The 6th & 7th; Discriminated against because I’m disabled.

October 8, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 6th of October. 

I don’t know what’s going on with my breathing. I’m actually looking forward to my of function tests on Thursday so I can know if the numbers are different and they are definitely getting worse, or if it’s just a strange feeling, or if it’s just because it’s getting colder. 

I had an appointment at the dental hospital this morning which all went very smoothly, except for the bit when the clinic had moved to the 6th floor. I’ve got a prescription for more of the stronger mouth spray so I can hopefully get rid of the ulcer on my tongue. It’s very persistent!

I’d ordered some boots to go with my new Oasis dress but they weren’t right, so I took this back to Office and went on the hunt for some more. After looking round Schuh and Topshop and getting rather disheartened, I thought we’d try River Island where I found some that are perfect, so I got those on the spot. 

I wanted to try the Oasis dress on again in a small, but they didn’t have it anywhere. When we tried the New Street shop, the staff were so kind and helpful. They immediately asked me about the dress (I was wearing it) and we found that my version is a flagship one which other shops don’t have. They ordered one for me for home delivery, and I got a hat to go with it. When at the till, I tried to sign up for a store card, but when the girl tried to phone it through, she got told off because she should’ve immediately declined me because I can’t work. So I’m being discriminated against because I’m disabled. Ugh. 

The 7th of October. 

Woke up from a dream about running around a friend’s house looking for a toilet. Always so stressful. 

This morning we had a trip to the sorting office to retrieve a parcel we missed yesterday. I couldn’t think of anything I’d ordered, so it was a great mystery. However, when the man brought it out, I realised what it was straight away. Coffee. I had checked my email, but not the right inbox. 

For the rest of the morning, I decided I would have a go at crocheting a sock/bootee. I’d just started on the heel, then we needed to go the to GP for the flu jab. The waiting room was completely full except for one chair which I took, just waiting for someone to ask me to move for an old person. Thankfully, no more very old people came in and I was spared. We didn’t have to wait too long, and then the jab itself takes seconds. 

Returned to the Oasis package hidden in the porch, so I went upstairs to try the smaller dress on. After wearing both and much deliberation, we decided I should keep the original, which makes the return easier. 

Came back downstairs, finished the bootee, and now I’m writing this early because I’m seeing Rob Beckett tonight (missing GBBO final! Going to watch when I get home). The Glee Club actually rang to check I was going on my own and hadn’t been missed off a group booking. Yes, I’m alone, I have no friends. 

One response to The 6th & 7th; Discriminated against because I’m disabled.


    I love the boot. I get those weird toilet dreams too, there is always some reason why I can’t go when I need to, no doors on the loo, no loo in the cubicle, that sort of thing but it is just as well that I can’t go as when I wake up I find that I am literally busting for a wee!! x

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