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The 13th of August. 

I love Zopiclone. I had some last night and for once it actually worked; it wasn’t hours before I fell asleep, and I stayed asleep all night long. Curiously, I remember one of my dreams, which I don’t normally when I have drugs – we smeared Grandma’s head in jelly to make her warm. 

So I slept in, which was delightful, and after breakfast, I wrote up a blog post. And now we know we saw the last race Usain Bolt won. Even if it was a heat. And Mommy is extra glad she’s got tickets to see Mo next weekend at the Alexander Stadium. 

This afternoon, I needed to get away from the horrors of life (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re not paying enough attention), so I went upstairs, and I listened to James Acaster being interviewed by Richard Herring at Edinburgh which made me laugh so much, I can’t wait to see him again this autumn. Then I went to watch the final episode of Orphan Black with Betty, which made me do a small cry, but it was for happy reasons, not sad. 

I have felt much less terrible today. Less tired, less pain, less burping. All round improvement. 

The 14th of August. 

Normal sleep service has resumed, it seems. No drugs last night. Suddenly realised this morning that Becky and James’ wedding anniversary is tomorrow and we hadn’t got them cards. So, after Mommy had been to do the food shop that didn’t happen at the weekend, we went into Sutton to get some. While there, I bought some lip balms because mine is about to run out, and some nail varnish remover, then we got cards. 

Back home, we had lunch, then Becky and Jamie appeared with gifts to say thank you for feeding their cats while they’ve been away. Jamie should have been on his way back to Strasbourg, but he missed all his trains. He should be on his plane now, if everything this afternoon went to plan. We can but hope. 

Since then I have been crocheting a tiny teddy with the remaining pretty baby wool. I’ve actually finally had a good idea for what to give Pete and Sophie for their twins, and after talking to her this morning, I have a very up to date idea for when they’re likely to be born, so I don’t need to rush. 

The 15th of March. 

A quiet day, for the most part. Up, showered, breakfasted, then blog post. I saw Monica for a little bit, and conversed with Roger from Hallfield via email. He’s asked me to do a reading at their Easter service next week, and I was offered a choice between The Crucifixion and The Resurrection, so I chose the latter. I talk about death enough. 

This afternoon has been kitty and Netflix. I’m almost caught up on Pretty Little Liars now, and I kind of don’t want to be because once it’s over, I’ll have to find something new to fill my time when I’m poorly. Monica and I had a long snuggle, and I was loath to kick her off when I needed to leave the room, so I got Mommy to distract her and she jumped off of her own accord. 

This evening I was out at the Glee to see Richard Herring’s new show, Happy Now? It was an allocated seating affair, and I was behind two enormous chaps. Thankfully, the lady on my right was very accommodating and let me lean into her so I could see through the tiny gap that existed between the people in front. I bonded with my neighbours over the fact we were all there alone and the way the Glee always ring to see if we’re definitely alone. Yes, we’ve got no friends who like comedy okay? Also, whenever the two huge men got up, they backed into our table and had I not been careful, I could’ve ended up wearing my wine and sweet potato fries. The show itself was really fun, much more uplifting than We’re All Going To Die and at the end there was a video of him singing to his daughter while she laughed. So cute. 

The 16th of March. 

I am writing this on Thursday morning because last night it was late and I was quite sozzled. 

For the most part of the day, I’ve been having kitty hugs and watching TV. I wrote about Tuesday, and got really angry at George Osborne and his budget. I couldn’t stomach hearing him wang on about how great he is, when there’s a £56bn hole and he’s taking money from PIP to fund tax cuts for the wealthiest in society. Once again, the Conservatives being for “working people”. Definitely not a government for the people who need them. 

I left Monica at about four to go and get ready for the OHS reunion. I got changed (wanted to wear my leather trousers but couldn’t wear them with Monica and her claws), then messed about with make up that got delivered today. I went a little bit vampy and took more selfies then is socially acceptable. 

