The 23rd & 24th; All the little things that need fixing.

January 25, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 23rd of January. 

Today I’m a very schweepy bear. Double Zopiclone last night but it was solid and dreamless which is all I require. When getting dressed, I opened a delivery from Superdry (I ordered another jumper in the sale, sue me) and it was most definitely not a dark red cable knit crew neck. It was a green hoodie. I had my breakfast, then wrote about yesterday, because I didn’t have time last night. When I’d finished, Mommy, Christine and I went into town so I could discuss the jumper problem with Superdry. 

I put on a red lip so they knew I meant business, as I couldn’t do a power eyeliner because my eyes have been being sensitive again in the past few days. The manager of Superdry couldn’t give me the correct jumper because they hadn’t got one in my size, but I’ve ordered it again online to be delivered to the shop so we can check that it’s correct before I take it home again. I just really like knitwear. 

I ate my first doughnut, the crodough – trying to eat them in the order of the ones which will keep least well. I spent the majority of the afternoon typing up my birthday blog while watching Pretty Little Liars. 

I’d really like a nap now. 

The 24th of January. 

Well, I remember bits and pieces of yesterday. Zopiclone is a funny old beast. I recall what happened in the episodes of Pretty Little Liars I watched but not a Facebook post I made yesterday morning. 

I woke up for the second morning in a row with a painfully dry mouth and after discussing it with Mommy, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because I’ve stopped the oxygen, so to get enough into my system, I’ve been breathing through my mouth. Tonight I’m going to put the oxygen back on and we’ll see what happens. 

My eyes were less painful this morning, so tonight I’ll use the ointment again, just a small amount. All the little things that need fixing. Watched Sunday Brunch, did the puzzles from yesterday’s paper, and Mommy and Daddy went to get Grandma who was coming for lunch. However, they returned without her because she wasn’t feeling well again. 

After lunch, I sat and crocheted the body of Esme’s giraffe. The pattern is annoying because they don’t tell you exactly where to put the patches, “just place them randomly”, and I can’t do that. I did the whole body in the base colour, then put the patches on top. It looks like a very strange pear at the moment because of the giraffe’s long neck. 

Christine gone! Back in March. 

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