The 4th & 5th; I was giving off some seriously passive-aggressive vibes.

April 6, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 4th of April. 

I would really appreciate it if the weather would decide what season it wants to be. Today we’ve had bright sunshine and hailstorms. Monica found them absolutely fascinating, although I’m not sure she would have enjoyed them quite so much had she been outside. 

This morning was a blog post and some kitty cuddles. I need to protect myself when I’m wearing leggings because I have little scratches on my thighs from when she’s jumped off my lap, even after her claws have been trimmed. 

I did not like today’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, it was very stressful and sad. I may have had a tiny cry. Then it was time to go to the gym, but I had to make Mommy park the car so I could wait to hear Helen stab Rob on The Archers. I can’t say I noticed the point at which I became middle-aged. Never mind. When I got up to the changing room, someone had taken the locker that I always use (grr), but then I was able to do everything I wanted in the right order, which placated me a bit. I think the Hoarder Lady must have been lurking my tweets, because she came over to ask if I wanted the mat because she was leaving. It’s that, or I was giving off some seriously passive-aggressive vibes. Oh well! Then I left just in time to avoid Happy Clappy Chap. Excellent. 

The 5th of April. 

Blinding sun again, and no hail today! Progress for the weather. Let’s try and keep this consistency. 

It’s been a rest day, so not much to report. I had a phone call from Jen as I was about to start eating my Shreddies, because she was going to Lee’s garage and wondered if I needed any more supplies. No food or litter, but she had “three tons of Dreamies” so she brought me some of those, along with some blankets to send with cats when they’re homed. 

I spent most of my morning waiting for her, as I didn’t know what time she’d appear, so I decided to do some more crocheting. I’m doing the pyjama set which includes a nightcap and a teddy, and I’ve made most of the bear. Just needs a head. 

I hung out with Monica a bit this afternoon and we watched an episode on Fringe while she kneaded my jumper, until Mommy returned from taking Grandma home from Fellowship. Then we caught up on last night’s Criminal Minds (bad times for Derek) and The Island with Bear Grylls (Simon is a sexist prick and I sincerely hope Erica gives him a swift kick in the balls). We started on The Oliviers from the other night, but then Christine rang for chats, so now here we are!

My left eye has been incredibly bothersome all day. Eye drops not helping. Pah. 

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