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The 28th of June. 

I am very confused. I checked myhealth this morning, and it said that I had a venoplasty date! The 19th of July. However my later on this morning, while I was watching the Pretty Little Liars finale (which I will get to in a minute), I got a phone call from Andrew’s secretary to let me know that I had a date and it was on the 12th! And she said that Tracey would ring and I’d get a letter, so I’ll just see what they say and if there’s a discrepancy, we’ll have to ring again. Either way, I have a date! Finally. 

So, Pretty Little Liars. First of all, I don’t know why we needed all the gratuitous sex scenes. Waste of time. Also, we didn’t need any of the scenes in the school with the new teenagers. Do not care. Then, mid-way through, when we had the Spencer’s twin reveal, I was quite pissed off. And TroianBellisario ‘s English accent was absolutely atrocious. She is such a good actress, it is bizarre that she thought that was a good choice. Apparently it is based on people from TOWIE/the fact that her character would have grown up on the streets, but that only makes sense if she was hanging out with the Artful Dodger and Fagin. So I was annoyed for a little while, but then I just thought “You know, this show is so ridiculous and stupid, why did I expect it to actually tie anything up?” so I stopped caring and just enjoyed the silliness. 

This afternoon, I wrote up a blog post, then I watched the iZombie finale (less shocking but I’m very interested in seeing where the next season goes) and another Orphan Black. Also my we’ve booked tickets to go and see Committee, the musical about Kids Company that Naomi has been developing. Really looking forward to seeing that!

The 29th of June. 

It’s definitely the 12th. I checked myhealth this morning and now it says the 12th too. So no phone call or letter but hey ho, we’ll go with it. Less than two weeks away. I will be counting down the days. 

I can’t really remember what I did this morning. I got annoyed with the repeated interviews on Victoria Derbyshire, so I went to sit with the kittens, and I suppose I just wasted a lot of time with them. They let me stroke them when they’re comfortable on the floor. Still not fans of being picked up though. 

This afternoon, I had a hairwash and listened to today’s My Dad Wrote A Porno Footnotes featuring Mara Wilson, and responded to Christine’s texts while she watched Pretty Little Liar. I tried not to give anything away in my replies. Then I went back to the kitty room where I watched the last three episodes of season 1 of Orphan Black. On to season 2!

It is too cold for June. I am absolutely freezing in my jeans and a jumper. Extra blanket tonight I think.

The 5th of May.

More trips out today. Busy busy.

When I woke up, I was struggling, because the oxygen cylinder upstairs had run out. However, things have improved since then. It is always worst in the mornings and evenings. After breakfast, I watched the new episode of Riverdale, and (no spoilers) SO. MANY. REVELATIONS. Also I am sick to death of Veronica Lodge always bringing it back to her and her dad. Do not care, shut up.

I had an appointment at the GP at quarter past one to discuss pain relief. The buprenorphine is making absolutely zero difference to my pain, and she seemed quite surprised to hear this. The next step is to try pregablin instead, so I’ll start that tonight. Fingers crossed it doesn’t affect my breathing.

We came home for about an hour, then we were back out to the dental hospital, just for a check up. They were running late, so I got a lot of The Burial Hour read while we waited. I got called by a young dentist called Joseph who looked about twelve, but was very competent. He looked at my mouth to see if there were any signs of GvHD while another dentist scribed, then we just had to wait for their senior colleague to check I was fine. He was with another patient, and while we sat, we got onto the subject of Netflix, and the girl who’d been writing watches Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale too, and they both watched 13 Reasons Why, so we were in no rush for him to arrive.

Dr. Khan finally came, and thinks my mouth looks the best he’s ever seen it, so they don’t want me back for four months.

As soon as we left, I reopened my book as I was at a critical point, and now it is finished. Oh, Jeffery. Clever, clever Jeffery.

The 6th of May.

Do not like this new pain drug, pregablin. So far it is not making my back feel any better, it has just made me really sleepy all day. Not exactly tired, but my eyes just want to close. It’s not ideal. I’m going to continue with it for a few days, see if the sleepiness wears off and the pain gets any better. I’m not optimistic but I have to give it a chance.

