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The 10th of July. 

One more day. Will have to find some activity to pass the time tomorrow while I count down the hours. I think a lot of crochet. 

Better sleep. This morning I wrote up a blog post (back on track, although Wednesday’s will be late), and I spoke to Nicola about the bloods. She rang the labs to ask about the biochemistry, and they denied all knowledge of it. Hmph. She said I could come into clinic this afternoon to have them done again, so after lunch, off we went. 

Arrived at the hospital just before two. Neil sent me down to the nurses who had the form, and I got stabbed again. That vein is going to stop cooperating. Anyway, the biochemistry has now been sent off again and if the labs disagree, they will get a telling off. 

I think we were back out within ten minutes of entering the car park, so after getting home, Mommy went back out to Grandma’s. I did some Cats Protection adoption admin while listening to the new My Dad Wrote A Porno, then it was Orphan Black and floof time. Bree sat on me for maybe a whole minute which sounds like nothing, but that’s the longest ever and I didn’t have to try to keep her there. She goes on the website tomorrow. I am prepared for the deluge of potential adopters. 

The 11th of July. 

Crocheted the day away. Up, breakfast, coffee, blah. Got out the doily I have been working on for the past few weeks. Most of the day has been WimbledonB and crochet. Just after twelve, we went to M&S to buy some flowers for me to give to Emelda (Andrew’s secretary) and got a pretzel and cinnamon swirl for lunch because why not?

This afternoon, back on the crochet with one eye on the tennis. I planned to go and sit with the kitties, but pretty much as soon as I sat down, Betty did a poo, so I left again. They smell absolutely awful; I cannot be in the room with one. So, back in the living room, I watched the last two episodes of season 3 of Orphan Black. It’s so easy to get through when there are only 10 episodes per season. 

I don’t know how much I’ll sleep tonight. The biochemistry hasn’t shown up on myhealth which is annoying/concerning. They can bleed me in the morning if necessary but ugh. I just want this to be over. I want to not have to wear oversized clothes or be able to make dents in my spongy tissue or feel my veins being squeezed. I want to feel like me again. 

One nice thing happened: a girl I went to Guides with sent me a message to say she has signed up to be a stem cell donor because of me. One more. 

The 9th of July. 

Home. Holiday is lovely but home is just better. My bed, my shower (I and more importantly my hair is super clean), my armchair. I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight.

We had an early start and I’m glad I got up when I did, because while I was having breakfast, the builders next door started using what I can only assume was a power saw? A continuous, high-pitched whining noise, just delightful. 

Packed up all our belongings, did a sweep of the house to check we hadn’t missed anything, and we were out of the door by ten to ten. The Dorset Seafood Festival started today, so after getting coffee, Mommy and I had a look at all the stalls but it was mainly street food to eat there and then which we had no intention of doing, and none of the interesting demonstrations were on until much later, so by eleven, we were on the road home!

We stopped for lunch and to visit the Gloucester services, but the traffic was all pretty good and we got home just after four. Unpacked all the things, then I thought I would shower right away; my hair was so full of product and my skin all covered in suncream which leaves a residue that I am not a fan of. 

Tonight I must update my blog. I have been somewhat neglectful while away. 

The 10th of July. 

Well, Britain has done some good sport today. Now we just need to win the mixed doubles and we’ll be three for three! And it would be preferable if Portugal lost at the football but I am not really invested in that. 

Sleeping in my bed was just delicious, oh how I love a mattress that I don’t sink into and having a plug socket in a sensible place. I got up to watch Katherine and Joe on Sunday Brunch, and I relished the ability to make my own coffee and have it taste good. Then my friend Dan who is home for the weekend came round for a brew, a catchup and many bear hugs. We have been friends for ten years and can fall back into our rhythm so easily, there are never any awkward silences. 

After he’d gone back home to help his dad build his website, I watched Hamilton win the Grand Prix with Daddy while I crocheted a little kitty in a teacup, although I had to stop at three for lunch. Grandma came as obviously we haven’t seen her all week so I was showing her my sunburn over the table. 

