The 13th & 14th; He is a monster.

June 15, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 13th of June. 

These kittens are such rascals! Well in fairness, it is just Gabe. I was doing their breakfast this morning and he would not stop climbing my leg, so I had to put him in the cage until I’d got it in the bowl. The other two just wait and play, but he is a monster. That was a new plaster before I’d even had my coffee! Still, won’t be with us much longer – adoptions are all arranged for Saturday morning. 

I let them run around until lunchtime because it was obvious Gabe needed to let off some steam and be mental. Today’s new favorite game was carrying around a bit of masking tape in the mouth. They got very possessive over it! Don’t want actual toys, no, bits of tape please. I despair. 

This afternoon, we went into town so I could get some chocolates that I’d seen and wanted to give Daddy for Father’s Day. While in town, we also went into Boots for necessities such as lip balm, mascara and MORE PLASTERS. It’s been a long time since we needed so many. 

When we got back, I got to start some real fun. The PetPlan training details have finally been tracked down, so I spent a thrilling chunk of my day learning about pet insurance. It is a fascinating world, let me tell you. But it does now mean that when we do this adoption on Saturday, Shaki can sign me off and I can stop having to coordinate quite so many diaries!

The 14th of June. 

I was all set to go to the gym today, but some rather apocalyptic weather put me off. Never mind. 

It didn’t begin with a downpour – this morning was fairly pleasant, even sunny at points. So I put my leggings and hoodie on, ready to try my first workout in weeks this afternoon. I wrote up a blog post and finished off the tail of the dumpling kitty. 

We had lunch, then Mommy went to take Grandma to Fellowship and I went to let the kittens run around until I needed to go out. However, while they were chasing each other, the rain started, then the thunder and lightning. It got very dark, and the kittens were fascinated. Couldn’t tear them away from the window. 

I watched the rain and thought “Do I want to go to the gym more than I want to not get drenched?” No, I did not. I texted Mommy to let her know, and she and Grandma had binned off Fellowship too, so she was just waiting for a safe time to leave. 

I got changed into warmer clothing, and went to let the kittens run around some more, so they were thrilled. After two iZombies and a Fringe, I left them and decided to put the dumpling kitty together while we watched the programme about the Children’s Hospital. We saw Prof. Kelly, my liver consultant, Paolo who is my surgeon, and Monica, who is a liver transition nurse. I think that was it from my team? More to come, I am sure. 

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