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The 10th of March.

Ugh. I went back on the computer today to try to get iCloud photos synced across all my devices. Now my back hurts a lot and I have been only partially successful.

The morning was not so bad. I sorted out all the duplicates that were left, and got the phone and the iPad talking to each other. However, the iMac didn’t seem to want to cooperate, and instead thought it needed to update 10,900 photos. It was an empty library, so I don’t know where it got them from. I restarted the computer and repaired the library (I can’t remember in which order) and something wished because then it was empty.

I came downstairs and had lunch, and I picked up the stupid DHL parcel because I got a text about it. So at least Mother’s Day will not be ruined by stupid deliveries.

Back at the grindstone, I tried a lot of different things, but the photos app just isn’t getting involved. So I left it uploading photos from 2017 and 2018 to Dropbox so they’re at least vaguely accessible from my phone and I wrapped Mommy’s presents and wrote her card.

My back was in severe need of rest and support, so I went to sit with Mac and watch more Jessica Jones. He goes tomorrow! Sigh.

The 11th of March.

I am excessively tired today. I didn’t sleep that badly, or get up super early. I’ve had a second coffee, but I just want to curl up and go to sleep. But it isn’t bedtime yet and napping is not a skill I possess.

When I got up, Mommy and Daddy were out taking Grandma to church, so she got her presents upon their return. I gave her a teatowel with a bunny in a doughnut on, and a Moominmamma apron to go with the spatula Christine wrapped and left under my pillow last weekend. Accidentally very domestic. But she liked them.

Ryan and Bethany came at about half eleven to take Mac home. He was full of beans, bounding about and walking all over the paperwork. However, we got it done, and managed to bundle him into the carrier. I am certain he mewed all the way there. I am waiting to find out what they decide to call him so I can register his chip.

This afternoon, I’ve been making the second spaniel. The ears are such an arse to do, because they require loop stitch. Won’t be making any things with that for a while.

The 26th of March. 

Breathing is reasonably good today. At one point, my sats were 100% on air which could be deemed a miracle. At other times they’ve been like 93 but one has to take the wheat with the chaff. 

This morning, I gave Mommy her card and that biscuits I had bought her. Christine bought flowers, I bought biscuits that look like flowers. Which I will also get to enjoy. 

I wrote up a blog post, then I talked to Christine. She rang for Mommy, but she was out picking up Grandma from church so I regaled her with tales of all the things I have to put in my eyes now. There are only so many drops and ointments I can use before they start to leak out. I really don’t know how this blurriness can be fixed. Lenses aren’t going to work; this is medical. Such is life. 

We had Sunday dinner at lunchtime while we watched The Wizard of Oz, and I realised just how awful a character Dorothy is. I’ll have to see some other Judy Garland films and see if she’s actually terrible or it’s just a one-off. 

Now I am back to my usual Sunday afternoon of crocheting while sport is on in the background. The way I like it. 

Thinking of a lot of my friends today. Those who have lost their mums, those who have lost their children, those who are new mums and those who never will be. All my love to all the women in my life. 

The 27th of March. 

Not so good. Needed oxygen pretty much all day. Not ideal, but I haven’t had to go out anywhere, so not really a problem. 

Either my alarm didn’t go off, or I slept through it. Not by too much, but I still find it annoying. I hate sleeping too late because it feels like I am wasting the morning. However, I do need more sleep than usual at the moment. I wouldn’t mind but I keep having dreams about spiders that can jump and I’d really rather not. 

I have pretty much spent the whole day crocheting. I am working on a doily that has turned out to be more of a bloody tablecloth. I have just been beavering away solidly, stopping to eat and to talk to Shaki when she called to see how I am doing. I miss having kitties to pet so I’d like to start fostering again soon. 

Hope my breathing is better again tomorrow. I will probably take some oxygen to Black Sheep anyway just in case, but it would certainly be easier if I didn’t need it. 

The 5th of March. 

Well it’s been another day of waiting with no reward. I was expecting a phone call from Shaki around lunchtime, but I still hadn’t heard anything by two o’clock, so I texted her. She eventually replied having rung the vet and now won’t hear anything until Monday, so neither will I. 

I was going to go and see Hail, Caesar! with Daddy and Christine but was still waiting when they had to leave so I stayed at home and listened to the Davis Cup while having pretend naps, because I didn’t get much sleep again. I also watched another episode of Pretty Little Liars and swooned at Toby in his police uniform. Something very alarming happened which I won’t go into but I’m sure Christine will be texting me when she gets to it. 

The 6th of March. 

I had a very slow start to the day. My throat was really dry when I woke up so I had a Strepsil and that meant it was half an hour before I even went to brush my teeth. After that, washing and drying my hair, I didn’t get downstairs until about half past ten when I’d been up for nearly two hours. 

Christine had made oatmeal pancakes so I had one of those with Nutella and watched the rest of Sunday Brunch. I gave Mommy her card and a box of Biscuiteers biscuits which I think will get opened this evening, and Christine cooked roast lamb for all of us for lunch. It was super tasty because she is a very good chef. There was also cheesecake for pudding but I did not partake because I am not a fan.

This afternoon has belonged to the tennis and the stress it has caused. It doesn’t help that Andy gets so angry. I wish we knew what he was saying. But he won in the end so it was all fine and we could breathe again. 

The 14th of March.

