The 12th & 13th; KITTENS!

September 14, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 12th of September. 

It’s been a good day. Admittedly, I did not get enough sleep for whatever reason but the awake part has been most pleasant. I had my breakfast and had time to write up a blog post before it was time to go to the Birmingham Independent Food Fair at Millennium Point. 

Frankly, it was somewhat disappointing. All of the savoury, lunchtime-type foods involved some sort of spice of chilli which meant they were all off limits to me, and Mommy was not particularly inspired by any of it either. So we bought some interesting chocolate and went to Bake because they never let us down. I wanted all the things, but we settled on a baba baby bundt, a piggyonaire’s shortbread, a Nutella caramel swirl brownie and a custard cream blondie. 

We decided to go to Boston Tea Party for lunch and both had Reubens (mine without pickles, obviously), then went to M&S to see if we could find a coat for Daddy but alas, no such luck. On the way back to the car, Jackie phoned me to say that the kittens are not being adopted, so they are coming tomorrow morning at 11! I’m very excited. 

This afternoon I caught the end of Hook! and found myself getting emotional because of Robin Williams. I think The Lost Boys really loved him and it’s just a tragedy that he’s not with us anymore. Then I watched Lucy (I love Sky Movies) and remembered how great it is while I crocheted the absolute last fox hat. 

The 13th of September. 


Yes we have the kittens now. After another dodgy night’s sleep, I’d watched the beginning of Sunday Brunch when Shaki (I misheard – it’s Shaki, as in Shakira, not Jackie) and Jen came with Harvey and Hal. They brought all the litter trays and food etc and set up the room before the boys were let out. I signed the form agreeing to take care of them, and we were left to it, except Jen came back with a scratching post and a pooper scooper and we talked some more about cats and all her work with them. 

I have just sat in the room with them most of the afternoon, watching Disney films and watching them chase each other around the room. They have also hidden under the bed a lot. While they were there, I left to go and finish the hat, and talked to Christine on the phone. 

I can’t believe I forgot to write about Jeremy Corbyn yesterday. Of course, I’m thrilled. Watson and Corbyn are my dream team and I believe that they can excite people back into politics. I also hope this means that Tony Blair will realise nobody cares what he thinks and he ought to fuck back off to from whence he came. 

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