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The 6th of July. 

I must have done something terrible in a past life. I am currently on my third attempt at backing up my phone after I dropped it on the bathroom floor and the screen cracked in innumerable places. It has landed there many times and finally my luck has run out. Smashed. 

Day started off okay. Hospital this morning for bloods before venoplasty. There was literally nobody in the waiting room which was very disturbing, like a horror film. Thankfully nobody had been murdered, it was just quiet. Trish gave me a stab in the elbow, then I asked about having the PICC dressing changed and the nurse who was around wasn’t signed off on that. She had to get Nicola to come and supervise, then they couldn’t find the butterfly dressing, then they found the last one in the treatment room. Thankfully we did get it done without the line coming out or being shoved too far in. Phew. 

To town! Mommy was having an eye test, and I needed to go to John Lewis because the jacket I bought last week is now on sale for £37 less than I paid, and as they are never knowingly undersold, I was after some money back. The lady on the till was fine with this, she just had to corroborate my story and was happy to put the cash back on my card. Hooray! Then I went to Piccadilly and waited for Mommy to finish her eye test. Had a chat with Jenny about frames but all the ones I looked at were wrong for me. Can’t change mine anyway, they are iconic. Mommy appeared, and Jenny got busy frame-finding. She’s so good, she knows exactly what they have and what will suit you. We settled on some soft rainbow Volte-Face ones, now the horrible wait for new specs! At least it is not me, I get so antsy. 

Got home, ate lunch, phone smashed. Since then, been at the iMac trying to back up the phone. This is my last go, then I’m going to throw myself off the roof if it doesn’t work. 

The 7th of July. 

My back is not going to thank me. I was up until past midnight trying to back up my phone to no avail, and the computer chair is not comfortable. I then spent most of my afternoon either in the wheelchair or the car, so all of that combined is probably going to mean pain tomorrow. 

When I got up, the last backup hadn’t worked, so I tried just syncing it, and I went downstairs to have breakfast and stuff, before going back to see what I could try next. However, when I returned, it had done a successful backup! I don’t really understand how, but frankly, I don’t care. 

I had my appointment at the Stormfront shop at 2.20, but when I got there, the chap said they couldn’t fix it in store; they’d have to send it off for 7-10 days. Um, no. My only option was to see if any slots had become available at other stores. Birmingham was a bust – next Friday. But Solihull had one at 3.40, so I took it and we got back in the car. 

Over at the Touchwood Centre, I checked in with one of the iPad people, then was waiting for my turn when I saw a face I recognised – it was Stuart Yeadon, who I have not seen for about ten years. I had no idea he was back in town, so when it was my turn, he came to take my phone and we had a wee catch-up. He said they could just get it done by the end of the day, so we had to go bimble until 5.45. This meant I spent money. I bought two crochet books and some pants and socks from John Lewis, a Krispy Kreme, and a jumper that was half price from French Connection. We also had a chat with Christine after her dentist appointment, and eventually it was time for us to go back. All had been fine, only the screen had been replaced, so none of the backup stress was necessary! Still, I am just happy to have it back. 

The 27th of January. 

I have a headache. Don’t know where that’s come from – I’m not dehydrated, my blood pressure isn’t high, so I’m just ignoring it. 

Today has been rather productive. This morning was a blog post and holding myself back from ringing up This Morning. They were having a discussion about people wanting to take their dogs into shops and restaurants, and nobody was making the point that those places are hard enough to get around in a wheelchair, I can only imagine the hell they would become when filed with dogs too. I mean, I love them, but I love them outside and in people’s homes. 

This afternoon: crochet and Netflix. All the giraffe legs are done now, just tail, ears and “ossicones” (horns) left, then assembly! Soon Elle, Luna, Ellie, Esmé and I will have our baby day (thankfully, having one’s own baby is not mandatory).

I got a great book from the Easts for my birthday called My Crochet Doll and it’s full of patterns for doll, then loads of outfits and accessories, even pants and socks! That is definitely going to be my next project. 

The 28th of January.

I think the headache I had last night might have been from a lot of squinting I’ve been doing. I shall elaborate later. 

