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The 23rd of December.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I woke up just after six which was frustrating but what can you do? I just listened to the radio until the heating kicked in.

My day has been very monotonous, but enjoyable. I have sat in the glow of the tree lights, watching films on the tv, crocheting a shawl. This morning was The Boxtrolls (which Christine had not seen before), and Daddy left foot Wales to bring Taid here for Christmas. Mommy went to Grandma’s for their Christmas fayre, and was gone for most of the day.

Christine and I had our lunch (fucking hell, standing up just for the time it takes to make a sandwich was torturous – have to chase Dr. Blaney in January), then she went for a walk. When she returned, we watched Hidden Figures, which has not long finished.

I’m writing early because this evening I’m going to The Electric with Becky to sing along to the Muppets Christmas Carol, as is tradition. I’m very excited. It is the summer of the soul in December.

The 24th of December.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Everything is right. I had a proper sleep – actually woke up at a normal time so I have not needed extra coffee today.

It has been a very similar day to yesterday, for me. Sat in armchair, watched tv, crocheted. I did have a break early afternoon because I had to wrap Grandma’s final present (it only got bought after I’d done all my other wrapping) and that was the only time the table was available.

I just cherish every moment at home this time of year. After three Christmases in a row as an inpatient, and nearly being back in last year, I am always so grateful to be here. To wake up in my own bed, sit in front of the fire, be with people I love for the whole day, not just the hours allowed. I remember in 2007 all presents had to be sterile, and in 2008 I remember being woken for an ultrasound on my new liver, Becky and Alison arriving with a bag of satsumas for me to suck the juice from (I couldn’t digest the flesh) and feeling so sick at the smell of Mommy’s dinner, I had to send her to the bathroom to eat it. In 2009, I was itching like crazy from the shingles, and so breathless I couldn’t walk across my cubicle.

Those should not be Christmas memories. This is why I appreciate home.

The 16th of December.

It lifted, thank god. The wrapping day was not ruined. I woke up in time to say bye to Mommy and Daddy before they set off for Wales, then had my breakfast and wrote up a blog post. After fighting for a long time with the lock on the front door (I was being inept), I went round the corner to get some double sided tape and cotton wool pads (not for wrapping, I had just run out). 

After lunch, I set myself up at the dining table with my peppermint drinking fudge, The Polar Express, and all my wrapping paraphernalia. I spent the subsequent three hours indulging in festive spirit, and I have nearly finished, I just need to get some gift bags for a few things that even I am incapable of wrapping. Will pop into Paperchase after The Muppets tomorrow. 

Just after half four, I jumped in a taxi to go back to Black Sheep to have the toner cleansed our of my hair – washing did not give the desired effect. James was lovely and has fixed it, and I’m much happier now. 

I have just finished my dinner of a Domino’s personal pizza and two of four cookies, awaiting the arrival of my parents back home. They are mere moments away. 

The 17th of December. 

Today would have been 100% excellent if not for one (hopefully) minor inconvenience. But I will get to that. 

Woke up stupidly early for a Saturday, but for a good reason – Becky and I were going to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol at The Electric! She came to pick me up at quarter to nine, and off we went. We parked round the back of the cinema, then got some tea before taking our seats. I actually ordered a coffee, but it tasted awful so I went back and got a tea as well. The screening was not as busy as I expected, but some people still managed to be irritating by having brought their poorly-behaved, germ-riddled children. Not acceptable. Still, they could not ruin the magic for me. After all, it is the summer of the soul in December. 

Afterwards, we went to the Cereal Killer Café because I wanted to try one of their “cocktails”. I had a bowloccino, which is Nesquik, Coco Pops, a chocolate curl and espresso milk. So tasty! I would never go there for something like Special K, but combinations or ridiculous cereals, I am all for. 

Before coming home, we went into Paperchase so I could get some gift bags and more ribbon and tissue paper. Now I can finish my wrapping. 

Now to the inconvenience: I happened to push up my sleeves and thought “Ooh, my right arm looks a bit fat. Let’s give it a squish. Ooh, that’s a bit boggy for my liking. Actually, my right foot has felt puffier than usual for the past couple of days. And my breathing has been terrible of late.”

So I don’t know what’s going on, because I don’t have a line anymore, so that can’t be causing it, and it’s only one side, so I’m confused and unhappy. I have started diuretics to try to get rid of some of the fluid, but on Monday morning I might be ringing Gill Lowe to freak out. I don’t want to spend Christmas looking like the Stay Puft marshmallow man. 

