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The 4th of July.

The blanket is finished! It needs a bit of ironing because the edges are slightly puckered but I am very pleased with it.

I was on my own again today, as I wished. Family went to visit some sort of castle which is really not my vibe. I did the last bits of tidying up of the blanket, then for the rest of the day, I sat and read The Rabbit Hunter. It is another excellent piece of work by Lars Kepler, except for the excessive amount of focus on Saga’s black leather bodysuit and the gratuitous sex scene that had no bearing on the story whatsoever.

I feel slightly better today. We went out for dinner. I met a nice cat.

The 5th of July.

Another day, another book read.

I was woken up by men doing things with scaffolding exceptionally loudly at 8am. Thankfully that won’t be a problem tomorrow because I’ll be up before they arrive.

Not really sure where the morning went; I watched Victoria Derbyshire, got dressed, and started reading Stuart’s book, Don’t Be A Dick, Pete. Considering I’m going to visit the Wilder-Heritages next week, I thought I should have read it.

So this afternoon, the family went on a long walk to Thorpeness, and I stayed here and read. I was very happy with my decision because I was visited by another nice kitty! A different one to yesterday; this one was black with some grey hairs. I opened the door and he enjoyed lots of stroking, then he came in to have a look around (I had already closed the doors to anywhere else) and we had a lovely time. It was nice to pet a kitty who actually appreciated it.

Home tomorrow. Then liposuction day. I’m trying to quash the idea that it might not work.

The 30th of August. 

Well I have at least left the house today. We had a trip into Sutton this morning, mainly so I could get a new top coat to try because every one I use goes gloopy, and other things were incorporated. I also needed some more hand cream, but Boots (where I got the top coat) didn’t have mine, so we then had to go to Superdrug where they did. Then we went to Waterstones so I could get The Bone Clocks. I didn’t realise Slade House was a companion book to it, so having read that, I wanted to read the rest. Last thing was a TV Times for Grandma and we were home in time for the end of This Morning. 

After lunch, I assembled the cat I’ve been making, watched the VMAs (I am living for Beyoncé’s performance) and the penultimate episode of Zoo, then crocheted two granny squares with leftover bits of wool while Christine was on the phone, regaling us with a tale of the enormous spider she encountered this morning. We have not had any horrors yet and I am really hoping it stays that way. 

The 31st of August. 

There is only so much crocheting one can do. None today. 

This morning, I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I woke up because Daddy felt shit again last night (apparently he ate an evil biscuit which was the culprit) but he was just off to work so obviously feeling better. It seems gluten can affect people with Ménières so he’s got to avoid that now, which sucks for him. I love bread so much, I would be devastated if I had to give it up. 

Instead of crocheting, I watched the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars and started The Bone Clocks. So many questions (spoilers): Spencer’s dad was banging both twins? Classy. When did Jenna teach Noel Kahn and Charlotte anything? How was Sara Harvey involved? Is Toby dead? Is Alison pregnant with Emily’s eggs that went missing? What’s going to happen now Nicole isn’t dead? So many questions to be answered in just ten episodes! I better be fucking satisfied. 

Less questions about The Bone Clocks. I’ve just finished the 1984 chapter. 

The 18th of August. 

I finished the book last night, and I’ve just started Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin. I didn’t know the main character’s last name was Cartwright. Always a tiny bit weird when that happens. I also finished the blanket this morning! I was going to shower first thing, but the boiler man was coming to clean it (the boiler, not the shower) or something so I thought I’d wait until he’d been. To pass the time, I wrote a post, then got on with the end of the blanket. By the time he left, I was so close to the end, I figured I might as well finish, and I’d get in the shower after lunch. 

This afternoon, we baked some chocolate chip and sea salt cookies and a marmalade traybake because we had no cake left in the house and that just won’t do. While they cooked, I worked on a jumper I’ve started, and have just begun my new book. 

That’s all! Tomorrow will be longer; actual things are going to happen. 

The 19th of August. 

I have done things! Too many things, some might say. More about that later. 

Had an early start because Daddy was taking me to Worcester for an Anthony Nolan thing. I had to go to the head offices of one of our corporate partners, Parkwood Leisure, to officially receive a cheque and have some photos taken, say some words. They had a big cricket match, followed by a quiz and an auction which raised £2450, and they’re nearly halfway to their target of £25,000 which is great. I was presented with the cheque, we posed for the photos in which I may have had lipstick on my teeth, then I said a thank you and talked a little bit about where the money goes, and that was it!

This afternoon was fairly quiet, then Christine came home and got to meet the kittens. They were all very sedate and allowed her to pet them; well, Nova and Nola did, Nadia wasn’t having any of it. They are not sedate now. They are mental. 

Tonight, we went out for dinner at Cau. We’d said we’d go back there with Christine so to do it now to celebrate my diagnosis anniversary seemed the perfect opportunity. Started just with bread which I covered in spicy butter to my regret, then I had tapa de cuadril, which is very thinly sliced, flash grilled steak and it was really good – I would recommend. In-between courses, I had a phone call to talk about a potential adopter for one of the cats who wanted to view them this evening. When I told her I couldn’t because I was out for dinner with my family, she said “You know Kathryn, you do live quite a life for someone who…” and then quickly changed the subject. 

