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The 11th of April. 

Surprisingly good breathing today. Especially considering the fact that this morning my sats were 87, but now they’re 98 on air. I am very glad about this because I have had an oxygen-induced headache all day. I have managed to be off it since lunchtime, but still the headache persists. 

Rosemary came for one of her lunches with Mommy, so she and I had a lovely conversation about surgery under local anaesthetic and the way nurses have to try to distract you, while Mommy heated up the soup. When it was ready, they ate it in the dining room, while I ate my lunch and watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

She had to go home to walk the dogs, so then we watched last night’s Criminal Minds, and were sad about Reid being in prison. I so want to read ahead to find out how he gets out (surely he must) but I don’t want to spoil it. 

Mommy went to Grandma’s, and I sat and crocheted while listening to the Pappy’s episode of Comedian’s Comedian Podcast. I also had a look at MyHealth and have discovered I have appointments in May with Mr. Titley, the plastic surgeon Miss Byrom was going to write to about me, and with the eye people. Always finding new things to fix. 

The 12th of April. 

Two good breathing days in a row? What can I have done to deserve this? However, I can only have one thing right at a time – the left eye has been irritated and blurry all day. So I can breathe, but I’m sort of half-blind. 

This morning, I was very slow at getting up, so all I got done after breakfast was sort out my appointment for a physio assessment, which will be surprisingly soon – the beginning of May!

After lunch, Mommy and I went out into Sutton. We needed multiple birthday cards, which were much more difficult to source than you might expect. It took three shops to find a suitable card for each chap. I had to get an Easter card for Grandma, and some hand cream and shower gel from Boots. Super exciting. I was quite grateful that I didn’t need to wear the extra oxygen on, because I did not feel like having to deal with the stares of all the youths who are not in school. 

When we got back, we watched The Oliviers, skipping that speeches we had not interest in, and I did some more crochet. I need to pay a bit more attention to what I’m doing, because I had to unravel a lot today because I found a mistake that I couldn’t ignore. Bah. 

The 30th of August. 

Well I have at least left the house today. We had a trip into Sutton this morning, mainly so I could get a new top coat to try because every one I use goes gloopy, and other things were incorporated. I also needed some more hand cream, but Boots (where I got the top coat) didn’t have mine, so we then had to go to Superdrug where they did. Then we went to Waterstones so I could get The Bone Clocks. I didn’t realise Slade House was a companion book to it, so having read that, I wanted to read the rest. Last thing was a TV Times for Grandma and we were home in time for the end of This Morning. 

After lunch, I assembled the cat I’ve been making, watched the VMAs (I am living for Beyoncé’s performance) and the penultimate episode of Zoo, then crocheted two granny squares with leftover bits of wool while Christine was on the phone, regaling us with a tale of the enormous spider she encountered this morning. We have not had any horrors yet and I am really hoping it stays that way. 

The 31st of August. 

There is only so much crocheting one can do. None today. 

This morning, I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I woke up because Daddy felt shit again last night (apparently he ate an evil biscuit which was the culprit) but he was just off to work so obviously feeling better. It seems gluten can affect people with Ménières so he’s got to avoid that now, which sucks for him. I love bread so much, I would be devastated if I had to give it up. 

Instead of crocheting, I watched the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars and started The Bone Clocks. So many questions (spoilers): Spencer’s dad was banging both twins? Classy. When did Jenna teach Noel Kahn and Charlotte anything? How was Sara Harvey involved? Is Toby dead? Is Alison pregnant with Emily’s eggs that went missing? What’s going to happen now Nicole isn’t dead? So many questions to be answered in just ten episodes! I better be fucking satisfied. 

Less questions about The Bone Clocks. I’ve just finished the 1984 chapter. 

The 20th of October. 

This is going to be another short one because it’s been another kittens and Netflix day. Instead of Netflix and chill, I do Netflix and cat cuddles. I’ve had them both on my lap for most of the day while Daddy’s been out walking all the canals (he has the week off – other fun activities include a visit to the Gloucester service station and no I am not joking) and Mommy’s been ferrying Grandma places.