This afternoon, Sadie came round! Mainly to see the kittens. She did not steal any (I checked). She was greatly amused by their interest in her feet. They love feet. We stayed with them until they fell asleep, then we watched the end of Mr. Magorium and ate the two remaining Domino’s cookies. 

She had to go about four to make sure her dad had done the pile of sorting she’d left him. Sometimes I wonder who the parent is in that relationship. 

Hoping to god my body deflates with peeing. Don’t make me have another venoplasty. 

The 20th of November. 

Feeling slightly more comfortable today. I still can’t sit cross-legged on the floor, but that will get better. 

I spent pretty much my whole morning typing up the super long blog post (making readers cross their legs in sympathy), then Becky came round for tea and a catch up. I told her all about Friday, and the saga we had with Ava and Amira. She’s having a much better time at her new school, and we allowed ourselves to get excited about Christmas. The Boldmere lights switch-on is on Thursday and the roads will be hellish, plus I’m pretty sure it’s all going to be audible from our house so there will be no escape. Bahhh. I don’t know if we’ll go; there’ll probably be youths everywhere and I can’t bear most people younger than me. Oh well! We are looking forward to the 17th of December though, when we go to see Muppets Christmas Carol at The Electric and we plan on visiting the new Cereal Killer Café. 

This afternoon, I tried the estrogen cream with the applicator. It was weird, but I think it was better than using the dilator. Then I had a lovely, admin-filled time setting up a database on my computer for all the cars, because the system of just using a spreadsheet is not adequate for me. Finally putting my Applied ICT GCSE to some use!

The 21st of November. 

It has been a very quiet day in the Cartwright household because I have been the only one here. Mommy and Daddy have spent today driving to and from Peterborough, because it was the funeral of my second cousin once removed. I was not in a position to be sitting in a car and on uncomfortable chairs for hours on end so I stayed at home. 

This morning, I bimbled about, having to give the kittens a second breakfast because they were apparently starving when Mommy got up at half six. I got an interesting email from a guy I know who works at the BBC and is looking at making a series involving accessibility for disabled people when trying to get around, things that able-bodied people don’t have to think about. I tried not to get too ranty about how terrible most places are. 

After lunch, I was back upstairs at the computer, working on Cats Protection stuff and talking to various people about little issues I’ve noticed in some of the information I’ve got. I rang my first potential adopter, but she wants a very specific kind of cat and we currently have none like that, so she’ll be having to wait. 

Mommy and Daddy got back not long after four, while I was on the phone to Christine, so she got to chat to all of us, and now I am waiting for the people who are coming to see Archie tonight. Hopefully the dreadful weather won’t impact upon their travel time too much.

The 19th of December. 

I am quite pooped from all the Christmasifying. It feels like I have been doing jobs all day. All for a good reason though, so I don’t mind at all. 

During Sunday Brunch I tidied all the area around my armchair in the living room (I tend to spread myself around). I was then supposed to sort out my wool and the remaining snowball hat, but Mommy went out so Daddy and I ended up in a rather long conversation about her presents, and before we knew it, it was lunchtime!

Cheese on toast, then I made up the last large snowball hat. I had to invent a pattern because I didn’t like the one supplied; it looked ridiculous. I did it as fast as I could but it still took me a good hour and a half. Daddy out the lights on the tree (after great discussion about which ones we had last year), and I put Elf on and set about decorating. The tree is my domain. Memories of the years I’ve felt lucky to have – a Disneyland bauble, Harrods and Liberty ones, my little yeti man with his special arm that I bought in November. Now I’ve just got to add my presents underneath.

And today is the eighth anniversary of my first stem cell transplant. I think I’ve run out of words to describe how incredible I find it that I’m still here. It feels like another lifetime. I spent that Christmas in an HDU cubicle. I woke up alone. All my presents had to be alco-wiped, and I remember Mommy and Christine sneaking in a Dairy Milk Buttons ice cream that I wasn’t supposed to have because of the “clean diet”.

Happy Marrowversary to me!

The 20th of December.

Oh I feel so festive. A day of total joy. Becky and I started the day at The Electric Cinema, ready to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol in our Christmas jumpers and sing along. Before it got started, there was a game of the pass the parcel and we won one! An R2-D2 book of cardboard cut-outs that you put together, and the Spongebob DVD. I also got some colouring pencils which might come in handy, you never know. There was a short film before the main event, of various comedians and actors singing to It Feels Like Christmas, and it was lovely. 

There is not much to say about the actual singing apart from that everyone took part with great gusto and we left full of cheer, ready to spread the word about peace and to keep love alive. 

