The 8th & 9th; Oh, today was just beyond brilliant.

December 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

The 8th of December. 

Today basically involved preparing for tomorrow. My last Christmas present for Christine arrived just after eleven, so then Mommy and I went to town where I bought gift tags for my presents and some pale underwear as I don’t own any that is appropriate. Also ran into Lauren in the queue at M&S which was a lovely surprise! They were giving out free biscuits because the queue was so slow-moving and they were the good, chocolate covered ones too! That is why M&S is great. Then I got a salty pretzel from the German market and came home, by which time it was gone two o’ clock. 

This afternoon I was just waiting to hear when/where the shoot will take place so I could book the train tickets, which I have now done. Oh and the new picture editor at Grazia is Nathan who I met at heat the other week! So there will be a familiar face. 

Oooh I’m really excited. I hope I’m able to sleep. 

The 9th of December. 

Oh, today was just beyond brilliant. Well, except for the very beginning which was somewhat stressful, as I woke up covered in blood again. This time, the cap had come off one of my lumens and at some point the clamp had come undone and blood had leaked out. It was okay though, we just cleaned and flushed them both after fighting with the red one a bit, then it was all fine. 

Once that was dealt with, we could get dressed and go to the station to go to London for my Grazia shoot! We arrived at Euston at about half eleven and it was very cold so we got a taxi to Islington and had coffee at Saint Espresso, then had a lovely walk past some canals to SNAP studios. We tried to go in the wrong door, then Nathan let us in and we went through a studio to a lift to take us down to our studio. 

I met Fenella the stylist, Sophie the hair and make up artist and Amit the photographer who were all delightful. There was a rail of different dresses and lots of pairs of Jimmy Choos! I tried on a poofy Coast one that I’d been drawn to but then it wasn’t right on. Then I tried a shorter one which looked lovely but I would’ve had to wear heels all the time which with my balance could’ve been quite dangerous. The final dress I tried, I was really quite taken with – it was a full length, heavy satin gown with a lacy, sparkly overlay by Charlie Brear. Once we’d decided on the dress, I had my make up done which was an interesting experience! Foundation, contouring (bear in mind that all I ever wear is eyeliner and mascara), false lashes, everything! Hair was just a bit joujed. Then we started shooting! It is hard. I have picked up a few tips from ANTM (haha) but my facial muscles kept trembling! Standing, sitting, chair, floor, on paper. Hundreds of shots! Amit and Nathan are going to send me some, plus Mommy took loads. We finished at about five, and Nathan called us a car which took ages to arrive and we were waiting in the cold, bloody Addison Lee. 

Back at Euston, we ate some food and I needed to take my face off so I bought some facewipes. I had got so cold outside, it wasn’t until I got into my pre-heated bed at home that I really started to get warm. It was a long, tiring day, but I loved it. 

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