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The 16th of June. 

I have a tiny bit of good news. I gave the ciclosporine eye drops another go last night, fully prepared for it to be awful again. But it was fine. It stung a bit, and first thing this morning was a bit tricky, but it was so much better than last time. So now that extra line of treatment for my eyes is up, let’s hope that helps. 

So it’s been a quiet day. I wrote up a blog post this morning and this afternoon I did some podcast listening and redid all the crochet I’d had to unravel. Now back to where I was, I can try to finish. Will have to do most of it tomorrow because on Sunday, new kitties come, so I will be super distracted. I need some tiny floofs. 

The more that comes out about Grenfell, the worse if gets. The Queen and Prince William visited victims today, Theresa May only went to the hospital where she could control the narrative. Then she goes to a church but nobody sees her and she sneaks out of a side door. No council-lead support; everything is being done by the volunteers. Everybody in power is doing the bare minimum, sometimes not even that. It’s inhumane. 

The 17th of June. 

So hot. So bright. Being on Voriconazole means I’m not really allowed to go in the sun (it majorly increases the risk of getting skin cancer and since we know someone who did get it because they didn’t know, I’m not taking any chances), so I can’t go outside and enjoy it, but even if I could, I’d be so photosensitive, I’d be blind. I miss being able to see without pain. 

It’s been mainly a day of crocheting. Want to finish the doily. And I’m doing very well – I’ve got one round left. Although focusing on tiny crochet hasn’t been great for the eyes. Finish a round, have a rest. Lots of drops. 

Very little to say. I iced some cakes and put sugar elephants and ducks on them. I climbed the stairs and it was fine. That was a really good feeling. It’s been so long since I didn’t need an immediate rest when I got to the top. 

The 11th of June. 

It is Daddy’s birthday weekend, so we are having family bonding fun time. 

We have celebrated by going to the Cholmondeley Power and Speed Festival. We were leaving at eight, so I was the first one up, at six. I don’t know why I require two hours to be ready, I just do. The weather was supposed to be pretty grey all day, so I did not take my sunglasses. As soon as we arrived, I realised this had been a mistake. It was cloudy, but too bright for me, and I was struggling. Thankfully, Daddy had his clip-on sunglasses and they fitted on my specs too. Without them, I’m not sure what I would have done. Probably bought some sort of hideous hat with a large brim (not that hats with large brims are hideous, I look great in them, but this was not the sort of place where they would sell good hats). I was also grateful we’d brought the manual wheelchair, because although I do not love being pushed around, the motorised chair would not have coped with today’s terrain. There was a stand selling fancy off-roading chairs but they cost about £4000 and I am not in regular need so I don’t think that’ll be necessary. 

To be honest, there is not a great deal to say about what we saw. Lots of cars and motorbikes, some helicopters and a plane. Oh, and many retro ice cream vans. I had a pulled pork bun for lunch which was only a tiny bit spicy so my mouth could tolerate it, then we had some tiny fried funfair doughnuts and frankly I could have devoured the whole bag on my own. 

We left when we’d seem everything we wanted to, about half two, and on the way home it chucked it down, so I listened to Pillars by Josh Record and my sore eyes didn’t really matter anymore. 

The 12th of June. 

I came downstairs today with arms full of presents, and I interrupted Daddy’s viewing of the Grand Prix qualifying to give them to him. I bought him a Rubik’s Cross (like a cube but harder) which I suspect may never get scrambled, and a Vinyl Pop figure of Flash, the sloth from Zootropolis, who brought him much joy. 

My breakfast was very exciting because it was an enormous crumpet! I have wanted to try one for ages but we couldn’t find them in shops, and suddenly Tesco decided to stock them so I got to eat a crumpet as big as my face. Hooray!

I let the kittens have a run around while Christine and Mommy were very busy in the kitchen, ganache-ing Daddy’s cake and making delicious foods for us all. Grandma was collected from up the road to join us, and we were round the table by half past one for roasted venison, followed by our favourite, chocolate mousse. There was also rhubarb galette but I had no interest in that. 

Spent the afternoon watching the Queen’s celebrations, letting the food to down, while I crocheted a dumpling kitty (as it’s called in the pattern). We paused for birthday cake, chocolate and vanilla marble, then Daddy took Christine to the station so she could go home. 

This evening, I went to see Sara Pascoe at The Glee. I was sat on one of the side benches, along with all the other lone people. So cool. Obviously she was brilliant, even when a lady fainted in the middle of the first half. Lights went on, the line “Is there a doctor in the house?” was heard, and Sara told us some lovely stories about Lanzarote and did some impressions (once we we fairly sure the passed out woman was awake and okay).

I went to see her in the interval, any we talked about her book and the dramas of the first half (she was fine, awake and talking, paramedics in attendance), then she had to work out if she needed to cut stuff so I left her to do that. 

I’m still trying to compute the massacre in Orlando. Their laws won’t change, because the NRA is too powerful, and they love guns so much. Gay clubs are supposed to be a safe space, somewhere to escape the stares and prejudices of Straight White World, and that security has been shaken. But I am heartened by the queues of people wanting to give blood for the casualties. Most people are good. 

The 25th of March. 

The impact that some sunshine and good music can have on my mood is remarkable. 

Seriously. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine is such a boost, I really should just move to California. Ha. I stayed in my pyjamas all morning because it is always difficult to put on my gym leggings directly after I’ve showered and moisturised. Mommy and Christine went to do a food shop just after twelve, so I went to get dressed, and then I sat around for nearly two hours waiting for them to return so I could a) have the pretzel they were buying for me and b) go to the gym. 