My day has been a really rather dull one, for the most part – I have been sitting with the laptop, typing up the blog entries that I have got behind on posting. There were six to do I got three done. They’re still not posted because I need to add photos and I do that on my iPad. It is very boring but it must be done.

I had a couple of breaks in which I went to sit with Sam and we were both sleepy. He is such a good boy that if nobody wants to adopt him, I will beg Daddy to let us keep him. He won’t live that long, won’t cost us a huge amount of money.

This evening I went out with Sadie to see Joel Dommett. She is a bit in love with him and asked if I’d go so I agreed – although I’ve already seen his show, I was interested to see how he would make the show work, going from a 90 seat room to an 1800 seat one. When we arrived, I saw JT, and we had a little catch up, then he had a look at our tickets and asked if we wanted to go in the wheelchair space instead. Considering they were better seats and I didn’t have to move, I was only too keen to say yes.

The show has definitely improved since October, and I think it actually works better in the larger space. I’d completely forgotten about Laser Dick, but by the second chorus I was singing along again. And he’s changed the ending, which I won’t spoil, but it’s definitely more suitable for the bigger venues he’s doing. He’s not coasting on the fame he’s got from I’m A Celebrity; he’s worked really hard and it’s paying off.

The 25th of April.

Everything hurts today. I am tender all over. My body did not like being invaded so I am being a delicate flower.

My day has been punctuated by half-hourly squeezing of a stress ball with my arm up in the air. It is the only thing I can do that might make my arm go down. I’m not convinced it is going to work but I am desperately hanging on to anything that may make a difference. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what I will do.

This afternoon, I wrote about yesterday’s procedure, then I went to sit with Sam for a couple of hours. I watched Netflix, and he kneaded my lap which I tolerated until it hurt. Pointy claws of a heavy kitty on wound sites are not good.

I just feel very sad. Maybe tomorrow will be better. We’re off to Machynlleth on Thursday for the comedy festival there and I really don’t want to feel like shit. 

The 26th of April.

Measured my arm this morning. Still exactly the same. I am not expecting it to improve, but I’ll carry on with the compression and the squeezing for a few more days, then I’ll ring Andrew’s secretary and make sure my appointment is on the way because he’s going to have to come up with a new plan. I cannot go to John and Maddie’s wedding with one huge arm, even if it will be full of medics.

So this morning I was sad about my arm and had a bit of a cry before I came downstairs. Breakfast, then I wrote up the blog post about the venoplasty while I watched new Pretty Little Liars and iZombie. I did a lot of shouting at the latter because Peyton is being a moron.

After lunch, I sorted out what clothes I’m going to take to Mach and printed out all the tickets for the shows I’m going to, using up a small tree in the process. Then I went to give Sam some attention and a brush because we were taking him to Lee’s to stay with her while we’re away and I thought he ought to look nice.

I am sick to death of living in baggy clothes. A third of the year has passed and I haven’t felt good about my body for a single day.

The 19th of April.

So the shaved kitty is not so shaved. Only a few bits had to be done, so we actually have a rather large, incredibly floofy cat who needs a lot of grooming but he is super friendly and seems to enjoy being brushed so I’m confident that won’t be a problem. Plus he’s got zero health problems which is a bonus so hopefully we can find someone who wants an older cat!

A much less news-heavy day. This morning I had a chiro appointment, so I got my back stretched out and a few bits crunched here and there. I was much better than last time, presumably because I haven’t been having to use quite so much oxygen, so my muscles are behaving a bit more normally.

When we got back, Christine and I watched the new episodes of iZombie and Pretty Little Liars, still batshit as ever. Will we get all the answers in the next ten weeks? We can but hope. By the time it finishes, the election will be over!

Christine had to leave to get her train home, but when she got to New Street, she discovered there were no trains to Euston! She was okay though, she was allowed to get a different train to Reading, then get another one home from there.

