The 22nd & 23rd; It was everything I hate about my life.

November 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 22nd of November. 

I had a really big sleep (for me) until half past nine, and after I had my breakfast, Mommy washed my hair and I was able to get away with not putting quite so much product in it today as my face has started to decrease in size, I think. 

I was forced into going to see Interstellar today (I made a bargain with Daddy that if he came to Mockingjay, I’d go to Interstellar) and I hated it. 

I cried at least four times. When Cooper realises he’s missing his children’s entire lives, and when the professor dies, and when Cooper’s trapped behind the bookcase, so frustrated because he is watching the people he loves and can’t seem to communicate with them. It was everything I hate about my life and everything I fear about what might happen after it. 

When we left, I was just sad and angry. The film I saw yesterday made me want to use my voice to try to save people, and the one I saw today made me wish I was already dead. 

The 23rd of November. 

Six milligrams! I think this is the lowest dose of pred I’ve been on since the beginning of June, when I went from 0 to 20 overnight because the topical steroid wasn’t making my mouth and skin better. I do hope I’m able to continue in this fashion. 

I had to take a Zopiclone last night because I got sudden heartburn which I soothed with some Gaviscon, but then my body was all freaked out and I needed some help to fall asleep. 

Today I dressed incredibly comfortably in knitted jogging bottoms and my angry kitty sweatshirt. It’s nearly advent and I do not care; I will be an elf if I wish. I have spent my day being cosy and crocheting myself a snood. I’ve now run out of wool, dearie me. I have also watched many things on the V+ box – so much recorded stuff which I probably shouldn’t bother watching. I should finish reading my book. 

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