It’s probably not wise for me to get so attached to these kittens because they will have to go, and I’m sure we’ll get some more who will enjoy being fussed just as much, but I don’t care, I want to keep them. Very bad.  

I’m also really tired for no particular reason – I’ve been sleeping enough and not exactly busy so I haven’t worn myself out. I just want to have a little nap which isn’t going to happen because I’m not ill. 

The 21st of October. 

I tore myself away from the kittens today. I went in to see them this morning and they enjoyed trying to eat the zip and toggles of my hoodie, and Nick climbed up onto the back of the armchair to give my hair a good sniff. 

I had a chiropractor appointment at quarter past eleven, and on the way, we saw a car had driven through the fence and into the front garden of a house by the roundabout on Monmouth Drive, narrowly missing the street sign and rhododendron bush. There were a few crunches Trine needed to do, but not much else so we were on our way pretty quickly. 

We went into Sutton before going home, taking back some of Grandma’s jumpers to BHS, buying some eggs from Aldi where there was a very angry baby who had no shoes on, and we picked up an order from M&S and a birthday card from Paperchase. On the way home, the car we’d seen was being taken away. How it happened is a mystery. 

During lunch, we watched a new episode of Criminal Minds which was a little bit annoying because a man was murdering people by injecting their faces with nutritional supplement food, but we knew from experience that it’s impossible to get it through a needle that small. Bad research. 

This afternoon, I went to the gym and climbed the stairs again! Got all the things done that I wanted to do and saw the man who was on all my machines the other day get sniped so generally very pleasing!










The 4th of June.

Ugh I had a really terrible night – I didn’t take anything, and I was too warm to sleep, even after taking off my pyjama bottoms. I did eventually fall asleep at about half past four and wrote up at half past eight, having a coughing fit.

The only thing I’ve done today is go to the sorting office to pick up a package I missed yesterday, which was one of Daddy’s birthday presents. This morning, I wrote about yesterday, and this afternoon, I have been watching TV and wanting to go to sleep. I watched an episode of Virtually Famous, in which Alex Brooker referred to a tumblr about people’s fantasies about British comedians, so I looked at it, but just found it really weird, now having met a lot of them.

This evening, I’m icing some cakes and having more coughing fits. My voice is dreadful today – I think I talked too much yesterday, then coughed all night. When I answer the phone to people, they must wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

The 5th of June.

Oh I slept last night without drugs and it was glorious. I didn’t even cough too much. The only had bit of the night was a headache, so I had some co-codamol and it went away. This morning was spent trying to get a blogpost up but the app I use was being uncooperative but I did eventually get it uploaded. After lunch, Mommy and I went into Sutton. I was looking for an adult toothpaste that isn’t minty but the only one I found was a Holland and Barrett fennel one, which is awful. I don’t understand why they don’t exist! I can’t be the only person with a problem with mint. I did get some facewipes that were on offer, and Mommy got some sandals from M&S on sale, so it was a successful trip, in a way.

My parents have informed me that a mysterious benefactor has come forth and donated the full amount for my chair! They’ve been approached, won’t tell me anything, but yeah! So I am ending the campaign, refunding all the money that has already been donated, and being super excited about rolling on my own!

The 22nd of March.

Well I am just thrilled to be telling you that Oscar the smushy kitty that I want to catnap was just in our garden, so I decided I’d see what he’d do if I opened the door, so I unlocked and opened it, and he didn’t run away! So I went onto the patio and after a little bit of coaxing, he came up to me! He smelled my hands, then once that was alright, he let me stroke him! However, Mommy then tried to take a photo and her presence scared him back down the garden. I gave him a minute, then slowly followed him and we had another little stroke on the step of the bridge. Then he decided to go and play with the frogs again so I thought I’d leave him then. But I’m so happy!

I had a Zopiclone last night let myself sleep until just after ten, but then I did feel it was time to get up. I watched Sunday Brunch, had lunch, then we washed my hair. This afternoon, I’ve crocheted an apple as I can’t finish the bunny until my new wool arrives. I then got ambitious and tried to start a pair of socks, but I was incapable of deciphering the pattern, so that project was unravelled. I might try an aubergine.

