The 10th & 11th; I suppose I thought I had time.

February 12, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 10th of February. 

Today has been more of the same of this very bizarre week. I’ve been answering questions from Dan at the Sutton Observer, and BBC WM want me in the studio on Friday morning to talk about Valentine’s Day. People seem to find it really weird that I’ve never had a card, but it never bothered me so much until now. I suppose I thought I had time, but now it isn’t an option, it’s just that little bit worse. From what I’m hearing though, it sounds like I’ll be inundated this year. We’re slightly concerned about the amount of flowers that might arrive. 

Simon the Sheep has gone off in the post, and the body of Grandma’s bear is finished. Becky has been over to see all the hats from Joan and rant a bit about school which makes complete sense when you hear about all the nonsensical paperwork they have to do. It’s just bureaucracy that is helping literally no one. 

We have been on the phone to the hospital again and apparently I’m being booked in for a venoplasty, we’ve just got to wait to hear when!

The 11th of February. 

QE day one of three. Unexciting morning, working on Grandma’s bear and getting really angry at a man on This Morning who thinks that women who get drunk or wear short skirts are asking to be raped and it isn’t men’s fault. I had to stop myself from phoning in. 

Just before we went out to liver clinic, I had a quick phone call from Alison from the Birmingham Mail about setting up a meeting on Saturday with this lady who wants to give me all the cards. 

Clinic itself was fine, once we got parked! Having an appointment in the afternoon is the worst because it coincides with visiting, so the car park is utterly rammed. But we finally got a space! Philippa was there so we had a fun chat and she showed us a video of her daughter playing the drums, and I was showing her pictures of my crochet animals. Then we saw Dr. Ferguson and we mainly talked about my current media attention after he’d ascertained that I’m fine, just waiting for the venoplasty. He also showed us a picture of his (still relatively new) son. We do love babies. 

On the way home, we listened to Josie Long on the Josh Widdicombe podcast in a bit of prep for Sunday when she comes. I’m well excited!

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