The 16th & 17th; It has been worth it.

February 18, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 16th of February. 

I am very chilly. However, I can’t be bothered to get more clothes so I’m not helping myself. It’s because I’m in gymwear which is never as warm as I’d like. Leggings, vests, hoodie. 

This morning I did a blog post, then I finished assembling the paddling pool for the doll. Sod the lilo, it can be a towel. I am very pleased with the outcome, so it has been worth it. Next is an outfit for “In the country” which involves a jumper, dungarees, boots, a hat and a bag. I’d just finished taking pictures of her in the pool when Rosemary arrived. We had a chat for about half an hour before she and Mommy went to have lunch in the dining room while I ate mine and watched Pretty Little Liars. 

She left at two because she had to get home to walk her dogs, and I went to the gym. Neil let me in today, looking very dapper in a pale blue waistcoat and trousers combo, and I went through my usual routine. Still none of the chaps I used to see; I wonder where they all are. Nevermind, I get to do everything I wanted, just have to wait and see how I’m affected tomorrow. 

The 17th of February. 

Cold again and I can’t blame the gymwear because I have a jumper, long sleeved thermals and jeans on. My body is just incapable of staying warm, it seems. 

Becky came over this morning while I was still having my breakfast, and stayed until lunchtime. We had updates on Jonathan in Canada on his ski trip and Chris and Alison in Strasbourg, visiting Jamie. She has to go and pick them up from the airport tonight. We heard about all the recent fun at school (I just the term “fun” loosely) and the progress on the house, in particular the trouble she and James both had with curtain poles. She also demonstrated the latest noises her knee is making and it was very upsetting, I did not like that at all. 

This afternoon has been very quiet – Christine rang and the episode of Pretty Little Liars she watched here has got her into it so we chatted about that, and I hoped Gail might deliver my wool so I could start the next outfit for the doll but she did not materialise. I emailed Black Sheep and got myself a crafty appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow which is very pleasing as it’s getting a bit tufty, and I can’t be having that. 

One response to The 16th & 17th; It has been worth it.


    The doll and paddling pool is SO cute – you are VERY talented 👍

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