didn’t have to join the enormous queue like everyone else. We were sandwiched between people from his office, sat fairly high up but that doesn’t really matter in that kind of concert. 

It was a phenomenal night. Two and a half hours of pure joy. We heard pieces from films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Rain Man, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and The Dark Knight. We saw the man who sings the opening of The Lion King do it live, an insane drum solo from Crimson Tide, and I was transported to space during Interstellar. For the encore, he played Time from Inception and it was just gorgeous. To be able to dream up an orchestral piece of music and bring it to life is so special and not something I think everybody appreciates. I do miss being a musician. The cellist was an amazing woman, on stage in a crop top, short skirt and knee high boots, straddling her instrument and just playing it like a badass. Tina Guo, making cellos sexy. 

The 13th of April. 

Just the one trip out today. Time to lift out the red in my hair so I can be pastel shades for spring/summer. 

My appointment was at 11.15, and I was there for just under three hours. Starving by the time I came out! I congratulated James and June on their win at last night’s L’Oréal Colour Trophy, and that means they get to go to compete in the national finals! Very proud. James was able to take my hair lighter than even he expected, so I can go straight to lavender next time (in two weeks). I got a large chunk of my book read and am nearly halfway through. I am greatly concerned about the family of one of the characters. 

Michaela just gave me a trim, so I wasn’t with her very long. I was getting a bit tufty round the back and in my fringe. Nice and tidy now. She showed me a hilarious video of Blossom just sitting atop a pile of toys, cackling at her dad dancing. She’s such a squidge. 

After getting home and finally having lunch, I had to go and sit with.Monica. I was filling up her for bowl when I looked at the RDA on the box and realised that she has probably been being overfed! We weighed out what she should have, and we’re going to have to be careful from now on. Can’t have a big fat cat. 

The 10th of April. 

I am exhausted today. I woke up at half past eight, which is admittedly earlier than usual but not ridiculously so, I have done very little (although that was not the plan), and yet I just want my bed. 

My morning was upstairs and downstairs (more so than normal, I mean). After my shower, I put my pyjamas back on so the moisturiser could sink in, and had my breakfast and coffee before writing up my 500th blog post. What a milestone. Congratulations if you’ve read them all. Then I returned to my bedroom to get dressed for going out to meet a friend this afternoon. However, she texted me to essentially ditch me for her boyfriend, and I am not cool with this. You make plans with me, you keep them unless you are literally in mortal peril. Being blown off makes me feel like absolute shit, and that may be contributing to my tiredness. 

So instead of going out to have a fun afternoon, I have been stretched out in a chair with a blanket over my legs and a napping kitty on my lap while I idly absorbed three more episodes of Fringe and tried not to fall asleep. 

I would like it to be bedtime now. 

The 11th of April. 

So yawny. But I feel better than yesterday, having had a decent sleep and a productive gym session. 

I woke up from a dream that I was about to have another stem cell transplant, which has reminded me that I need to get started on my talk for Anthony Nolan. Twenty minutes is the longest I will ever have spoken for and I need to plan what I’m going to say. 

This morning mainly involved kitty cuddles, seeing as I was going to the gym this afternoon. She’s so sleepy all the time, I think she must run around all night long. 

Went to the gym immediately after lunch because Mommy had to get to Grandma’s to take her to the optician. I wore another of my new sassy gym vests, although today’s was a bit wordy for anyone to read unless they stared at me. I stared a bit at a girl with an exceptional stomach but I will never look like that because a) my skeleton isn’t as narrow as hers and b) the only time I’ve ever had a flat stomach was when I was anorexic. Not doing that again. 

Hoarder Lady got a taste of her own medicine today because I had the dumbells and someone else was on the machine she uses in conjuction with the mat and box, but OH WELL boo hoo how sad what a shame. That is also how I feel about David Cameron feeling upset about people speaking about his dad. Well now he knows how Ed Miliband felt and he gave no fucks about that.