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The 20th of July.

Second trip to London this week! So much wheelchair – my bum is not going to thank me. Left much earlier today, as the train was at half ten, so we could have lunch in Covent Garden before the show. We went to Timberyard because it’s my favourite, despite them not doing crodoughs anymore. I had a ham and cheese croissant, a chocolate chip brownie pie and a flat white, after which I was very full and had to undo the top button of my jeans.

We had to pick up the tickets from the Donmar at two, then we waited for Christine to arrive inside the foyer. The rest of the audience seemed to be elderly people, but then again, what can one expect for a Thursday matinee? Anyway, once she appeared, we went to find our seats and settled in for Committee (or The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee takes oral evidence on Whitehall’s relationship with Kids Company). We went because Naomi was involved in the development, and we were intrigued to see how it had turned out. It was a musical developed from the transcripts of the session in which Camila Batmanghelidjh and Alan Yentob were interviewed, plus testimonies submitted for evidence. Considering the material, it is interesting and entertaining. The set is very smart, and the performances of the singers are really remarkable. I’m not sure I entirely grasped the point, but I enjoyed it.

After the show, we went for a drink, then dinner at Hawksmoor. I didn’t really have much room in my belly, so I decided to go for some lemon chicken with Béarnaise sauce and buttered greens, while Mommy and Christine had steak/a burger, then panna cotta. I just wanted a lie down.

We paid the bill, then we had about an hour before we had to be at Euston, so we decided to walk/drive back. The weather was nice, so why not?

The 21st of July. 

Everything hurts. My butt hurts, my legs hurt, my back hurts, my neck hurts. Sitting in the wheelchair for two out of three days is very bad for my body. 

I gave myself a lie-in this morning because I was awake until two, burping. I don’t know why – another mystery of my fucked digestive system. So there wasn’t a huge amount of morning left after breakfast and coffee, and I spent what remained watching BBC Newsroom and writing about yesterday. Tomorrow I will write two very long blog posts. 

After lunch, I started crocheting the minion I am making for Herbie, while I watched Orphan Black. Three episodes done and most of his yellow body. I have much crocheting to do, so I will have to have some industrious days. 

The 2nd of February. 

It’s been a very busy day. As soon as we arrived at the QE, we bumped into John Higham from the dental hospital (there with a family member, not ill himself), and then Janet, who adopted Monica from us ages ago. She’s doing really well, climbing up onto their garage roof, yet when she was with us, she couldn’t even jump onto the windowsill. 

Andrew saw me super promptly, which was excellent. He showed me the pictures from the venogram, and it’s quite obvious that what he did should have worked. He doesn’t want to go back in immediately, which is understandable, and having looked at my arm, our first port of call is going to be a compression garment which he is trying to get organised as an emergency (it normally takes two weeks to get an appointment). I have to keep it elevated, and squeeze a stress ball a lot to encourage blood flow, and see him again in a couple of weeks, when we’ll talk about next steps if necessary. 

We were meeting Naomi for lunch, and there wasn’t time to go home and back again, so we went into town. I bought a new jumper with large sleeves to add to my current rotation and spent the book token I got for my birthday on Negroland by Margo Jefferson. 

We got to Strada first, and it was full of elderly people obviously going to something at Symphony Hall. When Naomi arrived, I gave her the bunny I made, and she was delighted. She was very interested to hear about my most recent Anthony Nolan trip and to talk about the charity – she’s learning more about how they work because she’s choreographing the new show being created about Kids Company that’ll be on at the Donmar in the Spring. Must go see it, it sounds like it’s going to be fascinating. 

I had pizza and a chocolate fondant, neither really worthy of photos but very tasty. She had to go at half two because she was seeing Love at the REP, and we came home where I have done very little except squeezed a stress ball. 

The 3rd of February.

Bleah, my cough is extra rubbish today. I can feel the gristle in my lower ribcage as the bones grind together. It’s really not very pleasant. 

This morning, I did the blog post I should have done yesterday, and I started taking some diuretics. We thought it was worth a try to get some of this fluid shifted, so today has also involved more peeing than is normal. Maybe they, along with the stress ball squeezing and arm elevation, will help the fluid. Heard nothing about the compression garment.