Today has been a day off extremes. This morning was Saturday Kitchen and a blog post, but no Guardian as Daddy had taken the Galaxy to get a new tyre, so Mommy hadn’t gone shopping. Thankfully, he was back by half past eleven which was when we wanted to go out to brumyumyum at King’s Heath for tasty streetfood! I had a Chorizcow burger from The Flying Cows and Mommy had a toastie from TSK Brunch. After getting grease all over my face and fingers, and being grateful for the wipes in my bag, we went to Bake to buy masses of cakes from the two lovely baking fellows. A red velvet bundt, a raspberry cheesecake pie, a double down brownie and a black and white cookie sandwich. I ate half of the cookie sandwich on the way home, but then I was stuffed.

After indulging in all that, I really felt I ought to go to the gym, so I did my two o’clock aciclovir and mouthwash, then Mommy took me there. I worked out for about two hours, although it was freezing – I couldn’t seem to escape the air conditioning. Since returning home, I’m not sure I can manage any tea, and I’m still trying to warm up. My arms are squidgy again. I’m so glad the line is coming out on Monday. Then some of my problems will abate for a while, at least.

The 15th of March.

Today has been Mother’s Day, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about mine. Not much has happened today anyway, besides Grandma coming over for lunch.

Anyone that knows her, knows just how spectacular she is. Before I became ill, she was the Hospitality and Events manager at the Birmingham Hippodrome, and continued in that position until my liver transplant, because by then she was with me full-time and work wasn’t possible. But for as long as she could be, she was with me before and after work, whenever I needed her.

Besides me, she also had my sister to support through leaving home, and her own mother who has Parkinson’s and add my health improved, hers declined. In 2013, there was a period during which my Grandma and I were in different hospitals, and all Mommy did was shuttle between the two of us and home.

When I am at my worst she is there. She will stay up with me all night while I rock back and forth in pain, get my food and drink, take me anywhere, hold me as long as I need. She is literally everything to me – without her I would be completely lost. She must be exhausted and angry and sad so much of the time yet she never complains or snaps. She is strong, funny, kind, selfless and the only person I could wish to be my mother. I don’t know anyone who comes close to her. And she gives me a daughter’s day card. I cannot believe just how lucky I am.

The 12th of March.

What a long day it has been! Up at 6:45 to be at the QE for 9 to have two bags of blood before photopheresis. So that you until about one o’clock, then I actually got on the machine. My line didn’t really want to cooperate so it was pretty slow. Igor came to see me about it and I showed him my arms that are still squidgy, and he sees that the venoplasty hasn’t completely worked. He’s going to talk to Andrew again. I just basically want this line of and a new one in with a stent around it please.

I was finally able to leave just before four, and to cheer me up after such a long day, we went to Waterstones and I got Jon Ronson and Malcolm Gladwell’s latest books, then we got pizza for tea from M&S because we hadn’t got anything out of the freezer.

Upon getting home, there was a note from DHL because they’d tried to deliver my Mother’s Day present while we were out, so Daddy took me to their main depot which is thankfully not far away so I was able to pick it up. Then we came home to pizza and I’m pooped!

The 13th of March.

Just over three hours at hospital today. I got up at nine and had time to do a blog post before Daddy took me to the QE for day two of photopheresis. I decided against going to buy coffee or lunch because I just wanted to get on the machine as I knew it would be slow again.

And I was correct. The red lumen refused to bleed at all, and the blue one only gave out the most pathetic dribble. Miraculously, I did manage to get going on the machine at a very slow rate on single needle. I relayed all of this to Igor via text, and he came to see me. We had a chat and decided the best thing would be for him to take the line out, then Andrew will have to put a new one in with the stent before my next photopheresis session in a month’s time. So we’ll do that on Monday.

We left about quarter to three, meaning it was too late to go to the cinema so we just came home and I had my lunch. Since then, it’s not been terribly exciting. I caught up on The Supervet and watched Rhod Gilbert try to be a fighter pilot. Now Dermot’s dancing for Comic Relief and we’re about to have tea. Such a busy girl.

The 29th of March.

No pain this morning which was a plus. I got up at half nine and got dressed for a day with actual sunshine! Most of which, I spent inside but nevermind.

I spent my morning with the weekend paper, once I’d extracted myself from underneath the cat, and this afternoon, Daddy and I went to see Captain America. I do love some fighty smashy superhero fun. Scarlett Johansson is quite badass also – I would like to kick ass like her.

When we got back, I went upstairs to wrap Mommy’s presents for tomorrow and now we are watching Alan Carr.

I saw Helen from CLIC Sargent yesterday and she kept telling me I’m “made of stern stuff”. People say that a lot, or words to that effect. I don’t know how they expect me to be – right now, I’m fine. My body is working at its best capacity, and I can’t complain about it right now. Yes, I’m sick but right now I’m okay and I can’t be moaning about it all the time when there’s really nothing wrong. Until I’m laid up in bed feeling like crap, I’m okay.

The 30th of March.

Today is Mother’s Day. When I got up, mine was out, taking her own to church, so when she came back, I gave her her presents of red velvet and London gin truffles from Prestat and a print of a teacup that says “thank you for being you”. We watched Sunday Brunch, then went to get Grandma and we all went for a carvery. I had turkey and a larger than is socially acceptable amount of roasted parsnips.

The rest of the day has been spent watching things on the box and winning at Catchphrase.

I can’t imagine how shit it must be to be my mum. For the past six and a half years, it’s been non-stop threats to my life, illness after illness, constant worry about my physical and mental health, and now the knowledge that there is literally nothing left to do to fix me, and we’re just waiting for the day when they can’t treat the bugs any more. How does she do it? How is she still so strong and incredible and wonderful? How? She’s magnificent, and I hate that the day is coming when I can’t buy her Mother’s Day cards anymore.