Becky popped in to say bye to Nick, and I gave her the small snowballs for Jonathan and the Christmas card for her and James. After lunch, I watched Rise of the Guardians which is delightful; I love the Sandman. I’d brought my presents downstairs so I’ve arranged them under the tree, then I went to see Nick for a bit. We were having a perfectly nice time, catching up on Jekyll and Hyde, until he decided to do the most appalling, sulfurous fart, I was forced to leave. 

Tonight, The Sound of Music! I can’t imagine I’ll fit much tea in – I had some chocolate buttons this morning which have been abnormally filling? Even after I didn’t finish my breakfast bagel having choked on it (again). 


The 9th of December. 

My leg failed to cooperate again last night so it took me ages to get to sleep again. I thought having it up in the air might help drain some of the fluid, but that didn’t work. I learned a lot about General Relativity, but was no closer to sleep. I do hope tonight is different. 

I have been crocheting nearly all day to get this snood done. I wrote up a blog post, then worked basically solidly until three o’clock, save for a break for lunch and a kitty visit to assure him that I wasn’t ignoring him. He jumped on my tummy and gave my face a rub with his. It’s going to be impossible to convince any potential adopters of this because he just hides under the bed when new people come. 

I had renal clinic at four and it wasn’t running too late today – I think Dr. Hewins called me in at about 4.40? It was really quiet. My pulse rate alarmed them at 139 but it was just because I’d walked from the toilet to the chair, then to the blood pressure room. Forever having to convince people that it’s normal and I’ll be fine in a minute. 

On the way home, the news was really depressing so I put The Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack on and had a much jollier time. I am very much looking forward to the sing-a-long screening at The Electric with Becky. 

The 10th of December. 

My leg was fine last night – didn’t help me fall asleep though, it still took over an hour. Oh well. 

This morning, I had a shower upstairs. I wouldn’t normally mention it as cleansing oneself is such a routine activity for most people, but this is different. To be clean, I have had to use the shower chair downstairs having brought extra towels and clothes down with me, or wash upstairs with a flannel, neither of which is ideal. I got sick of it, so ordered a small stool that fits in the upstairs shower, and today I was able to shower and dress without totally exhausting myself and it’s such a relief, you can’t even imagine. 

This afternoon, we went into town for a mission. I found gift tags that match my wrapping so I got those, a Chanel nail varnish for myself (Vert Obscure), and some eyeliner from Urban Decay while Mommy did some of her own shopping. We didn’t need anything else, so got out before town became too bustly. I am pleased to report nobody fell on me today. I also did really well at putting up and collapsing my wheelchair – I might just need help if it needs lifting anywhere. 

Since getting home, I have been giving Nick some attention as I’ve not given him much for a few days and I feel bad. 

The 23rd of December.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I had a good five hours of sleep, I woke up at quarter past three and that was it for me. I got up at eight-ish, got dressed and had my breakfast and coffee while watching White Christmas. I also decluttered the round table in the living room, as we need space for chocolates! I had to decant a couple of emptying boxes into one.

This afternoon, Daddy, Christine and I went to see Frozen. It was really good! Surprisingly funny and the original songs are so bouncy and catchy, I find myself wanting to buy the soundtrack. It’s not very Christmassy though. I need a bit more holly and sleigh bells in my festive films.

But it was nice to watch a film about sisterly love with my own. She is my best. I give her big squidges.

Tonight I will have an early-ish night. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Muppets Christmas Carol and yay!

The 24th of December.

It’s Christmas Eve! I had about five and a half hours of sleep, got up at about eight. I had breakfast and coffee in my pyjamas, then I got dressed in my favourite Christmas jumper, and I put on my Santa socks, reindeer necklace and penguin earrings, so I was fully Christmasified.

This morning, I watched The Muppets Christmas Carol with Christine and sang along while I wrapped the Easts’ presents. I took a break for lunch, then we watched It’s A Wonderful Life for the first time while I finished. If I’m honest, I was expecting it to be better; it is not as heartwarming as Elf. Maybe I’m biased.

Mommy has a cold which is incredibly shit – why is it choosing her now? Stupid cold. I want to be able to give her hugs but she won’t let me. Bastard germs.

We just put all the presents under the tree, and the first fire of the season is ablaze, and everything is right (apart from Mommy being poorly).

I don’t want any sadness tomorrow. Just our usual Christmas, for everyone to get things they like. If that’s all that happens, and that’s my last Christmas, I will die happy.