The 24th & 25th; I have been crippled.

June 26, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 24th of June.

Bleah, I do not feel good, I did not particularly feel like getting up this morning. I had breakfast, coffee and wrote up a blog post before we went out to the QE for oxygen clinic. I took the new wheelchair and only made one error in hitting a doorway. I thought I’d have to do all the walking like I did in the assessment, but it was just a stab in the ear and a chat about how much I’m using, which I was grateful for.

When we got home m we had lunch, then Mommy took me to the gym. It was the first time I’ve been since I got the cough, and I was just going to see how things were. It didn’t go well. My heart rate was taking much longer than normal to come down, and by my sixth machine. I was just feeling sick and it wasn’t going to get better, so I dragged myself over to the mats so I could stretch, then got changed and waited for my ride home. I’m clearly not ready to go back yet. I’ll try again on Monday. I did see a woman with the best ass I have seen in real life though, so that’s something to aim for. 

The 25th of June.

Oh my God, I have been crippled by my gym visit. My bum muscles hurt so much, every movement is pain. I hobbled up and down the stairs to get some clothes – need to move my summer clothes upstairs. 

Mommy’s friend Rosemary came for lunch, and we had a bit of a chat about her new puppy, Otto, who it seems is quite scratchy. I still want to meet him though. He’s a sausage dog! She couldn’t stay for ages as she had to get back to him. After she’d left, I went to do some stuff on the iMac, and Mommy went to Grandma’s, so I then caught up with No Offence and Hannibal. 

This evening, I had an Old Hallfieldians Society meeting where I learned many things, like how our treasurer was at school with Hugh Bonneville and Nigel Farage, and he and Farage used to smoke together. Tim couldn’t give me lift home as he had a date with his wife which I think is adorable. 

After dinner, Mommy and Daddy laughed at me, heaving myself out of the chair, saying “Ow” with each exceedingly slow step. I’m not looking forward to going upstairs again. 

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