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The 7th of November. 

Oh I had a very bad sleep. Way too hot, coughing fits, and I woke up an hour before my alarm coughing and didn’t stop. I got up and dressed and packed all my stuff, then made myself a cup of tea to try and soothe my throat.

We went over to the tea room for breakfast in the pouring rain. I had porridge and honey which I couldn’t finish as it was so filling m then we went to the farm shop where we got lots of Christmassy fayre, some butter, cheese, chocolates, I don’t know what else bbut Mommy had to be dragged out or we’d be late to Taid. 

When he arrived at his house, Daddy climbed up onto the roof and was removing loads of muck while Taid supervised. Mommy and I stayed out of the way and I just read the paper, once I cleared some space to sit down. When Daddy was finished on the roof, he had to change his shirt as it was absolutely drenched from the rain (his waterproof was not as waterproof as he thought), then we sped off to The Queen’s Head for lunch. 

I was still stuffed full of porridge but I thought I could manage some plaice, spinach and new potatoes, and Taid had the same. There was a lot of discussion of Christmas because he is coming to us this year. He’s diabetic so we have to do him his own Christmas cake and mince pies.

When we got back, we couldn’t stay for much longer as it was getting dark, so Daddy re-packed the car and after a little bit more chat, we were off. I watched the stars and fireworks with Amber Run on repeat.

The 8th of November. 

So tired. I had a Zopiclone last night, but then was up early so I haven’t slept it off if that makes sense. Mommy, Becky, Alison and I were off to the NEC this morning for Crafts at Christmas, so we picked them up and were there before ten. It costs us £12 to park now, regardless of how long we stay, and it is a fucking scandal because they say they are providing a “service” for the disabled but in fact all they provide is a fucking shed. 

Anyway. We split up, because I was only interested in wool/crochet things. I got a Lucy the Hare kit from Toft (makers of Ed’s Menagerie) and had a lovely chat with the girl there. They use silk embroidery thread for miniature crochet which I will keep in mind. I also got nine balls of wool for a hat, snood and some mittens for a lot cheaper than I would have online. Ahh so many projects! My other purchases were Christmas things – some earrings and a gingerbread house that opens and plays a tune. 

That was me basically done, but I texted Becky and they weren’t even half-way (granted, they were interested in a lot more than I was) so I went to Starbucks for a peppermint mocha and had a ten-minute massage from some people who were set up next to a large, knitted Christmas tree. They came back about one o’clock, had a few things to get on the way out, and we were home about quarter to two.

I have spent my afternoon with the kittens, trying to make up for leaving them. They have forgiven me and we’ve had lots of hugs. I think they probably forgave me as soon as I fed them. 

Some of our neighbours are still doing fireworks and they ought to be shot. 

The 26th of November. 

A relatively more exciting day. This morning, Mommy and I went to the German market again as there were foods I wanted to get. On the way, I got a replacement Babydoll mascara from YSL, and a card for Fiona and Nick for Friday. 

I decided to have an ostrich burger with Jack Daniels onions which was nice enough but not worth £6, and a cinnamon/chocolate doughnut which was very tasty. 

Since we got back, I’ve been working on a scarf for Grandma for Christmas. Making good progress but it’s not tremendously exciting. 

Tonight I am really tired and I have to get up early as we’re picking up Grandma at nine to go to the food show. That will be lots of fun though – I plan on eating all the things!

The 27th of November. 

Good Food Show day! I had to get up early, so my body didn’t really rest overnight m and now I am drained. 

We arrived just after half nine, so after collecting my mobility scooter (necessary because Mommy was pushing Grandma so couldn’t push me, I can’t self-propel, ergo scooter), I went in search of a good coffee and I found a flat white of acceptable standard at The Shack Revolution. I drank it while planning my day, parked in the corner at the Saturday Kitchen stage, after I’d bumped into Miss Mold (my head of key stage 3 from school and terrifying back in the day) and so we had a chat. She is exactly the same, minus the terror. 

I watched Glynn Purnell do the omelette challenge, then I went off to go round all the stalls I had my eye on. I bought a set of 3 chocwiches from 5d chocolates, 2 brownies (Nutella and Oreo) and a corker from The Brownie Bar, a brownie from Gower Cottage and another one from Tarte and Berry. I also got some whisky marmalade, some shortbread and a bottle of carrot, orange and apple juice. I sampled nearly all the juices from b. fresh. For my lunch, I had a burger from The Naked Sausage and it was so much better than the one I had yesterday. Beef, sliced and cheese put in the middle, caramelised onions, Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. So good. After I’d stuffed all that in my face, I met up with Mommy and Grandma and we came home!

By the time we left, I was so sick of pedestrians and being in a scooter. Nobody has any spacial awareness and they just glare at you if they have to make any slight movement to accommodate you. At so many points, I just wanted to cry in frustration. Sometimes everything seems so difficult.