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The 4th of May. 

Just been playing with the kittens and the sun is out – it’s a great day. 

Woke up from a really odd dream about having seven hamsters in individual balls in a bag and I really needed to get home to let them out. I had a little bit of kitty time this morning, between writing up a blog post and going out to the hygienist. That all went very well – I am good at brushing and flossing twice a day so I have a good gum score, but I still had to have the abrasive flossing done. Shudder. 

This afternoon, I thought I might as well go to the gym because I didn’t need to supervise the kittens. Nothing upsetting happened today; people who irritate me only arrived by the time I had finished, so I had an excellent session. Christine rang while I was waiting for my lift, so I was telling her about the kittens and I think she’s a little bit jealous she isn’t here right now. She’s off to see The Maids tonight at Trafalgar Studios which ought to be good. 

When we got back, we let the kittens out for an explore and a play. Had a worry when Frieda got behind the tv cabinet and I thought she’d get stuck, but she found her way out. The path in has now been blocked up with cushions. Freddie had a wonderful time chasing his tail, and Freya was determined to get the ball. Oh, to be so free of care. 

The 5th of May. 

Well I feel better about my back and elbow but worse about some other things that I need to ring Dr. Robinson about. 

I was at the chiro this morning and I told Trine about all my aches and pains. My gristly ribs was just a misbehaving muscle so that was easy to fix, but she couldn’t do a great deal for the rest. She’s keen for me to get a bone density scan because I could have a vertebrae fracture, and she thinks my elbow feels “anatomically different” and there could be a bone spur? So I have to bring all this up with Andy on the 18th. 

This afternoon I’ve been watching Netflix and allowing the kittens to roam free around the room. They are so full of energy, running, jumping and climbing all over stuff. Lots of pretend hunting too – bushy tails galore! Eventually they wore themselves out and I had three sleepy kittens on my lap. Oh, and Freddie is another hair-eater. What is it with cats and my hair?

I’ve been waiting for two books from Amazon to arrive all day and as I started writing that sentence, they did! They said I could pay £5 extra for them to be delivered today (the hardback’s release date) or have free delivery in about ten days. I chose the free delivery, then got an email last night saying they were on their way! Feeling super smug. 

The 28th of April. 

Now my right elbow hurts for no apparent reason. Just another ailment to add to my list. Maybe if I have a bone scan, something will come up there. I can but hope. Or it’ll go away by itself, whatever.

This morning I blogged, and managed to get dressed in the normal way, although my right shoulder is still sore. Oh, how I wish I was able to take ibuprofen. 

After lunch, more gym. A lady I saw on Tuesday was there, and when I saw her then, she had doused herself in body spray to such an extent that it made my face hurt. Today, she wasn’t quite as close, but still as pungent because I got a headache. I have a theory that is to filter weak men from the strong; if a man can get near her and not choke, he can potentially father her children. I can’t think of another reason. 

For the first time, I saw someone who I actually found hot. I’ve seen lots of guys with decent bodies but not good faces. So that was a novelty! I also was incredibly aware of my ribs all grinding together. I’m really glad I’m at the chiro next week. I’ll have to ask Trine what it actually is. 

The 29th of April. 

It’s been a very pleasant day but now I’ve eaten too much food and I feel like I might explode. Perhaps Rennie will be required. 

I couldn’t bring myself to watch James Martin on This Morning because it was so cringey, so I distracted myself with crocheting. I had to make arm holes for the Moomin, then attach the nose to the body. Sometimes I find reading the instructions is not helpful – I am much better at learning by demonstration and doing things myself. I eventually worked it out after some trial and error. Just the ears, eyes, arms, legs and tail to do. 

This afternoon was Captain America! Funnily enough, my timehop showed me that on this day four years ago, we went to see The Avengers. The trip didn’t start off brilliantly, as I hit my head on the roof of the car when getting out. Clever. The cold wind was very soothing. 

I decided to have the free popcorn (Gold Class – when the film is 2 1/2 hours long, I want a comfy seat) and they have made it huge! I’m so glad I didn’t finish it or I’d feel even worse right now. I won’t give any spoilers, saving chat for people who have seen it. Safe to say that in the 147 minutes, none of it feels wasted. Except the Spiderman stuff, he can fuck off. I have no time for him.