Shaki arrived just after six with Sam the floof. He is gorgeous and I can’t bear the thought of him sleeping under a pile of leaves. People are awful.

The 20th of April.

I am covered in floof. He is lovely but I need industrial-strength sticky tape to de-fluff.

This morning I was at the QE for pre-venoplasty bloods. That was easily done – I went to haematology clinic and they bled me very quickly, then we went across the link bridge to the “new” hospital. I’d taken in the bear I made for Jenny’s baby, but she wasn’t in. Cody was though, so we went to check if she’d be there on Monday (she will), and we saw the doctors on their round. They seemed happy to see me being well, and Ben complimented me on my boots. He obviously has good taste. Then we went to ambulatory care to check what time I need to turn up on Monday. However, they couldn’t find me on their list. This was a little alarming, so I rang Tracy. We don’t know why I’m not on their list, but I definitely have a bed, I just need to arrive at twelve and it should be fine.

Dean was coming up to go to Heartlands for a pre-op, and I’d said we’d give him and Adam a lift there. We weren’t far away and it was nice to see him with neither of us feeling ghastly.

We dropped them off, then came home for lunch. Mommy then went to Grandma’s, and I watched The Magicians before going to see Sam, and I gave him a very good groom while we watched the first two episodes of Riverdale. Oh how I miss the days when my only worries were boys and girls and homework.

The 30th of August. 

Well I have at least left the house today. We had a trip into Sutton this morning, mainly so I could get a new top coat to try because every one I use goes gloopy, and other things were incorporated. I also needed some more hand cream, but Boots (where I got the top coat) didn’t have mine, so we then had to go to Superdrug where they did. Then we went to Waterstones so I could get The Bone Clocks. I didn’t realise Slade House was a companion book to it, so having read that, I wanted to read the rest. Last thing was a TV Times for Grandma and we were home in time for the end of This Morning. 

After lunch, I assembled the cat I’ve been making, watched the VMAs (I am living for Beyoncé’s performance) and the penultimate episode of Zoo, then crocheted two granny squares with leftover bits of wool while Christine was on the phone, regaling us with a tale of the enormous spider she encountered this morning. We have not had any horrors yet and I am really hoping it stays that way. 

The 31st of August. 

There is only so much crocheting one can do. None today. 

This morning, I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I woke up because Daddy felt shit again last night (apparently he ate an evil biscuit which was the culprit) but he was just off to work so obviously feeling better. It seems gluten can affect people with Ménières so he’s got to avoid that now, which sucks for him. I love bread so much, I would be devastated if I had to give it up. 

Instead of crocheting, I watched the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars and started The Bone Clocks. So many questions (spoilers): Spencer’s dad was banging both twins? Classy. When did Jenna teach Noel Kahn and Charlotte anything? How was Sara Harvey involved? Is Toby dead? Is Alison pregnant with Emily’s eggs that went missing? What’s going to happen now Nicole isn’t dead? So many questions to be answered in just ten episodes! I better be fucking satisfied. 

Less questions about The Bone Clocks. I’ve just finished the 1984 chapter. 

The 5th of July. 

You know it’s been too long since you used your camera when it’s being uncooperative and you can’t remember how to fix it. It might actually be the lens. I don’t know! 

It has been a beautiful day. I was supposed to have a chat with Cassie from Anthony Nolan about the parliamentary reception next week, but then I got a message saying she was poorly so would have to reschedule. The place I was planning on having brunch at was closed to have air con installed, so I had breakfast at home and we watched last night’s Sewing Bee final, which we were delighted with the winner of. 

Mommy, Daddy and Christine went on a trip to some sort of abbey/castle in which I had no interest, so they left and I went out on my own. First stop was Coffee#1 for lunch, where I had a reuben toastie and a St. Clements while I read Animal. I also made friends with a baby who was very squidgy. 

Last night, on the way back from dinner, we went past a gelato shop which I decided to go and investigate today. I purchased a tub of two scoops; one salted caramel gelato, one chocolate orange sorbet. I took it down to the harbour where I watched people and their dogs while I ate. I ended up having a chat with two ladies who wanted to compare paleness with me, and we concluded that we were the same. 

