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The 15th of December.

I bloody love Star Wars. Such fun. But it has eaten up my entire afternoon so barely any crochet today!

I got up a bit early to rinse some of the product off my hair, do a blog post and the Cats Protection admin that came from the adoptions before getting on with some crochet pre-film. Somehow it all took longer than I planned, so I’ve done just about a round and a bit of what I am working on. Going to have a busy weekend.

So this afternoon was The Last Jedi. I love Carrie so much. And Po and Rey and Finn and Rose and the porgs. The porgs are my favourite. So cute; I want one. And BB-8! I did not like the evil BB-8, whatever that is called. He can piss off.

Got a sales report this morning and we’ve sold 98 so far. Going to try to push this week because it is anniversary week.

The 16th of December.

Ugh. I woke up at half past five and I am feeling it. Just couldn’t go back to sleep, so shortly after six I decided to watch some tv on my phone until it was warm enough to get up. I started with The Night Of, but it was really slow and dull, so then I watched the first episode of Dark, which I have carried on with all day. It began dubbed, but the mouths not syncing with words was too annoying so I changed the audio to German and put the subtitles on.

After that, I came downstairs and had a rather early breakfast. Made coffee, got on the crochet. That has been my day, watching episodes two to eight of Dark, finishing one Christmas present, and getting a bit more done of another. Nearly finished that one.

I had a delivery this morning of my last present to arrive, and it rattled which was most concerning. I had Mommy film me opening it so if it was broken I had proof it arrived that way, but thankfully it was not smashed. Phew!

The 5th of January. 

I had a really good sleep, although some weirdly complicated dreams. One involved Victoria Beckham being a dog with glorious pink hair. As you do. 

Decided to ring the dental hospital again because the ulcer on top of my tongue is making it difficult to eat stuff. Chewing is hard. Unfortunately, the usual receptionist (the very obliging David) wasn’t there and the guy today didn’t understand that I am special and they always squeeze me in. Then it turned out Mrs. Richards wasn’t even there, but John Higham was in this afternoon and he could fit me in because he is an angel. 

I did a blog post, then continued with the crocheting of the blanket. I also went to say hi to the kittens after they all mewed at me while I was in the bathroom, and I ended up getting damp jeans because I sat on a bit of blanket that they like to knead and suck on simultaneously (I know, it’s disgusting, but they think it’s like their mum). 

After lunch, we went up to the dental hospital and saw John, who looked at my tongue, and didn’t really want to give me another injection because it is just uncontrolled steroid into the bloodstream, once it leaves the tongue, so instead he’s prescribed this steroid paste stuff that I have to put on. I’ve been warned that it is gritty and gross but I’m sure I’ll cope. It can’t be worse than the sensation of vomiting up chunks of your own dead stomach tissue into your mouth. 

The 6th of January. 

My arm is stupidly, uncomfortably big. I can only just get a jacket on now. I really hope this venogram happens PDQ because I want to be able to wear clothes other than huge jumpers. 

This morning, I went out with Shaki to meet a new fosterer. We spent about an hour and a half there with her, her husband, occasional cat-sitter (who will also be a registered fosterer) and current cats. One was not at all interested in investigating us, but the other one was in my jacket, scarf, bag and Shaki’s skirt. She was wanting much petting. 

Once we’d gone through all the relevant information, we then made trips to Lee’s, Lydon’s and Pets at Home in search of the gastro food to tide our kittens over until they go on Sunday. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see Rogue One (finally). We were the only ones in there which is always fun, and it meant that I wasn’t annoyed by anyone else. The film was alright – I was almost irritated that it didn’t then go into episode IV with the destruction of the Death Star, but it was enjoyable enough. I liked the sassy robot. 

This evening I’m trying the steroid paste for my mouth. It’s not so bad.


The 17th of December. 

Good things and bad things about today. I woke up from a dream I was in the worst wedding ever, it was very stressful and everyone was shooting at each other. I was pleased to find myself in my bedroom. 

I did a blog post before my chiro appointment, and it turns out I was definitely right to go. The left side of my neck needed sorting, and I hadn’t just aggravated my rib, I’d dislodged it. Extreme coughing in my part. It wasn’t going to sort itself out. Thank you, person who cancelled.

We need a game pie for Christmas, and have had no luck in finding one so far. We found out that Waitrose do one (supposedly), so we went to the one in Mere Green. No pies there. They suggested we try the Lichfield shop which is massive, but they didn’t have one either! I don’t know why I’m so stressed about it because I don’t even eat it, but it’s a traditional part of our Christmas breakfast and it’s irrationally important to me. 

This afternoon, I spent some time trying to teach Jonathan to crochet, then he suddenly discovered he had to be back at school in ten minutes, so Mommy drove him. I made three snowball hats which were frustrating because the patterns are written terribly, so I had to work a lot of it out for myself, not helpful. 

I also found out that my TCT group had their Christmas party last night which I was not invited to. So that feels good. 

The 18th of December. 

I am not a fan of this diuretic Dr. Hewins has put me on. I was up twice in the night and I went to the bathroom before Star Wars but had to go again at the end anyway. Bloody tablets. I am not having them over Christmas. 

This morning was fairly unproductive – painted my nails in Rouge Rubis and knocked up a snowball for Jonathan while watching Philip and Holly in their Christmas jumpers. 

After lunch, I made a hat for one of the large snowballs which was repetitive to say the least, but never mind. Just one more to go! I’d not long finished when it was time for Daddy and I to go to the cinema for Star Wars!

It was ridiculous in a very enjoyable way. I am sure I missed lots of references because I haven’t really seem any of the other films. I won’t say too much in case of spoilers but I liked BB-8 going down the stairs and Oscar Isaac’s beautiful face. I texted Christine after and she wants to see it again when she’s home. 

On the way back, we drove around some of the streets near our house to look at their lights. Decorating the house tomorrow!