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The 16th of December.

It lifted, thank god. The wrapping day was not ruined. I woke up in time to say bye to Mommy and Daddy before they set off for Wales, then had my breakfast and wrote up a blog post. After fighting for a long time with the lock on the front door (I was being inept), I went round the corner to get some double sided tape and cotton wool pads (not for wrapping, I had just run out). 

After lunch, I set myself up at the dining table with my peppermint drinking fudge, The Polar Express, and all my wrapping paraphernalia. I spent the subsequent three hours indulging in festive spirit, and I have nearly finished, I just need to get some gift bags for a few things that even I am incapable of wrapping. Will pop into Paperchase after The Muppets tomorrow. 

Just after half four, I jumped in a taxi to go back to Black Sheep to have the toner cleansed our of my hair – washing did not give the desired effect. James was lovely and has fixed it, and I’m much happier now. 

I have just finished my dinner of a Domino’s personal pizza and two of four cookies, awaiting the arrival of my parents back home. They are mere moments away. 

The 17th of December. 

Today would have been 100% excellent if not for one (hopefully) minor inconvenience. But I will get to that. 

Woke up stupidly early for a Saturday, but for a good reason – Becky and I were going to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol at The Electric! She came to pick me up at quarter to nine, and off we went. We parked round the back of the cinema, then got some tea before taking our seats. I actually ordered a coffee, but it tasted awful so I went back and got a tea as well. The screening was not as busy as I expected, but some people still managed to be irritating by having brought their poorly-behaved, germ-riddled children. Not acceptable. Still, they could not ruin the magic for me. After all, it is the summer of the soul in December. 

Afterwards, we went to the Cereal Killer Café because I wanted to try one of their “cocktails”. I had a bowloccino, which is Nesquik, Coco Pops, a chocolate curl and espresso milk. So tasty! I would never go there for something like Special K, but combinations or ridiculous cereals, I am all for. 

Before coming home, we went into Paperchase so I could get some gift bags and more ribbon and tissue paper. Now I can finish my wrapping. 

Now to the inconvenience: I happened to push up my sleeves and thought “Ooh, my right arm looks a bit fat. Let’s give it a squish. Ooh, that’s a bit boggy for my liking. Actually, my right foot has felt puffier than usual for the past couple of days. And my breathing has been terrible of late.”

So I don’t know what’s going on, because I don’t have a line anymore, so that can’t be causing it, and it’s only one side, so I’m confused and unhappy. I have started diuretics to try to get rid of some of the fluid, but on Monday morning I might be ringing Gill Lowe to freak out. I don’t want to spend Christmas looking like the Stay Puft marshmallow man. 

This afternoon, Sadie came round! Mainly to see the kittens. She did not steal any (I checked). She was greatly amused by their interest in her feet. They love feet. We stayed with them until they fell asleep, then we watched the end of Mr. Magorium and ate the two remaining Domino’s cookies. 

She had to go about four to make sure her dad had done the pile of sorting she’d left him. Sometimes I wonder who the parent is in that relationship. 

Hoping to god my body deflates with peeing. Don’t make me have another venoplasty. 

The 26th of August. 

Today did not begin brilliantly but has greatly improved. I woke up super early for no discernible reason, so I put on the Today programme which usually sends me back to sleep, but then more NHS cuts was the main story and it just made me so mad that then I was awake. 

I watched Zoo on Netflix until it was a socially acceptable time to get up, then I spent my morning writing a blog post and avoiding the news. I cannot listen to it because it just enrages me so. 

Sadie is home for the bank holiday, so I met up with her at Yorks for the afternoon. We had a great time discussing her housemate’s very-swiftly-moving relationship, the saga of getting Nadia in the cat carrier, Bake Off and The Chronicles of Nadiya. She is like a Nadiya in her family, as since she has been backpacking on her own, now some of the other women in her family have been able to go travelling (but only to places she’s been). She loved the Cookie Jar Cat and can’t show her dad because he’ll be jealous and annoyed that it’s not for him. When he specifies what he wants, I’ll make him something!

Mommy picked me up, and on the way home we stopped at Tesco so she could get some orange jelly because she’s making Jaffa Cakes, and I bought ice cream because reasons. 

The 27th of August. 

Woke up today to the sound of Daddy throwing up a lot. That went on pretty much all morning, until Mommy went to see the pharmacist who gave her some travel sickness tablets which seem to have worked. He has this thing called Ménière’s disease which is a disorder of the inner ear. Usually he just feels a bit off-balance and it affects his hearing – he’s felt a bit sick before but never had the kind of severe vertigo and vomiting he was having this morning. He’s downstairs now, has had some toast and is now going to have an egg because he’s wild. Good thing we had no cinema trip planned!

I have had a quiet day of mainly crocheting; I’m making a sheep for one of the daughters of Philippa, who is the Youth Worker for the liver team. Then I’m doing a cat for her other daughter. I’m also supposed to make Oo Oo the monkey from Raa Raa the noisy lion for the son of James, my liver consultant, but there are literally zero crochet patterns for that on the internet so I don’t know what I’m going to do instead. 

I also had a phone call from Sheila about a potential adopter for Nola. I’ve rung her and she’s coming round tomorrow!

The 16th of September. 

Woke up to a text from Sadie checking that the Hallfield thing was tonight, and requesting either a seal or a penguin pal for Pablo the Polar Bear who I made for her previously. I had planned on going to the gym this afternoon, but that went out of the window. 

This morning I did a blog update, then hung out with the kittens. I think we’re proper friends now. Hal just doesn’t like it when a hand comes towards his face, but he’ll allow stroking. 