Tennis, more crocheting. Had to stop to watch the last few points. I did some involuntary screams at stressful moments. I finished the kitty while I caught up on Limitless, and now I really need to finish my Anthony Nolan speech before I talk to the chap about it tomorrow!

The 5th of March. 

Well it’s been another day of waiting with no reward. I was expecting a phone call from Shaki around lunchtime, but I still hadn’t heard anything by two o’clock, so I texted her. She eventually replied having rung the vet and now won’t hear anything until Monday, so neither will I. 

I was going to go and see Hail, Caesar! with Daddy and Christine but was still waiting when they had to leave so I stayed at home and listened to the Davis Cup while having pretend naps, because I didn’t get much sleep again. I also watched another episode of Pretty Little Liars and swooned at Toby in his police uniform. Something very alarming happened which I won’t go into but I’m sure Christine will be texting me when she gets to it. 

The 6th of March. 

I had a very slow start to the day. My throat was really dry when I woke up so I had a Strepsil and that meant it was half an hour before I even went to brush my teeth. After that, washing and drying my hair, I didn’t get downstairs until about half past ten when I’d been up for nearly two hours. 

Christine had made oatmeal pancakes so I had one of those with Nutella and watched the rest of Sunday Brunch. I gave Mommy her card and a box of Biscuiteers biscuits which I think will get opened this evening, and Christine cooked roast lamb for all of us for lunch. It was super tasty because she is a very good chef. There was also cheesecake for pudding but I did not partake because I am not a fan.

This afternoon has belonged to the tennis and the stress it has caused. It doesn’t help that Andy gets so angry. I wish we knew what he was saying. But he won in the end so it was all fine and we could breathe again. 

The 29th of January. 

My head is a big jumble of thoughts this evening. I think it best to start at the beginning. 

I woke up from a really complicated dream, I can’t remember the narrative but I was really annoyed that I am now disabled in my dreams, that is not fair. I wrote up a blog post, and Mommy went to Boots to look for some eye drops that were similar to the ones we hope to get prescribed and actually found them. She bought some, because I need something until I see a doctor, but having them prescribed would be better because they are not cheap. 

My wool for My Crochet Doll arrived, but I haven’t had time to do anything with it because Daddy and I went out at two to go to CineWorld to see Spotlight. It’s so good, really, everyone is so impressive. Mark Ruffalo is excellent, especially his physicality. I couldn’t help thinking how much Nish would like it, it’s definitely his kind of film. After seeing The Big Short last Friday and this today, I feel ever so highbrow. Both such important stories. I’d say The Big Short is more entertaining, but Spotlight never made me mad at myself. I came out of the film, a film about paedophile priests, to see a news story about how Doug Richard from Dragons’ Den has been found not guilty of child sex offences, despite admitting having sex with a 13 year old. I don’t know how, it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m kind of aghast. 

However, in nice news, the #match4lara campaign has added 12,000 new donors to Anthony Nolan, half of which are BAME, which is fantastic. So some people are good. 

The 30th of January. 

Ugh you know when you do something stupid and it just makes you hate yourself? I just spilt two thirds of a large glass of water all over the living room table and I’m so annoyed at myself, I can’t write properly, I’m trembling. 

My eyes have been better again today – I woke up with less pain than previous days. I read the paper, did the puzzles, and texted Becky to arrange a time for me to go round and see the progress they’d made on the house. 

We agreed on after lunch, so I finished off the head of the crochet doll, ate some food, and we watched all the stressful tennis. Mommy got quite emotional at Kerber’s win, less so at Jamie Murray’s. In the speeches, she just wanted Soares to shut up. 