I did eventually get my pretzel (they took so long because the world and his wife had also gone shopping), then it was gym time. Driving in the sun with You Get What You Give by New Radicals on the radio just filled me with joy. I couldn’t then move on to modern music for my workout, so I downloaded Ministry of Sound: Made in the 90s and felt like dancing while I pumped iron but I refrained. Love a bit of Lighthouse Family. 

This evening I was out at The Glee again, seeing John Robins. I was adopted by a lovely group of people, so for once I had people to sit with and we had a jolly time. I’m not sure John will remember the gig particularly favourably, what with the offstage mic not working, problems with the lights and air con, and the group who didn’t know what they had come to and talked until they had to be removed. We all had fun though!

The 26th of March. 

Back to grey skies, wet hair and cold toes. Springtime it is not. 

It was another morning of writing for me. Going out in the evenings is messing up my journal time. So this morning I wrote about last night, then blogged about the previous two days. All that during James Martin’s last Saturday Kitchen, which was very distracting. I enjoyed the montage they had made for him. 

We caught up with last night’s Last Leg over lunch, and this afternoon was a family trip to the cinema to see Zootropolis. No car park altercations this time, mainly because it was so busy, Daddy had to drop us off and go and park in the multi-storey. The screen was full of children, one of whom sprayed me with a burst of their Fruit Shoot, but mercifully I wasn’t too damp. They did not feel my wrath. We saw some really awful trailers; the stuff they are peddling to kids now is really shit. When the film started, they all miraculously shut up!

It was slightly darker than I had anticipated. The trailers didn’t really give much away about the plot but let’s just say, some of the dialogue could be transposed into the real world right now very easily. Lots of little things to pick up on and feel smug about it you’re a Pixar nerd, and not a tear in sight for once!

The 20th of July.

I had a better sleep last night – I think I was just more settled, and I didn’t wake up to pee really early so all in all, better. 

I went to Dolly’s for lunch and was joined by Mommy and Daddy, mainly because I needed them to help me get the chair inside. I had Nutella-filled French toast and I’m still full about five hours later. Afterwards, Mommy and I bimbled a bit, she bought two brooches and I got coffee from Espressini, then we went to Trago Mills, the weirdest shop in the world. I got quite excited because they had all the Sylvanian families and their houses which was my dream as a child but I refrained from buying any. 

Came back and read David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, being fascinated by the chapter on near misses, courage and a bit of leukaemia. It seems I am “brave” because I have escaped things and I’ve had no choice and nothing to lose. Fear is usually worse than the thing one is afraid of. 

Now once again trying to decide where to eat dinner. 

The 21st of July.

Today has been 95% good, I would say. The weather has been really nice, so I was able to wear one of my new hats to protect me from the sunshine. I drove the chair to The Meat Counter and parked it outside with the joystick disabled, then sat in the window so I could keep an eye on it. I had a pulled pork bun and a cookies and cream milkshake and it was so good. I watched all the fun tiny dogs outside while I ate and I had a great time. Dogs here are all so thrilled to be alive, I love it. When finished, I wandered up to the Falmouth bookshop where I got The Radleys by Matt Haig and A Slip of the Keyboard by Terry Pratchett.

I came home briefly to use the facilities and do my mouthwash, then I went back out to get a Tropical Twist juice (pineapple, passionfruit, mango, orange and green apple) then I took it to the edge of the the harbour so I could drink it while looking over the water. I’d had about half when I was resting it on the arm of the chair and it slipped and went all over me. That’s karma for feeling smug. I called Mommy and we mopped me up as best we could before coming home and chucking everything in the wash. 

Tonight I am having only vegetables. 

The 13th of May.

It has been a glorious day, weather-wise. I woke up fairly early but that was okay. I had breakfast here, then took Her by Harriet Lane to The Galley to read while I had two flat whites. Mommy came to show me the stuff she’d bought, then went to get the wheelchair and we bimbled down to the sea to kill time until we met Daddy at The Courtyard Café at one for lunch, I had wild garlic fritters with a poached egg and salad. The coffee came looked good from the outside my but we saw a slice and the crumb structure looked quite tight so we were glad we’d been too full to have any.

This afternoon, we went for a stroll (roll) along the cobb and back, then bought gelato and brought it back to the house to eat on the deck, I had a scoop of chocolate sorbet and one of salted caramel gelato. I had a tiny brain freeze but it was worth it. I stayed out on the balcony for some time, absorbing the warmth through my jeans and suspiciously eyeing any seagull who flew overhead and might have shat on me.

Tomorrow will be packing and having another main meal at lunchtime, but I’m not sure where we’ll go as it’s supposed to chuck it down.

The 14th of May.

Today has been very much an inside day. It absolutely pissed it down for most of the morning, so I’ve been watching TV and sorting stuff for packing. Daddy got me a coffee so I didn’t have to venture out in the wet, and after This Morning, Mommy and I went to get pasties for lunch, as the rain was nearly gone by then and we’ve not had a pasty yet. I had a sweet potato and spinach one which was spicier than I expected, but I coped. My mouth is pathetic.

This afternoon, Mommy and Daddy went out, but I had no inclination to, so I stayed here and made all four of Rufus’ legs. We’ve been trying to decide what to do about food tomorrow as our train from Axminster to London is 12-3 so we’re still not sure how we’re going to work lunch, but we’ll meet Christine and Kim at The O2 at six and have dinner there. I’m so excited!