After lunch, Daddy and I went to see Sing. It was that or Hacksaw Ridge, and I thought I needed the light relief of singing animals. I was not prepared for the ten or so children who were there – at a two o’ clock screening on a weekday, there should not be loads of kids, no matter what the film. If they’re ill, they should be at home, if not, they should be at school. I had to shush them several times because their parents were not doing anything. 

Apart from the children, I did enjoy the film. Rosita is my favourite – I love her and her piggy power.

2015 has been pretty fucking fantastic, overall. The beginning and past few days have not been ideal, but other than that, so many great memories! The crazy Valentine’s Day, when Josie, Josh, Joe, Tom, Romesh and Mat all came to visit, coming off steroids, Lyme Regis, the Comedy Gala with Aisling, Katherine, Sara etc, meeting Dawn O’Porter by chance, going to see Heidi, The Hand and Flowers and meeting Tom Kerridge, getting my electric wheelchair, going to The News Quiz and meeting Sandi, hanging out with Elle, Ben and Luna, Hallfield Day with Thor the raccoon, Padstow, Becky and James’ wedding, meeting Yaser Martini at Tom’s Kitchen, getting kittens, visiting Naomi and seeing Curious Incident, Duck and Waffle, my autumn of comedy and hanging out with Suzi, Josh, Joe and Nish, Death Cab, Christmas, now here we are!

I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful twelve months and I am indebted to all those who made it possible. 2016 is going to have to be really incredibly astounding to beat it but let’s give it a go! I hope it’s just as good to all of you. Be kind to one another and yourselves.

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The 24th of September. 

So happy. Awake early but necessarily. I did have time for coffee this morning before we had to go out, unlike yesterday. I had to give the kittens their breakfast and lunch and hope that they would self-regulate while we were out all day. 

We got the train from Wylde Green to New Street because we thought driving in would be a nightmare on the day all the shops in Grand Central were opening. The train was busy but I just sat down and avoided eye contact with all the other passengers until we arrived. From what we could see our Grand Central, there were loads of queues. They also had a live band who played Uptown Funk insanely loudly and there was a flash mob. I’m sure it was entertaining if you were in the queue but we just wanted to get to our train. 

There is nothing to say about any of the train journeys except that I listened to Ryan Adams’ 1989 there and Rhodes’ Wishes on the way back. 

We got a cab to Timberyard where we met Lauren for lunch. TY does not have a fabulous vegan selection so she had to just have coffee and eat later, whereas I had a croque monsieur and a chocolate crodough. So much pastry chocolatey sugary goodness. We mainly talked about what Lauren is up to, and after about an hour and a half, Mommy and I had to go and get our tickets for Curious Incident from the box office at The Gielgud. Just as we left, a lady in an array of crazy amazing colours told me I looked lovely so I felt pretty great. Everyone at the theatre was very accommodating with my chair and we got seated early. There was a school party in our vicinity and I really hoped they would behave. I was not disappointed. The show was wonderful. Naomi was only doing a small part, she just had a few lines in various bits but her work was mainly physical, which she is so brilliant at. I’d completely forgotten the story so I had a quick Wikipedia catch up. Kaffe, who was playing Christopher, was brilliant. I could completely believe that he was autistic. The set was magical – what appeared to be just a box had so many secret panels and gadgets that took us everywhere and yet nowhere. Daddy would have loved it. At the end, my eyes were suddenly full of tears and I couldn’t explain why. I managed to keep them in.

After the show, we met Naomi at stage door and went for coffee and cake at Damson and Co, so that was dinner! We caught up on her life, what she’s doing, why she’s back in London. It’s all fine, she’s happy and life is good. Then we had a short backstage tour and Naomi got Kaffe to show us how all the traps work, and we talked about how exhausting the show is. 

At half six we really had to go, so Naomi sorted an Uber and a great guy in a Prius came and took us back to Euston while we talked VW and China polluting the world. 

Tonight I need to hug the kitties. They’ll be sad. 

The 25th of September. 

Very quiet day. I took Zopiclone last night to help my whizzy brain sleep but it didn’t work, so today it’s like I have a hangover. I’m just really slow and tired, so very glad we had no plans today. 

I got up at about half past nine and have slowly padded about the house all day. I wrote about yesterday and finished most of the badger hat. I need to get some buttons to do its eyes. 

This afternoon, I started work on a little experiment and watched unimportant things on tv. I’m just waiting for it to be bedtime, really. I feel a little bit sad but I think it’s just chemicals, and I need sleep.