Alison picked me up and we went to the house, which looks very different! It’s all plastered now, they have the log burner going and the gas fire in the front room, the kitchen is (almost) fully functional. The bedroom upstairs is painted, bed is in, and while I was there, the wardrobe got taken up the stairs to join it. It seemed like every moment, someone was calling Becky’s name to ask her opinion, or where a particular thing was, or just to tell her someone was wearing shoes in the bedroom. Tim, Rose and Mommy also joined us, so the house got very busy. I think it was a relief when we made our move. 

Arrived home, made a huge mess! Excellent show. 

The 12th of July.

For obvious reasons, it’s been a recovery day. I got up just after nine and watched Sunday Brunch, finished yesterday’s paper and wrote about the hen, which took much longer than usual as there was so much to say. I also had a look through the photos that the woman took at Pizza Express, need to delete a few as they’re not all worth keeping. 

Grandma came after church for lunch, then Daddy took Christine to the station, and we have been watching the Wimbledon final since then – I wanted Federer to win, but oh well.

That is all! Exceedingly quiet. 

The 13th of July.

Not the day I had planned! I had a free morning, writing up my blog from the weekend and a planned gym visit in the afternoon. Grandma had a nursing review at half past one, so Mommy was going to take me after that. However, I had a phone call from the QE from a woman in x-ray who was asking if I could come in for an ultrasound at half past one. Of course. I needed to have it done, so I got changed it of my gym clothes and got an Uber car to take me to hospital. It’s handy having one on my road who happened to be free!

I had to self-propel from the car to reception (which was far enough, a plenty decent workout for my arms) – I couldn’t take the new chair as I’m not strong enough to put it up myself yet. A volunteer pushed me to imaging outpatients, and after a few phone calls to find out where I needed to be, I got taken to the right place. I wasn’t waiting long before I was taken in, and as I expected, there’s no clot. She’ll write the report and we’ll see what happens. Then I was taken back to reception where I was picked up by Mommy about five minutes later. 

Now we’ve watched two episodes of Cordon which is a) stressful, b) gross and c) addictive. And we’ve got two more to go!

The 9th of May.

I woke up this morning and for a brief moment, the election hadn’t happened and everything was good. Then I came back down to earth. Also, it was 5am and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I was not thrilled. Mommy and Christine were both up early too, but not to quite the same extent.

Daddy went to buy papers and report on whether the café round the corner was open, which it was, so I went for coffee and breakfast while I read my Guardian. I had American pancakes with maple syrup (very fluffy and tasty) and two flat whites (better than Costa but not excellent). As I was leaving, I ran into Mommy and Christine who were going in search of a scone. I explained that my lungs were being totally shit, and I was going to need the wheelchair to go anywhere. Mommy went to the house to get it and Daddy, and we trundled down to The Town Mill Bakery where they shared a brownie and a giant Eccles cake, and I watched the people assemble various lunch dishes. Mommy and I then went to Amid Giants and Idols where I had another fiat white (good), but they didn’t appear to have any lunch, so we went all the way back down the hill (I walked – rolling would have been terrifying) to The Courtyard Café where I had a dressed can sandwich (super tasty) and Mommy had Welsh Rarebit.

We made our way back to the house, where I have watched Cats and Dogs (insane) and finished Them by Jon Ronson. Tonight we’re having fresh scallops, prawns and sole. I need this.

The 10th of May.

I managed a better sleep – I wasn’t awake at four am for which I was grateful. I didn’t go out for breakfast, but Christine did, so I got her to bring me back some coffee. I spent the morning half-watching Sunday Brunch, starting to crochet the body of Rufus the Lion and reading the new Jeffery Deaver.

We’d booked a table at The Millside Restaurant for lunch, where I had asparagus and pea risotto and vanilla crème brûlée with lemon shortbread. There was a very loud family on the table next to us, but they had a fun baby who I made faces at so I didn’t mind too much. 

After returning to the house, I have finished both Solitude Creek and the body of Rufus, so I am very pleased with my productivity. Daddy and Christine watched the Grand Prix (not particularly eventful) and now we have Murray vs Nadal on. My line needs flushing tonight – blood is leaking down. It’ll probably get done during the Baftas.