I then went on a bimble up to the beach so I could see the sand and the sea, where I took some photos and saw a lot of small dogs. Then I went to Boots where I was finally able to get my Lacrilube, and now I am home again, watching tennis and wanting to have a nap. 

The 6th of July. 

Not so warm today. Probably a good thing because it became apparent yesterday evening that I had burnt my right arm and the top of my left shoulder. This is incredibly rare. I have not changed colour in years. I assumed from all the UV in my blood, I could now repel it from within. 

I couldn’t go for my brunch today because we had lunch plans, so this morning I stayed in and Christine and I watched the new episode of Pretty Little Liars. More insanity in Rosewood. 

Lunch was at The Crab House Café in Wyke Regis. Pretty much all the seafood you could want. Service was excellent – super speedy. I started with fish fritters which were secretly spicy so I only got through half before having to swap the rest for some crab from other people’s plates. Then I had ling with salt beef and sea purslane cream which was delicious and not spicy so I could eat it all. Ling is an excellent fish because you can spear it with a fork and it doesn’t fall apart which is most pleasing. 

We decided not to have dessert because I had recommended the gelato place, so we had coffee then went on our merry way. Today I had pink lemonade and chocolate orange sorbets and we ate at the harbour again, watching all the boats and dogs. By this time, everybody without a cardigan was getting chilly from the wind, so we returned to our abode where we’re watching Murray vs. Tsonga and I do not like it at all. 

The 21st of June. 

Woke up in vast amounts of pain because I appear to have pulled a muscle in my back in the night. Just to really help matters. I was up for about an hour before Mommy and Daddy left, and since then I have moved very little.

Jen came round to pick up the kitten adoption forms and money, but she is also full of germs so did not stay. I did a post, then have spent what remained of the day crocheting. Not the blanket (I think that stitch I was doing contributed to the hand cramp), so I thought I’d go back to that doll I had been doing. I was working on the pyjama set and teddy bear, and decided to finish the teddy first. Unfortunately, I nearly got to the end of the head when I ran out of wool. Most frustrating. I started on the pyjamas, and did one leg before the postman came with more wool! I’m doing a manatee called Orlando to send to Emily, my American friend who sent me the big box of goodies. 

Once again, my afternoon has involved sitting in my armchair, watching Parks and Rec, and crocheting. I’ve been texting Christine because she still feels terrible so we have been commiserating with each other. I also had a phone call from Elaine about my scan results, and apparently the coil is in the right place, so I suppose I just have to wait and see how things go. 

I’m ordering Domino’s for dinner. 

The 22nd of June. 

I have been outside today, although to be honest I didn’t really have a choice. Oxygen clinic. We bumped into some unexpected people though, so that was a plus. First, we saw Ram, my haematology consultant, who appeared to be leaving the hospital, sporting an eye patch like the ones you see people wearing after cataract surgery. He saw us so we said hello, but he would only say he’d had some “emergency treatment” and was going home, not over the road to do his clinic. Very mysterious. Then who should we see but nurses Kirsty and Philippa from liver clinic! Philippa has returned from maternity leave, so she showed me pictures of her baby, and I showed her some of the kittens. We talked about seeing all the team on tv (Philippa works at BCH as well), then I really had to go as it was time for my appointment. 

I got called in quickly, and we weren’t there long. I just had to chat to a nurse about my oxygen usage, and they stab me in the earlobe (good blood supply there) to check the oxygen levels in my blood. They have gone up from 9.6 to 10.6 (ish) and apparently that is significant so hooray! That was all, then we went over to haematology clinic to ask about my back x-ray but it still hasn’t been reported on so more emails will be sent. SIGH.

We went home via the Bullring so I could look for some pyjama shorts that weren’t super short (you wouldn’t think it would be too difficult but you’d be wrong) and replenish my stock of facewipes. 

This afternoon, I have watched the new episode of Pretty Little Liars (!!!) and finished crocheting Orlando the Manatee. He is adorable.