I had a really fun time at The Highfield! I got to talk to an old teacher from Year 1, and when I said my name, she seemed to remember me in rather a loaded way. Then I got distracted by a girl called Kaz who is only 18, but her brother was in my class and she’s in her last year at Handsworth where I also went. We spent a good hour and a half gossiping, sending photos to her brother and drinking wine. I got pretty happy. Then I met a guy whose younger brother was in my year too! Daddy picked me up around half eight, and I had scrambled eggs on toast for tea. 

The 9th of March.

Well my Sunday routine was scuppered today because Sunday Brunch has been replaced by Winter Paralympics. Which is fine, just different. I lounged around in my pyjamas for most of the morning, but I did decide to get dressed properly before we had Sunday lunch at one. Because Christine missed them the first time, we had ox cheeks again. They were just as good as last time – if you can, try and get your hands on some and cook them for like four hours. They fall apart and it’s delicious.

Christine’s train was at three, so she and Daddy went out not long after lunch was over. Dan was supposed to come round for a little bit this afternoon but he ended up on a country drive with the fam and didn’t get back until I was just about to go out to The Glee Club to see Richard Herring.

The show is called We’re All Going To Die, but is very life-affirming. Death is not something that’s talked about because people don’t like the idea of their lack of existence. The concept of heaven is constructed by humans to comfort us, but I’m not really sure I like the idea of being up there for infinity, watching the world but not taking part. Anyway, the show was great – I agree with pretty much everything he said. I was sat next to some amusing people – I found it highly entertaining that we were fine with all the death chat, but as soon as he started talking about the old woman who swallowed a fly, spider, etc, we were grimacing.

I met him after very briefly and he was very sweet. I bought a badge for a pound.

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The 10th of March.

Well I did not start the day off in the cleverest of fashions, slicing my thumb on the bread knife while just trying to make my breakfast.

I have spent most of my day writing or thinking about writing. This morning I wrote about the Richard Herring gig last night, and this afternoon I’ve been trying to work on a piece that is proving difficult but I don’t want to say too much about it. Sorry to be a tease.

There isn’t much else to say about today, and tomorrow will be much the same, I imagine. I did do some cat-chasing – the little black and white one has a bell on its collar now so we hear it in the kitchen. I think we’re just going to have the cat flap locked at all times.

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The 9th of February.

Today has not been the best of days to be a terminally ill person. At least I had a decent sleep. But with Richard Herring on Sunday Brunch talking about his new show called We’re All Going to Die!, and then seeing Dallas Buyers’ Club this afternoon, today’s been a bit heavy on the old death front.

He did tweet me in reply to one of mine though, saying he hoped he didn’t upset me. It was quite the opposite, really – I was glad he talked about it, as not enough people do. Plus he said my favourite things, and part of the reason for the name of my blog – that we are all made of stardust, and with the constant transfer of energy, one day I’ll return to them. Carbon to carbon.

Dallas Buyers’ Club is really, really superb. Jared Leto makes a pretty lady, and Matthew McConaughey is unrecognisable as Ron Woodroof. He’s really brilliant. I nearly cried at Jared Leto’s performance at one stage, but I held it in. My dad asked me what I thought of Ron Woodroof. I think he did what he felt was necessary, and I admire him for it.

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The 10th of February.

Well I had what I thought was a terrible sleep, but my breathing has been better today so it can’t have been as bad as I thought. I had to get up at 7am anyway so we could be at hospital for 10.

I needed to go to the photopheresis unit for them to take bloods before I have my line put in on Thursday. Have to be in ambulatory care at half seven and be nil by mouth from the night before. It’s always more frustrating when you’re not even having a general anaesthetic, it’s just in case. Still, better to be safe than sorry etc. I’ll just be hangry.

We got home just before a little rainstorm, and I spent much of my afternoon lying on my bed with my legs up against the wall because my feet are unusually puffy at the moment. They’re normally a little bit swollen at the end of the day, but when I can’t get my boots on or jeans off, there is a problem. I don’t know what’s causing it but I have some diuretics so that should sort it. If I get any more dodgy symptoms I’ll go to clinic on Wednesday.

Taking a Zopiclone tonight.

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