Who what? Is disabled? How dare I go outside and eat food with other people? Why am I not sitting at home all the time being ill? Man, if she only knew some of the other things I do, it would blow her fucking mind. 

ANYWAY. Then I had some churros for pudding and they were excellent so I am happy. 

The 31st of July.

I actually slept until the time I wanted to wake up this morning because I had two Zopiclone. It has made me a bit sleepy all day but I would feel like that anyway if I hadn’t slept so it’s swings and roundabouts. 

I was finishing my coffee this morning when Becky and James came round to say hi and receive Becky’s birthday presents that we couldn’t give her on the day itself because they were on camp. James is so tanned! Amazing. Whereas Becky just has burnt knees, bless her. She said hello to the kittens, and then they had to go so James could install their new cat flap, and we had to go out to collect my copy of the new Harry Potter book from Waterstones. 

After lunch, I watched the first episode of season four of Fringe, then I went up to my bedroom to read Harry Potter without any distractions. I started at about twenty past three and finished it by twenty to six. Yeah, I read fast. I was so glad Christine’s seen the play so I could text her with each revelation. It’s really good (if you’re a fan) and the fact that it’s a script didn’t really matter because all the imagery is already there in my brain, so I could just envision it all with just the speech and stage directions. I tweeted about reading it and was contacted by someone from Radio WM who wants me to go on the breakfast show between seven and seven thirty tomorrow morning. That’s fine; without Zopiclone I’ll probably be awake anyway. I have to review it without any spoilers. Difficult. There are a lot of twists, and I have many questions about a major part of the plot but maybe an explanation for that will emerge. I hope so. 

The 1st of August. 

Five am. Not surprised, the day after Zopiclone is never good. It didn’t really matter as I was supposed to be talking on WM about Cursed Child, but then someone phoned to ask if we could push it back to 8.30. I said that was fine and got up to have my breakfast as I was starving. I then got another call at about quarter to nine saying sorry and it would now be on drivetime between four and seven, and her news editor would call me to let me know what time. Nobody has; methinks they killed the item. Whatever. 

Once they’d phoned for the second time this morning, I knew I could get in the shower and washed my hair without any staining of my neck this time. When I came down, Oscar was in the garden climbing a tree to investigate a nest so I went to take lots of pictures, but when I got back to the house, I was so out of breath, it surprised me. Going up to three gabapentin must have started to affect my breathing (we’ve checked the leaflet and it does do that).

I spent my afternoon watching Mr. Robot and crocheting the flowerpot kitty. I wanted to watch it before, but didn’t want to pay for Amazon Prime just for that, but now it’s on the Universal channel (didn’t know that was a thing) so I saw the first two episodes and finished the little cat.

I’ve also been doing a lot of deleting stuff from my phone to free up space – I’ve gone from 6GB to 9.2 free. Progress. I suspect I may have to delete some podcasts which I really don’t want to do. 

Gabapentin seems to be giving me the trembles too. Agh.

The 6th of May. 

Last night, I had a dilemma about which of my new books to read. That’s fixed, as I have spent my day reading The Girl on the Train. I figured that I could get it done in a day and I was correct – I sat in the kitten room all afternoon while they ran around, until Freya started eating the cable ties on the cage and I had to put them back in or I worried she’d hurt herself. 

This morning I mainly lounged around in my pyjamas, wrote up a blog post, and I rang Dr. Robinson’s secretary but had to leave a message as she wasn’t there. When she rang back, I explained what had been going on and that I would really like to see Dr. Robinson before my appointment in January. The first time she could offer me was in September which will not do, but she can’t overbook a clinic. However, she has given me the number of the clinical nurse specialist who I can ring on Monday and she can add me to a clinic so I feel happier about that. 

That is all, really! I just read all afternoon for hours, which I rarely do anymore. I used to read so much more when I was younger, devoured books when I was in hospital, but stopped for a long time. It’s good to get back to books. 

The 7th of May. 

Christ, my back canes. We’re going to Wales on Thursday and I don’t even want to think about how it’s going feel after three hours in the car. 

My day did not go as planned. I was informed last night about a chap who was interested in one or two of the kittens, so I gave him a call this morning and we arranged for him to come round to look at them this evening as I was going to be out this afternoon. 

Daddy and I were going to see Florence Foster Jenkins at half past two, but that got derailed. I went into the kitten room to let them run around for an hour before we went out. I’d been in there for forty minutes, and Frieda had gone to all three litter trays more than once, but not left anything in them. I rang Shaki who didn’t pick up, so I rang Jen, who said to keep an eye on her but as the rest of her behaviour was normal, she might just be practising. However, just after she hung up, Frieda left some blood in a tray and fortuitously, at that moment, Shaki rang me back. I told her and she happened to be 5 minutes away so she came round and we found more bits of blood in other trays. We decided to ring the vet, who told us to bring her in. 

