The 28th & 29th; Just another ailment.

April 30, 2016

The 28th of April. 

Now my right elbow hurts for no apparent reason. Just another ailment to add to my list. Maybe if I have a bone scan, something will come up there. I can but hope. Or it’ll go away by itself, whatever.

This morning I blogged, and managed to get dressed in the normal way, although my right shoulder is still sore. Oh, how I wish I was able to take ibuprofen. 

After lunch, more gym. A lady I saw on Tuesday was there, and when I saw her then, she had doused herself in body spray to such an extent that it made my face hurt. Today, she wasn’t quite as close, but still as pungent because I got a headache. I have a theory that is to filter weak men from the strong; if a man can get near her and not choke, he can potentially father her children. I can’t think of another reason. 

For the first time, I saw someone who I actually found hot. I’ve seen lots of guys with decent bodies but not good faces. So that was a novelty! I also was incredibly aware of my ribs all grinding together. I’m really glad I’m at the chiro next week. I’ll have to ask Trine what it actually is. 

The 29th of April. 

It’s been a very pleasant day but now I’ve eaten too much food and I feel like I might explode. Perhaps Rennie will be required. 

I couldn’t bring myself to watch James Martin on This Morning because it was so cringey, so I distracted myself with crocheting. I had to make arm holes for the Moomin, then attach the nose to the body. Sometimes I find reading the instructions is not helpful – I am much better at learning by demonstration and doing things myself. I eventually worked it out after some trial and error. Just the ears, eyes, arms, legs and tail to do. 

This afternoon was Captain America! Funnily enough, my timehop showed me that on this day four years ago, we went to see The Avengers. The trip didn’t start off brilliantly, as I hit my head on the roof of the car when getting out. Clever. The cold wind was very soothing. 

I decided to have the free popcorn (Gold Class – when the film is 2 1/2 hours long, I want a comfy seat) and they have made it huge! I’m so glad I didn’t finish it or I’d feel even worse right now. I won’t give any spoilers, saving chat for people who have seen it. Safe to say that in the 147 minutes, none of it feels wasted. Except the Spiderman stuff, he can fuck off. I have no time for him.