Two days off furosemide and my right arm is starting to get boggy.

The 23rd of March.

At least it seems the 5mg of pred is working. The rash is slowly fading, and last night my toes weren’t as itchy. I think the fingers and toes have been helped by using a stronger steroid cream.

We went out late morning for a trip to Sutton that was rather unsuccessful, as I only got one of the three things that we went for. I’m at the dental hospital in the morning so we can try again in town. Anyway, I agree lunch in the car before my chiropractor appointment at quarter to one. It was much better than last time, so my next appointment is in four weeks instead of three.

Then I was back at the gym. Not so much entertainment there today, just a man who was jumping really high onto some boxes. It was very impressive, but I refrained from applauding after the first jump (I think it was the first time he’d done it) because I wasn’t sure it was appropriate. I am hoping he is an athlete or a policeman, not a criminal, as those are the only professions I could think of where you need to jump that high.

Tonight I’m finishing an aubergine I’m making for Christine. Hopefully my wool comes tomorrow!

The 31st of October. 

I think my breathing is definitely improving – today I was able to go from the living room to the kitchen and although I still needed to rest, I didn’t need oxygen like I would have a couple of days ago.

Mommy and I went into Sutton again to get some different sized crochet hooks and other things like chocolate and coffee. I resisted the urge to get another cronut from Waitrose. 

This afternoon, Mommy flushed my line because the nurse didn’t show up, and we almost had a very messy situation because she drew back, then squirted a load of the blood out but thankfully it only went on the protective paper towel. 

We also made some very indulgent chocolate brownies from the New York book. They have to be eaten with a fork. 

I wrote a piece concerning Halloween and identity. We are who we appear to be. 

The 1st of November

I need to start tapering the steroids again. My brain is really struggling to cope with my face. I had a real wobble this afternoon and I can’t do this for much longer. The cough is getting better though so I don’t see why we can’t at least start. 

Zopiclone sleep so I can’t remember what time I woke up, but I watched the majority of Saturday Kitchen downstairs. This afternoon I crocheted, read some of The Architects and Mommy and I went round the corner to look at frames for my Chris Riddell drawing but the only style I liked, they didn’t have in the right size. Annoying. 

Tonight I just kind of want to cry and punch things.


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The 29th of October. 

Man, I should be on only 3mg of pred by now, but I’m still on 10 which is shit. 

I had a reasonable sleep and didn’t really wake up until half nine! I was really slow getting up though – it took me over an hour to get downstairs. 

Mommy and I went into Sutton to buy soup and poppy seeds, and in Waitrose (on a random hunt for buckwheat and spelt  which was unsuccessful) I found not only salted pretzels, but also cronuts! I got a lemon one and it was yummy. 

This afternoon Mommy went to Grandma’s and I crocheted and watched tv. I’ve also been communicating with Lucie Cave and it looks like we have a date for me to visit heat! Which also means we can do Duck and Waffle breakfast so that’s excellent. 

We were going to make bialys today from the New York book but there wasn’t time so we’ll do them tomorrow, which is probably just as well as I’ve eaten enough already today to cause me breathing difficulties. 

The 30th of October. 

I feel okay today. I’m having less coughing fits that leave me feeling like I’m going to die, so that’s always good. 

Mommy and I made poppy-seed bialys today, but they did not really come out like the picture. They tasted good though! Especially warm from the oven. 

Becky and James came round for a bit and we watched some of Catching Fire on Netflix. They’d just been to sort out their marriage license, then either Becky was going to make fudge with Jonathan or James was going to take him for a haircut. I don’t know which happened. 

I was getting nostalgic about the premiere and now I really want to go to the Mockingjay one! It was so much fun, one of the best nights of my life, and I’d love to repeat it (but with maybe less rain). It would be really nice to see Nat Dormer again and thank her for looking out for me last time. I did tweet Lionsgate but the premiere is on the 10th so there’s probably not time to squeeze me in. Sigh.