I finished almost all of the pieces of the giraffe last night, I just had one ossicone left to do this morning, then I finished stuffing the feet and I put her together. Looking at her from across the room now, I might add another patch – there’s a gap that is a little large for my liking. 

After lunch, we went into town for my eye test, and to buy thank you cards. I had a lot of discussion with the optician lady about what’s been going on stuff with my eyes, with the dryness, the Lacrilube/Vitapos problem, the sudden apparent decline in my vision. She checked the health of my eyes and the old scar from the GvHD, and that all looks fine, there’s no infection, but they did seem to be really quite dry. Then, when checking my actual vision, it became clear that I’ve got real problems focusing (hence the aforementioned squinting) because the fluid levels on the front of the eye are fluctuating, which is causing issues with my ability to see shapes clearly sometimes. She’s going to write to my GP recommending some eye drops for them to prescribe, and Miss Rauz at the Eye Hospital to ask her to see me. I’ve got to try to stabilise the moisture levels, then get my eyes tested again in a few months. Oh, the issues that cancer has left me with. It’s never quite over. 

The 25th of January. 

Well, the oxygen idea didn’t work, so tonight’s plan is to add my third pillow back in because that’s also changed. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow with a tongue that doesn’t feel like sandpaper. 

Finally got Suzi’s parcel sent off this morning, First Class, so that should arrive tomorrow. I also did a blog post and wrapped myself in a blanket because it has been freezing in my house and I cannot cope with it. 

I had an email from Superdry saying my jumper was in so after Mommy had taken Grandma to the doctor (she’s got antibiotics) and we’d had lunch, we went into town to pick it up. 

The chap in the shop actually offered to open it up for me to check the contents and it was the correct thing in the right size, so that was all very pleasing. Last week, they gave me a card that said if I spent £75, I’d get £25 off, but I couldn’t find anything else I wanted. There wasn’t anything else we needed to do in the area so we came home again! Probably one of the shortest town trips ever. 

I called Piccadilly Opticians today to book an eye test. I’m really quite concerned about what seems to be a sudden deterioration of my vision. Thursday afternoon. 

The 26th of January. 

The extra pillow worked. How weird. Sleeping propped up I breathe better? Might ask Dr. Thompson about this. 

I didn’t have a good sleep – I woke in the middle of the night having had a dream about getting a spoon stuck in my oesophagus horizontally (impossible I know but dreams aren’t logical). I had to work very hard to distract myself from thinking about it to go back to sleep. 

Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary – 36 years. I came downstairs this morning and saw Daddy’s card, which he’d only seen of when he went to write it and found it said Happy Birthday! I can understand his thinking because from the front, it could be an anniversary card. Never mind. I am waiting until he comes home to give them their card. 

I got on the scales this morning for the first time in a fortnight. I still weigh myself regularly, I can’t let go of it. I was exactly the same as two weeks ago, so my days of birthday excess have had absolutely no effect. That’s a good thing, because I’m nowhere near ready to be getting back in the gym yet – I made my own lunch today and was becoming breathless by the time I was plating up. Everything is still such an effort. 

The 8th of May.

Ooh busy day! Started with needing a hairwash before Mommy went to Grandma’s residents and relatives meeting at quarter past ten. When she came back, we went to the chiropractor to see Trine. Neither of us have really had any niggles, so we’ve extended the gap untilĀ our next visits. There were a few bits to be crunched but really nothing major.

We came home to eat lunch, then went back out to town because my new glasses were ready and the new Jeffery Deaver book came out today. We went to Piccadilly for my specs first, as it wasn’t raining too much, and Jennie fitted them up for me. They’re purple L’Wren Scott ones and I love them. Then we were off to Waterstones to buy The Skin Collector and I got The Farm by Tom Rob Smith too. I always buy books faster than I can read them. We went into Chanel in Selfridges to see Mary and get some new nail varnish (Orange Fizz), plus she gave us some pretty perfume samples because she is lovely.

Upon our return, I had a brownie, and Becky came round to see the new frames. I think she is a bit pooped from school. I could never be a teacher; stupid children infuriate me.

