The 12th & 13th; The red lumen refused to bleed at all.

March 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 12th of March.

What a long day it has been! Up at 6:45 to be at the QE for 9 to have two bags of blood before photopheresis. So that you until about one o’clock, then I actually got on the machine. My line didn’t really want to cooperate so it was pretty slow. Igor came to see me about it and I showed him my arms that are still squidgy, and he sees that the venoplasty hasn’t completely worked. He’s going to talk to Andrew again. I just basically want this line of and a new one in with a stent around it please.

I was finally able to leave just before four, and to cheer me up after such a long day, we went to Waterstones and I got Jon Ronson and Malcolm Gladwell’s latest books, then we got pizza for tea from M&S because we hadn’t got anything out of the freezer.

Upon getting home, there was a note from DHL because they’d tried to deliver my Mother’s Day present while we were out, so Daddy took me to their main depot which is thankfully not far away so I was able to pick it up. Then we came home to pizza and I’m pooped!

The 13th of March.

Just over three hours at hospital today. I got up at nine and had time to do a blog post before Daddy took me to the QE for day two of photopheresis. I decided against going to buy coffee or lunch because I just wanted to get on the machine as I knew it would be slow again.

And I was correct. The red lumen refused to bleed at all, and the blue one only gave out the most pathetic dribble. Miraculously, I did manage to get going on the machine at a very slow rate on single needle. I relayed all of this to Igor via text, and he came to see me. We had a chat and decided the best thing would be for him to take the line out, then Andrew will have to put a new one in with the stent before my next photopheresis session in a month’s time. So we’ll do that on Monday.

We left about quarter to three, meaning it was too late to go to the cinema so we just came home and I had my lunch. Since then, it’s not been terribly exciting. I caught up on The Supervet and watched Rhod Gilbert try to be a fighter pilot. Now Dermot’s dancing for Comic Relief and we’re about to have tea. Such a busy girl.

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