The 14th & 15th; I have done so little.

August 17, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 14th of August.

Very sedentary and back to a much more normal pattern of sleep! As in, I dropped off when I wanted to, and didn’t wake up at stupid early time. So that’s nice!

This morning I found Sunday Brunch vastly entertaining because Noel Fitzpatrick was on it being supremely weird and basically me when I am with comedians. Wrote a post, and did some more crocheting of the baby blanket. It will be quite adorable when I finish, and now I’m over halfway through. 

After lunch I washed my hair and had a look at how the rash is doing – second day off oxycontin and it’s fading now, it should be gone by tomorrow night or Tuesday. Stupid drugs, messing with me. Then I stayed upstairs and watched the final three episodes of Fringe while crocheting. The very last episode made me cry a ridiculous amount, I was in absolute bits. Terrible. And now I have to find something new to watch. I’m thinking Sense8 maybe. 

Now watching the men’s gymnastics finals and Mommy just called Max Whitlock a bastard for beating Louis Smith on the pommel horse.

The 15th of August. 

I am sleepy today because I have done so little. This back pain is going to be very good for my crocheting – I did another quarter of the blanket this afternoon. It won’t get finished tomorrow though because it’s my diagnosis anniversary and I’ve got things to do! Places to go, food to eat. 

I’d say the rash is pretty much gone now which is nice, I was still a bit itchy last night, had to have a little back rub against my slightly scratchy wallpaper. It’s a good thing we took pictures because I don’t think there will be anything left to show Ram on Wednesday. 

Alas, it has just been another day of tv and crochet. A bit of horse-dancing, something I will never understand. How do you teach a horse to do that? Kick its legs out and sidestep like a crab? It is very clever. 

I apologise for these very short and rather boring entries but there is so little to report on! Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse. 

One response to The 14th & 15th; I have done so little.


    The horse dancing is supposed to be based on a horse’s natural movements. I’m not so sure. I used to do a lot of riding. It does take quite a bit of work.

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