When we arrived, there was just us and a boy, about sixteen, with his dad and their Westie who was just lying in his bed, evidently unwell. The boy was in obvious distress, so I took over some tissues because he didn’t appear to have any. The dog’s name was Chipper, and his kidneys were packing in. I could sympathise, because that was Oscar’s problem. I just crouched by Chipper and stroked him while they talked. I think it helped? To talk about happier times. Then the vet came to take them through so I gave him another tissue and went back to Mommy, Shaki and Frieda. We talked a bit about the chap coming later, and it wasn’t long before we were called in and the two guys came out, both fighting back tears. Losing a pet is the worst. 

Not sure what’s the matter with Frieda. Cystitis or colitis but we can’t tell and can’t treat both. The thermometer didn’t have any blood on but that’s not confirmation. She’s had a 48 hour antibiotic injection and another worming tablet, and she’s been super sleepy all afternoon. Since I was back early, I rang the potential adopter to see if he wanted to come early, so they did. Just as we had a very heavy, thundery shower. He and his two sons came, and Frieda and Freya were conked out on my lap. Freddie played around, and Freya allowed them to pick her up, she even climbed up onto the older boy’s shoulder. They really want lap cats, and I think they’re going to take both girls. When Frieda is better. 


The 30th of April. 

I have had a really rather productive day. 

It began like any other Saturday. Morning spent in my pyjamas, letting the moisturiser sink in. Wrote up a blog post while drinking my coffee. Read the Weekend Guardian and all of its surrounding furnishings (except travel; I’m not a masochist). We had fun watching all the prospective buyers going in and out of next door, approving or not by eye. While I was doing the sudoku, Mommy’s friend Catherine arrived and we had a brief chat before they went out for lunch. 

I got dressed and made myself some food which was incredibly painful for my back. I tune it out for the most part but I am honestly concerned that I might have a vertebrae fracture. Bloody steroids still ruining my life. 

I decided this afternoon I would take everything out of the old chest of drawers and transfer it all into the new one. My whole bed was covered in the contents. I found all sorts in the bottom drawer, namely some animal wool, two condoms, loads of tampons, an alco-wipe, and five tubes of out of date steroid cream. When Mommy returned, she took the old drawers out, vacuumed, and brought the new ones in before bobbying off again to Grandma’s. I put almost everything back in a slightly different arrangement and was very satisfied. 

I returned downstairs and was feeling like I ought to continue in this fashion, so put Looper on Netflix and started on the limbs of the Moomin. Done two legs and an arm. Now it is time for pizza and I’ll finish the rest this evening. 

The 1st of May. 

Another productive day, just somewhat slower and quieter. 

I had a rubbish night; it took me hours to go to sleep because I was too hot despite the fact that it was three degrees outside. When I got up, I was alone in the house, and had just finished my cereal when Mommy and Daddy returned from taking Grandma to church. 

This morning’s task was to assemble the Moomin. That wasn’t too tricky – I used most of the stuffing we have to get the firmness and the shape right, and I just had to squidge his nose into form. What seemed to take the longest was the eyes. I did the first one quite easily with embroidery thread, but I couldn’t get the second one to cooperate. After much ado, unpicking and redoing it, I gave it a try with wool and that worked straightaway. I’m very pleased with him and I hope the Wilder-Heritages love him just as much. 

After lunch, I wanted to finish The Loney. In all honesty, I did not enjoy it much. I think I was expecting something different to what I got. If you don’t like a lot of blather about God and not really getting any answers, I wouldn’t recommend it. I think I’ll read Sara’s book next and I know that’ll be great. 

The 17th of March. 

Well, today has not been massively interesting. I had considered going back to the gym, but I don’t want that to result in me being crippled on Saturday. I don’t want to meet new people and be making noises of pain every time I move. 

So I hung out with the kitty a little bit this morning, and after lunch I’ve been catching up on some recorded tv and new Pretty Little Liars. I saw Limitless and recognised one of the actors, so looked him up on idmb and realised he was Quinn in Dexter, and now he’s in this, dating Deb from Dexter! This makes me very happy. 

On Pretty Little Liars, I’m now on the second part of the sixth season yet they still haven’t gained any common sense, and some of them no fashion sense either. They all need a good shaking. 

That’s it really! I have a Skype date tonight with a friend who watches PLL so I’m going to watch it with her (although she’s only on season 2) and try not to do any spoilers. I only hope Mommy is able to cope with all the recordings on the box tonight. 

The 18th of March. 

I’ve taken a pause from Jeffery Deaver to write this, so as soon I’m finished, it’s right back to The Steel Kiss. 

I usually wash my hair on a Sunday, but I wanted to do it before my trip to London tomorrow. I stayed in my pyjamas afterwards because my tummy was rumbling and so I prioritised food over getting dressed. I had my breakfast, did a blog post and went to top up Monica’s food. I’ve started a bag of a different brand of dried food but she doesn’t seem to have noticed; she started wolfing it down straight away. 

After I’d got dressed and we’d had lunch, Mommy and I went into town to pick up my book, take back the pair of pyjama bottoms I didn’t need, and buy spare lip balm and a Creme Egg. 

I started reading in the car, took a break when I got home to repaint my nails because I didn’t want chipped ones tomorrow, then back to the book. I think I’ll be finished by the end of the weekend.