The 29th of March. 

I think I’m going to need to find the number for Andy Toogood’s secretary. My lower spine is so painful, I need another bone density scan to see if the osteoporosis has spread. 

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, and got annoyed at the discussion of the hijacking of the plane on tv, because frankly they were being irresponsible and inflammatory in their language, and I had to mute them. 

Mike the builder/plumber came to fix the leak in the garage that was under the bathroom floor, and we had to leave him here while we went out for me to go to the gym and Christine to get dropped off at the train station. I had a very productive session, burned off about 900 calories of chocolate. No pants man wasn’t there, but woman who monopolises several pieces of equipment at once was. I don’t know if I’m just unbelievably petty, but she’ll put her things on a mat she isn’t using while she does things on a box with two sets of dumbells (one of which I needed) and a kettlebell, and uses one of the cable/pulley machines. Pick an area! It’s just bad gym etiquette. When she went to put the dumbells away, I did follow her and took them back to my mat. Next time I see her arrive, she might find that they’re mysteriously missing. Happy Clappy boy is back too, intruding on my personal space. Joy. 

The 30th of March. 

I am writing this feeling highly irritated because it has felt like there’s been something in my right eye all day, despite me wearing no make up and putting in so many eye drops I’ve lost count. It’s ever so frustrating. 

My arms are sore too, but that is from excessive gymming. It hurts to stretch. Therefore, my day has been split between Monica and crocheting. I finished the shoes of the schoolgirl outfit, so I dressed the doll in her new clothes and put her hair in plaits. There are instructions for a satchel but I was not going to source and buy tiny buckles just for that. I think she looks just grand. 

I gave Monica some hugs this afternoon, while I searched for something new to watch on Netflix. I came upon a series that they’ve done called “Between”, about a town called Pretty Lake in which everyone over the age of 22 seems to be dying. How perplexing. I just watched the first episode and there appear to be only six so it won’t be long before I’m searching for something else. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

The 15th of April.

Sweet baby Jesus my back has never hurt this much. I spiked yesterday evening and again at 1am, so I’ve had barely any sleep. My back now just hurts constantly at a fairly high level, then I get breakthrough pain when I move and sometimes when I do nothing.

I had clinic today, so we arrived at about ten, waited for three hours and was finally seen by Ram at one. I was almost in tears by this point, and nearly broke down when trying to describe the pain. I’ve got loads of Tramadol, starting on 200mg a day and if that doesn’t work, I can double it. We had to get a massive order from pharmacy, three huge bags, so I gave them my prescription and we went for lunch while we waited for an hour. I was starving.

Oh and no results from any of my tests were back yet, so we have to ring up tomorrow. Ram said depending on what the x-ray shows, I’ll probably need an MRI which I can’t currently imagine as lying flat is incredibly painful.

Getting out of the chair after five hours was no fun at all, I was incredibly stiff, and since getting home, I have just stayed in the armchair. This is just awful.

The 16th of April.

Things are better today. I had two lorazepam last night which did help – I didn’t get up until about ten. I was a bit stiff, but once I’d got the Tramadol on board, it started building up inside my system and I can walk around a bit better now. The constant ache I had its basically gone, which is a huge relief. I also haven’t spiked since 1am yesterday, so I’m hoping that continues.

Today I’ve just watched tv that I don’t need to remember (Lorazepam makes me forget what’s happened in the day after I’ve taken it) and made the last two legs for Anna’s elephant. I’ve put that on pause for the night as I’m going to make a black sheep to give to Michaela tomorrow. I’ve also been through the new Hummingbird Bakery book which arrived in the post today, and there seem to be many tasty things I want to make, like the birthday cake cookies and chocolate doberge cake.

Igor just rang to see how I am (bless him), so I told him, but none of the results are back yet and there’s no record of the urine sample being at the lab, so he wants me to go in tomorrow at half one to have more bloods done and do another urine sample. He knows I need to leave by half two.

Right, back to the black sheep!