After lunch, I made a penguin for Sadie, which took a couple of hours but I got it done in time. It’s very cute. I had an hour before I needed to go out, so I had a little bit more kitty-petting fun time and took lots of photos of them. This could be bad for my phone memory. 

Said texted again to say she was going to be early so we sped out of the house to get to The Highfield so she wasn’t on her own for too long. When I arrived, she was very pleased to see me and her little penguin pal. We talked Bake Off and I showed her pictures of the kittens which she captioned excellently and I will be using them. We decided to be sociable with all the older men, which then resulted in an evening of Sadie having to explain that her PhD in politics has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn, and me telling people over and over about how my body doesn’t work. My favourite. 

I got home just in time for Bake Off, and had scrambled eggs on toast while we watched Tamal become Star Baker. 

The 17th of September. 

Finally back in the gym after about a week since my last rather unsuccessful session. 

I got up and dressed this morning in gymwear, but decided I will need to purchase some full-length gym leggings because it is going to get too cold for my knee-length ones. I had breakfast and did a little bit of writing before morning kitty time. They trust me now, but Harvey is definitely the needier of the two. He will always come up to me first and rub his face all over my hand. He also keeps smelling my nose which is very cute but a little bit unnerving. 

After lunch, I went to the gym. It was lovely and quiet so I could do exactly as I wished. Smiley boy not there again, which is very unusual, but the other odd one came in. It’s like he thinks he’s totally alone – I noticed him pulling up his shirt and squeezing the flab on his belly. Not something one expects to see in public. My favourite thing that happened was that four boys came in in their school uniform and I just thought it was adorable. 


The 29th of January. 

Finally! Things have happened. But I’ll get to that. I had a decent night, waking up just after nine and no horrible dreams like Monday night.

Mommy was out from about ten until three at Grandma’s pre-op for next week, so I was a bit stuck during that time. I made the tail and ears of Bridget the Elephant and now she’s finished, so I’ve got to finish Alexandre the Russian Blue Cat now. He needs ears, a tail and two more legs. And a face. I wrote my thank you letters and a blog post, and when Mommy finally returned, I was able to have some lunch (my lungs are not up to that level of activity yet). Oh, I tweeted into This Morning after an organ donation story and Philip read it out, although he kind of fumbled what I said for some reason. 

So we spoke to Becky the clinical nurse specialist about when my venoplasty might be, and she emailed Igor and Ram. Ram got back to her and said he had spoken to Andrew Willis yesterday regarding this, and I am booked in for Wednesday the 4th so I’m happy now. 

I am looking forward to seeing Sadie tomorrow, as long a there isn’t too much snow! We had some flurries today but not a vast amount. 

The 30th of January. 

I went out today, hooray! I spent my morning in the usual way, watching tv and crocheting the ears of Alexandre the Russian Blue Cat who I finished this evening. 

I met up with Sadie at Yorks Espresso Bar for lunch at twelve. I gave her the polar bear she’d requested and she’s named him Pablo. We both had ham and Swiss cheese croissants, then I also had a chocolate brownie which was excellent. We had a nice time because we always do, including the admiration of my friend Andy’s baby who was wearing exceptional stripy socks. 

When I got home, I finish Alexandre’s ears and tail, then I sewed him together and gave him a face. I think he is the best size – I’ve used different hooks for each one, Emma with a 4mm, Bridget with a 3mm and Alexandre with a 3.5mm. 

Tonight I am chilly and would like to go to bed soon. It’s only twenty past six. 

The 2nd of December.

Oh I had the most tedious morning. We arrived at the Women’s Hospital on time for my menopause clinic appointment at 10:15. We then sat for an hour and forty five minutes with no one saying what was going on, or apologising for the lateness of the clinic. By the time I finally saw Dr. Robinson, I was really very angry, and we politely let her know, but it wasn’t her fault, and we moved on. I can’t have the coil while I’m still on blood thinners, but my bleeding is much more regular and stable now, so I’ll cope for another six months. 

When we left just after twelve, we had to go and get hamster food because we don’t have enough for tomorrow. I was then able to have lunch, nut Mommy had to go straight back out to Grandma’s! When I’d finished, I let Becky know I was back and she came over to show me what will be her wedding make up. It was subtle, but enough to be special. We approve. The M&S dresses are going back but we’ve got plenty of time so there’s no worry. 

Back to hospital again tomorrow!

The 3rd of December. 

I decided to knock myself out early last night with a Zopiclone at nine because I wanted to get to haematology clinic for nine, considering I wanted to go into town afterwards and you can be waiting for hours if you don’t get in early. So I saw Igor, and apparently my echocardiogram didn’t show the thing that would mean I’ve definitely got/had a PE, but it did show the valve between my right atrium and ventricle isn’t closing all the way so I have some backflow which is indicative of there having been a clot. So I need the CT! So that is getting booked and I’ll get a letter. I have also been having these horrendous, debilitating headaches that we think are related to my high blood pressure, and I’d been having one since ten to eight and paracetamol hadn’t worked, so I thought it a good opportunity to bring them up. He’s now changed my lisinopril to amlodapine, and has prescribed me some co-codamol which I had two of at ten to twelve and within half an hour, there was some relief from the constant pounding. 

We went to The White Company and I have got my wrapping! Hopefully I’ve bought enough but I’ll get started soon so if need more, I’ve got time to get it. Got home and had lunch, spent the afternoon watching TOWIE and Intruders, and this evening I met up with Sadie for an Old Hallfieldian reunion at The Highfield. We had fun, drinking and commandeering a corner of the food table, and she showed me her photos from America. 

Back to school tomorrow! It’s going to be very weird.