The 9th of May.

Ugh Jeffery Deaver is so clever and now I’ve finished The Skin Collector I’m even more annoyed that he didn’t come to Birmingham on this tour! I must have another Lincoln Rhyme ASAP.

I got up at nine because Anne-Marie was coming to flush my line at half ten, then Danny was coming at twelve. In between seeing them, I wrote up a blog post. With Danny, he had me keeping my heart rate above 140 the whole time, although it levelled out around 160. I wasn’t doing any super-sets today, just things with more reps or weights so I’m a bit knackered but there are some new exercises I can add to my routine. We also did my measurements and fat percentage which was interesting to learn. I’ve lost half a pound too so I’m pleased.

The entire rest of my day has been devoted to reading The Skin Collector. I won’t say anything about the plot but it’s safe to say that fans won’t be disappointed.

My tongue is sore. I’m going to the dental hospital on Monday to see Mrs Richards. I don’t know what she’s going to recommend but I think it’s quite likely that I’ll be getting stabbed in the tongue.

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The 30th of April.

Woke at quarter past nine and spent the majority of my morning refreshing my inbox until I heard from one of the X Factor producers about Sunday. When the email came, she wanted my phone number which I gave and she rang.

We had a very nice chat; I am to turn up at 12 when I will sing for two producers within about half an hour, then if they like me I’ll go to see an executive producer to sing again and talk a bit. That is the bit I really need to get to as that will get me through, I think. And that means I have to knock the socks off of the first people.

So I spent my afternoon practising lots and lots and I think I have decided on my songs. I really need it to go well. It is all I have ever wanted.


The 1st of May.

May! Back in October, I would never have thought that I’d get this far without another hospital admission. Frankly, I wasn’t sure I’d see the first of May at all.

This morning, I went to Piccadilly Optician’s to get my eyes tested and pick some new frames. My eyes have changed very slightly – the astigmatism is a point worse in each eye but generally all is fine. I tried on several frames, mainly purple? Discovered that I can’t do pale colours. I’ve chosen some L’Wren Scott ones and now I have to wait about a week before they are ready! This is terrible because I am the least patient person in the world.

This afternoon, we had lunch and watched last night’s Great British Menu (we are not fans of Aktar), then Mommy went to Grandma’s while I practised some more, then worked out. This evening, I wrote up a blog post and gave Oscar a hug because he’s been out and got wet a lot today.


The 7th of February.

I took a Zopiclone last night but it didn’t really make much difference. I’m hoping it’s because I ate quite a lot yesterday so it didn’t affect me as much. I was still out of bed by half past eight.

I felt really dreadful for the majority of today – still sort-of coughing, weary, not breathing brilliantly. Things only picked up mid-afternoon, when I went upstairs to have a lie-down and read of my book, except I ended up writing a piece about pity which people seem to have enjoyed reading. On my way downstairs, two excellent things happened: I had a phone call from the photopheresis nurses saying my line is scheduled for Thursday the 13th, so now that’s confirmed, we can sort out some other things that were on hold until we had a date. The other good thing is that the lovely Asa and Jennie from Piccadilly Opticians have made me an offer I would be stupid to refuse, and they’ve left me smiling all day. People are great.

I hope I have a better sleep tonight. I’m down to 5mg of steroid now, and the sooner I’m off them altogether, the better. Sleeping properly again will be such a joy.

The 8th of February.

I was not blessed with sleep, unfortunately – from 2am, I was awake on the hour, every hour, until five, when I stopped being able to return to sleep. So you can imagine I’m flagging this evening.

This morning, Mommy washed my hair, then I read the paper and watched Saturday Kitchen because Rashida Jones was on it. The post came and was quite exciting for me – my necklace from the Rob Ryan x Tatty Devine collaboration came and it’s perfect. I also got the second package from Stack, which was just the one magazine this time, called vna. It’s quite a hefty tome! But what I’ve read so far, I’ve really liked.

Speaking of hefty tomes, I’ve finished The Luminaries! This afternoon was a bit of a reading marathon, but it was an enjoyable one; I was compelled to keep continue. But what do I read next?

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